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  1. You certainly can. I'll drop you a PM with my details
  2. Having a clear out of my coffee cabinet of stuff that I never use. All prices include postage within the UK and payments should be made through paypal. No offers as I feel that they are all fairly priced. Thanks Espro Toroid Jug with dimpled bottom (original one) £15 Cafelat Dregs Tub in Red (hardly used) £15 Bottomless portafilter for E61 fitting (no basket) £12 Bestcup M Water Filter Standard PN-KS34100 £10 (this came with my Londinium R but has never been needed) Also - not coffee related but good to watch whilst enjoying a favourite cup - a couple of brand new and still sealed DVD's that we got through Sky but have never opened as we watch films on the Sky Q box or Sky Go Finding Dory & Baby Boss £12 for both
  3. Looking to swap my 600ml Espro Toroid Jug for a Red Motta (Teflon lined) 350ml or 750ml. The toroid is the original one not the one with the levels marked inside. Since I got my Londinium R I find that I can make decent microfoam without the assistance that the toroid gives, so I thought I'd get a matching set of Red Motta's instead!
  4. Thanks for the comments. I had to make everything so that it fitted in well and was attractive to the 'womanly eye' otherwise l'd have still been in the utility room! l don't single dose, l just keep the mini hopper topped-up (holds about 150gms) and it seems to work fine. Not invested in a good set of scales yet, though, so can't comment on how consistent on weight each dose is, but it appears to be decent to the naked eye.
  5. Just completed my new Coffee Corner so that my new Londinium & K30 can be on display in our Dining Room, rather than hidden away in the utility room like my last set-up was. So glad I made the move to a Londinium and it has far exceeded my expectations so far! Looking forward to a long lasting relationship! The K30 is also new to me and I have upgraded burr carrier - have been very impressed so far. I also changed the hopper to a lens-hood and custom hardwood top to match the R, rather than the enormous hopper it came with, and I also made a matching hardwood tray to catch the grinds.
  6. Looking to get a set of either Acaia pearl or lunar scales that are in perfect condition... ...and also a set of Mahlgut distribution tool and Tamper (58.5mm) (ideally in stained oak finish but would consider others as well at the right price) Thanks
  7. It just got even better...I've just had a visit from a nice DHL man!! He said that parcels were piling up for Monday so they were given some extra time to deliver the parcels in my area today instead! Just finished the last coat of Oil on my new installation for the LR but I'm out at an event tonight so unpacking will have to wait until the morning!
  8. Just received notification from Reiss that my LR has been sent and will be arriving on Monday! Big surprise for me, though, as I thought that mine was going to be in the second batch! The problem I have now though is that, having sold my old machine and given the previous 'coffee kitchen space' over to SWMBO, I have only just started building the new 'coffee area' in the dining room as I was thinking that I still had quite a while to complete it! Looks like its going to be a busy weekend if I'm going to be ready for the new arrival in a couple of days! Very nice problem to have though!
  9. I've managed to track down someone who can supply the parts I need, so all sorted now.
  10. Does any one know where is the best place to get an upper burr carrier from? Had a look on the Mahlkonig website but it doesn't give any suppliers of parts in the UK as far as I can see. The upper carrier in the machine I have just got has been 'hacked-about' a bit as its previous owner said that he'd had a problem with it jamming a while ago and had to force it to get it out. The machine still works fine but I wanted to replace the burrs anyway and thought it prudent to replace the upper carrier whilst I am at it. The grinder is the older version so does anyone know if its worth (or indeed possible) to change it to the newer style unit with the three screws holding the carrier? Would more parts need to be changed if I did this? Any help would be appreciated even if its just pointing me in the direction of a UK supplier. Thanks
  11. That's great - l'll drop you details by PM.
  12. I'd take £575 delivered.
  13. Hi Jonny - no need to apologise for asking questions! l'll do my best to answer them. The machine has not been descaled as Quick Mill advise not to do so in the manual, but it has been run on filtered/bottled water as they do advise and regularly back-flushed. No delay between pulling drinks that l have ever been aware of. l don't think there would be a problem in leaving it turned on all day, but l have tended not to as it actually heats up pretty quick from cold (approx 10 mins) and less than that if it's already been on previously that day. Longest l have left it on for would be about 5 hours. l cannot comment on how it compares with a lever machine as l have never had one. It does an automatic pre-infusion when you lift the lever but this is not adjustable. If you wanted to do a longer one, l expect you could just shut it off for a few seconds and then raise it again but l'm not sure if this would be a good thing to do or not. l'll try to sort out some photos of the guts and put them in the listing tomorrow. Fully understand your concern about buying used if you have been stung in the past but l can assure you this machine works perfectly and l've never had a problem with it. I'm pretty new on this forum but l've got over 1000 feed backs on eBay and am still 100% positive - under the same name of birchgra - so you can look on there to see that l am a genuine seller and everything l sell has been properly looked after. Graham QUOTE=jable1066;470224]Hey buddy, got a few little questions. I apologise in advance but I have been stung before when buying off eBay and it takes a while to get over! My Mrs still doesn't trust going second hand, but I'm a sucker for a bargain... When was the last time it was descaled? How is the rebound after pulling shots then steaming, getting ready for a second round of drinks? Are there any shots of the guts? I'm very new to the higher end home machines so fairly clueless - are you able to leave this switched on for long periods or do they need to be turned off after use? Could they stay on all day? I am well accustomed to commercial machines as I run a mobile specialty coffee business and use a commercial lever - how does the espresso stack up compared to a lever? I guess because it's pump driven, it's more comparable to a regular machine? However, does the small lever enable you to pre-infuse? Thanks, Jonny. Apologies again...
  14. Just to say that I have edited the post to say that I am now happy to arrange insured shipping if required at a cost of £30. If the actual cost is any more than that, then I will cover the difference myself. Thanks.
  15. Could l please request a code to place my first order? Thanks in advance and, yes, l'll make sure to use the link!
  16. Due to a recent attack of upgraditis, I am offering for sale my lovely Quick Mil Anita espresso machine. This is the machine that has really got me 'into' coffee and it is a very easy one to use and produce a decent drink with. It is just over 18months old and is in perfect working order, only having been used at my home - approx. 2-4 cups a day about 5 times a week. No dings or scratches anywhere, just some light signs of use. Only ever used filtered water with it and it has been regularly cleaned/back-flushed. The cheapest I can find it on-line at the moment is at Coffee Italia where it is reduced from £1300 down to £1050 although my machine has the better quality valve handles and the no-burn steam/water wands than the one shown on their site. My machine also has a IMS water screen fitted, which I will leave on as well as including the original. It will also come with the portafilters etc as shown. I am asking £600 collection (Southport) which I think is a fair price given its age and 'as new' condition (but I'm sure someone will tell me otherwise if its not) You are more than welcome to 'try before you buy' if you are able to get over to Southport, or I may be able to meet somewhere in the North West if that made it a bit easier for you. Also willing to post at buyers cost and it would be very securely wrapped and only sent if fully insured. It is a substantial machine however, due to its stainless steel construction for the frame and all the panels, and it weighs around 17kg so by the time it has been packed and double-boxed it is likely to weigh in the region of 25kg. The Anita is not a dual boiler machine but it does have a heat exchanger system so you can extract and steam at the same time if you want to and this feature works really well. I can also take more photos if there's anything specific you want to see. It has its own water tank and does not need plumbing-in. I do not have the original receipt, as it was a gift, but there is a factory 'inspection date' certificate included with the paperwork which confirms its age as described. Thanks Graham
  17. Nice to to know that, in your experience, so many owners speak so highly of them and that you think the RR55 is also at least a decent grinder. Hopefully, if l decide to get the londinium first, the grinder will be up to the job initially even if a better grinder comes along further down the line. I asked the initial question because l wouldn't want to spend the money on a londinium and then feel a bit 'disappointed' with it due to having a poor grinder. I now feel a bit more confident that the RR55 would not be totally out of place Being paired with it in the short term. thanks for your input.
  18. Hi Everyone I'd just like to start by saying how much I have enjoyed the learning experience since I joined the forum last year! My current set-up is a Brasilia RR55 grinder & a Quick Mill Anita Espresso machine and I have been gradually improving in what I am able to get out of the set-up thanks to lots of the advice gleaned from this forum. One of the things that I have learnt since being here is that you should look at getting the best grinder possible because this has the greatest improvement 'in the cup' and this was what I was intending to do - having recently placed a 'wanted' listing for a Ceado E37s (although I was also considering getting the Compak E8 currently in sales corner as well). All was going well until, just the other day, I read about the new Londinium R. After doing much more research on the machine, I am very tempted to 'push the boat out' and get one of these instead of getting the new grinder, as I have always liked what I have read about lever machines and the few things that did concern me about them appear to have been addressed on the new Londinium R model. I am also a bit concerned that to do this would go against a lot of what I have learned on the forum since joining as I would be doing things 'the wrong way round'!! WHAT SHOULD I DO?? Options, as I see them, are: 1) Do as planned and just upgrade the grinder (which I can afford to do) 2) Sell the Anita and put the money towards the Londinium, keeping the RR55 (if you think this would be up to the job) 3) Upgrade both - this option would also require me to sell my 'high-end' MTB to find the extra funds (and risk marital disharmony for a while) 4) Stick with what I've got for now and work on improving my technique Any advice greatly appreciated! Graham
  19. Sounds good - could you let me know a few more details as l'm not in a desperate rush and happy to wait a few weeks if necessary.
  20. Sorry - didn't realise that l had to put a price in. l suppose around £700 - 800 depending on age/condition/and how far away from where l live. Any more than that and l'd rather get a new one.
  21. Hi REQUEST NOW ON-HOLD UNTIL I SEE IF I SELL MY QUICK MILL MACHINE OR NOT Looking for a Ceado E37s in good condition with decent burrs and a short hopper. Would need to be able to be posted unless you live in the northwest of England and we could arrange a meet. I live in Southport. Willing to pay around £700-800 depending on condition. Thanks Graham
  22. I'm an idiot, so I'll take the espro toroid please
  23. Hi I'll take that please as long as there's nothing major wrong with it - just let me know payment details etc
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