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  1. Hey! You don’t happen to still be doing these drop trays, do you?


    1. Mm391


      @tcw I would be interested as well if you do make them?

  2. Hey everyone apologies for the radio silence - I never realised this many people found these useful - I'll look into making some more over the christmas period. Life and work got in the way of my projects, hoping to use the period to catch up!
  3. Any chance you are still making the Gaggia Classic Slim Drip Trays? Thanks!

  4. We have a Fiorenzato F64 at work which we use - the cable fractured, shorted and tripped the electricity the other day. I've fixed the cable, but now get a flickering blue LED. Has anyone got any wiring diagrams/suggestions on where to start - I'm fairly technical, but haven't really ever spent much time looking into coffee grinders/wiring. I've got a multimeter which will hopefully help! Thanks in advance, Tobie.
  5. Hi TCW - are your shallow drip trays for Gaggia Classic still available?

  6. Here’s a Planet X XLS (54cm) for sale. I bought the bike back in 2015, to be honest - I’ve barely ridden it as much as I should’ve. I’ve always found the frame to be slightly too big, so never really got along with it. That being said - it’s a nice bike, and pretty light too! It’s a carbon frame (as you probably know). Overall - it’s in great condition, I’d estimate it’s covered less than 500 miles. It’s in fairly good condition - with some cable rub (and a couple of scuffs here and there). I’ve got the build certificate somewhere. It’s still on the original tyres/tubes. • Planet X XLS SRAM Apex Cyclocross Bike (54cm) • Jagwire Mini Inline Cable Adjuster / Rubberized Coating / Black • Vittoria Ultralite Inner Tube / 700c / 30-38mm / Presta / 36mm • Planet X Front Mech Roller • FSA Orbit C-40 No.42 ACB Tapered Headset (OEM Only) / Black / 9 mm • Shimano SM-RT20 Centerlock Disc Rotor (With Lockring) / 160mm • Planet X Carbon Steerer Fork Bung MK 2 / 1 1/8 inch • Prologo Plain Touch Bar Tape Black • No Bottle Cages Thanks • Avid BB7 Mechanical Disc Brake Road Direct Mount No Rotor • SRAM PG1030 Cassette 11-32T • SRAM PC1031 Chain 116 Links • SRAM Apex GXP Chainset With BB 172.5mm 46-36T • Planet X Pro Carbon XLS Cyclo Cross Frameset 54cm Black • SRAM Apex Front Mech 34.9mm • Planet X Road Bar Strada Compact Lite 7050 42cm Polished Black 31.8mm Clamp • Prologo Kappa 2 Saddle With STN Rails Black • Planet X 6061T6 Forged Alloy Seatclamp Bolt Up 34.9mm • Planet X Superlight Team 3D Forged Alloy Seatpost 31.6mm Polished Black • SRAM Apex Brake Lever Shifter 2 Speed Left • SRAM Apex Brake Lever Shifter 10 Speed Right • Planet X Superlight Team 3D Forged Stem 100 mm Polished Black 6 degrees 31.8 mm Clamp • Shimano WH-RX05 Road Disc Wheelset 700c Black Hi-Tech Grey • Continental Cyclo Cross King 35mm Tyres • SRAM Rival rear mech Note - the bike won’t come with pedals I’m looking for around £650 - which I think is fair all things considered, please shout if you disagree - I'm open to an offer. I’m based in Chelmsford.
  7. I couldn't see - but did you ever post the older shape ones up? I'm interested
  8. If no one has taken these I'd love them
  9. Is it worth going to this as a consumer? I sadly missed it last year! Does anyone have any discount codes/spare tickets?
  10. Hey @jeebsy - they're all yours. I'll send you a PM now.
  11. Hey everyone - got a set of Acaia Pearl I'd like to sell - I'm simply not using them enough these days as I'm not working from home so much anymore. I'm after £100 + £5 postage. You're welcome to collect if you live near Chelmsford or can get to Old Street, London. I've got the box and heatproof mat - though not pictured, you can see they've been used, twice a day for around a year I'd estimate.
  12. If someone could send me the code that'd be great - considering picking some of these up.
  13. Hey all - so I was in Berlin recently and stopped by Tres Cabezas. My preferred drink is a flat white, and I honestly think it could've been one of the best I had there. They was using their own blends - https://www.trescabezas.de/en/coffee/espresso-blend-wild-at-heart. I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for similar blends which are more readily available in the UK? Thanks!
  14. Hey all, So I've managed to get some materials, and printed two out today, so there are currently two available... I've unfortunately had to raise the price to £13 - it's something I wasn't really keen on doing, as the £10 price point was nice and easy, but printing these takes time, material costs are increasing too, and my spare time too, is diminishing. Hopefully people understand - I still don't make anything significant when all aspects are considered, but, it's a nice feeling to help others solve a problem... PM me if you're interested in one of the available - they'll be sold on a first come, first serve basis. Thanks all!
  15. All - apologies for not responding sooner, I have started a new job and as such, all of my time has been dedicated to it. Long story short - right now I am far too busy to print some, though I hope to get a few printed out in the coming weeks. I'll make a post here when I have some available, I would hope I can print a couple out over the weekend, though I simply can't be sure right now.
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