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  1. Thanks! Just what I was after! Yeah, excellent customer service. I didn't expect a reply today. They got back to me again explicitly stating that the version that had just sold out was the 1.2 with Nerost black steel burrs.
  2. Thanks Mrboots2u Tried to call this morning but it rang to voicemail so thought I'd ask here. I took your advice and messaged them on Facebook. They replied right away, advising that they always stock the latest version. They're sold out because I bought the last one, any version would better my Krups blade grinder
  3. Hi All I'm wondering if anyone knows that version of Feldgrind is sold by Dear Green? Is it the 1.2 model? Link: http://www.deargreencoffee.com/product/made-by-knock-feldgrind Thanks in advance!
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