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  1. Thanks will probably back flush descale and then stick back in the original box. thanks
  2. I am moving to NZ for one year what is best way to shut down my dual boiler and store? just descale and drain then package up?
  3. Please can you PM me the code too? That would be excellent thanks
  4. any takers ? am going away on sat so hope to get it sent off before then!
  5. 280ml cup brand new Does not come with saucer posted in well padded box £9 delivered no lower offers on this please
  6. Are people not concerned that there is no warranty with this grinder? This is putting me off ordering one!
  7. haha, ok probably a stupid post by me...
  8. My bad- accepted but my post has not posted for some reason. Please move to sold
  9. Hi This is a Q that I know will have lots of "well it depends" type answers but roughly speaking, what settings do you use for your beans using this grinder? I have a sage coffee machine and have found setting the grinder at 18 seconds on a no 5 grind with a loose tamp gives me the best results for a double portafilter, and 14.5 seconds for a single filter What are peoples thoughts - does this sound about right? When I measure out the beans that is giving me roughly a 2:1 ratio at about 30 sec including preinfusion Cheers, Tim
  10. I have these cups left for sale - packaged and posted - £35 inclusive 2 red flat white cups, 2 blue tulip Americano cups, 2 grey espresso cups, all acme and co, saucers not included Happy to post as sets of 2 - £15 per set, inclusive of postage (any bids for whole set will take priority however)
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