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  1. @iJim mine’s the Escape, so is indeed their Ti gravel frame. The pic is it dressed in it’s more road orientated kit, as it gets used for winter duties. I switch the wheels out for full gravel duties in the Spring. Really versatile bike and probably my favourite, certainly ridden the most. If you’re after reassurance and guidance on frame size, or build etc. I highly recommend getting in touch with Enigma direct, they’re really helpful and helped me get my perfect size.
  2. Bike stable does me canny for road, trails and single track. They all enjoy a coffee stop☕️
  3. I seem to be in same position as @Benjamin8732 here... Since server back up I haven’t done anything other than turn machine back on and check the app. I did attempt to reconfigure the app, however I got pet way through and actually noticed it already appeared to have connected. My app, is working as normal as is my machine (iOS app for reference). I even removed panel earlier and checked that altering the PI within app was reflected on machines lcd display. I hope you get sorted soon @iroko, I also agree with potentially making Reiss aware as your situation does appear to differ a bit.
  4. Mines busy warming up! May just be mine, however went into the app and the PI had randomly set itself at 5.8 (usually 2.8) maybe just double check if you haven’t already. On a positive it made me go and rescue the Fracino from the garage and I’ve been busy cleaning and descaling that in case we were in for a longer wait. Thanks @Benjamin8732 for keeping this thread updated.
  5. Good shout @Benjamin8732 I’ve had a reply from Reiss explaining he also thinks Blynk server down and he’s investigating. Still no joy for my machine. Fingers crossed sorted soon🤞
  6. Yep, if you had the side panel of and watched the status lcd you’d see it jumping in and out of stand by
  7. The bit that’s preventing us R24 users actually using the machine is it’s overriding desire to switch itself into bloomin standby. Again might be wrong, however my understanding was that’s a different bit to the PI module that was available as aftermarket, hence not as serious for those guys.
  8. I think the difference with this model is that the machine has onboard software and as the machine is directly connected to WiFi it can and has updated itself. I suspect it hasn’t actually been a phone app update and rather an Over The Air update to the machine itself. I could be completely wrong mind!
  9. No luck with mine. I’ve raised a ticket with Reiss and I’ll leave it off until I hear back. Hopefully if it is app related it’s something they can roll back, or patch really quickly... Drinking tea at the minute, however not sure if I can cope without a weekend coffee!
  10. Ah... wonder if it’s a app update issue or something..? Seems coincidental
  11. Cheers @The Systemic Kid Reiss was my next shout, I just thought I’d make sure I wasn’t missing something obvious. I’ll raise it with him and like you say he’s pretty sharp at replying.
  12. Cheers for reply, however unless I’m misunderstanding it’s the factory version, so no dongle just the big modules on the side. I did remove the cover to validate it is in standby- the lcd screen displays ‘Stand By Mode’
  13. Any experience, or advice on why my R24 keeps going into Standby mode? Came down this morning to make coffee and halfway through making it the machine dropped into standby and knocked boiler off! Tried going into the Londinium App and now it doesn’t want to find my machine on the network grrr. I work in IT so needless to say have tried the ‘switching everything off’, waiting 5mins and then trying again with no success. To clarify, I don’t really use the Apps standby feature (machine either on, or off at the plug), so annoying for it all of a sudden to come and interfere wi
  14. lune

    Dog lovers

    We brought home our big lad a little sister a couple of days ago. He’s still not sure what to make of our little Erso, we think she’s a cutie though🐶
  15. Are they the same as the ones from fluid-o-tech? https://espresso-solutions.co.uk/boiler-vacuum-valve/
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