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  1. It doesn’t work may be the code is used already.
  2. Ordered free bag of coffee.
  3. BluRay

    Mahlkonig EK43

    Can you ensure the forum rules are followed. Negotiations should be transparent and once the offer agreed you can entertain the PM.
  4. Coffeechap may have one to sell check with him.
  5. Thank you Glenn. Looking forward for the 10th Birthday events.
  6. Good work. Please keep adding more information and make it as the reference/foundation framework to understand bean origin its taste and roasting level.
  7. BluRay


    The cup and saucer got better too.
  8. I thought of upgrading to E92 but went so quick.
  9. The BB website says out of stock BluRay Ceado e37s
  10. Brilliant !!! What an introduction. Welcome. BluRay Ceado e37s
  11. Interesting, Have any one in the forum tried and experienced whether it really had an impact BluRay Ceado e37s
  12. Thank you Systemic Kid, didn't think of other stuff that can make its way in the roasted beans. Learning a lot of useful tips.
  13. Please can you post me the discount code. Thank you
  14. How about £850 for Machine + everything ...will be enough to clinch the deal ?
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