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  1. It wasn't an EVO coming from O/S but an Izzo Valexia from interstate just in its cardboard box. When I found it and picked it up, I thought just carrying it would be easier than it was. So exhaused when I got back I didn't unbox for a few hours. And just to rub it in, the day after I had an even bigger box arrive successfully at my door: 1/100th of the worth and paper light - because it was paper - 40 kitchen paper towel rolls on special at Amazon. Might be worth Rusty Pie, Aussie Paolo, Elephantoplasty, DaveEC and any other Aussies who might be taking delivery of an EVO soon knowing tha
  2. Yes, another house but nobody was home so they left it at the door. Fortunately I received the "Delivered" email the moment it arrived in my inbox and went walkies.
  3. I had a 50 kg machine delivered in perfect condition last week - only problem was where was it delivered? Found it up the street, had to carry 100 yards down a steep hill, past my clearly marked address on my letterbox on my driveway right outside my house, then up a flight of stairs. Ironic thing was they requested I be at home to help the courier driver carry it in. At least they left it up the hill.
  4. I have had a few beauties now - probably experimenting too much that they've gone off again. Either that or my standards are getting higher. Actually come to think of it, I have moved to a new bean since. Not at the level to know how to handle different beans. The flow's remarkably consistent - it's nearly like a Breville/Saeco pressurised basket or something. I guess that's the depth of the 55mm and the coarser grind. And when it's slightly off, the ability to assist or retard the lever to correct is priceless. I feel I'm in a better position now to learn about tweaking for different beans
  5. Yeah, that's the single probe situation you described. We have the boiler max probe handling the hysteresis. Around 700 mL between high and low. So the video shows my confusion as to the algorithm, but maybe it's just a combination of poorly positioned probe and pure science. The machine brand new received days before. Summarising: 0:03 First cup flow rate a healthy 35 mL/s. 0:20 2nd cup, 21 mL/s - still fine. 0:45 Next half cup - 11 mL/s - getting painful waiting 1:07 Next half cup - 7 mL/s - more painful. 1:20-2:58 Waited 1m37s - no refill. 2:58-3:04 Another 20 mL of splutter at 3
  6. This one does lift quite easily fortunately. I think that's the best compromise. Before I would get about 700 mL from max to min, needing to get to a very spluttery, just about full steam stage the refill would kick in immediately. Otherwise at a poor but tolerable flow rate, I'd have to wait a minute or so for it to kick in - like there's a capactive circuit involved with the saturated steam slowing reaching the refill voltage refill threshold. Now I've made it around 500 mL - more frequent refills but of course quicker recoveries. Might even go lower. Will play. Thanks - intriguing.
  7. Upon closer inspection I do get a click at the start of the boiler refill. So I feel like the solenoid is working, I just don't understand what algorithm the boiler uses to refill. Tonight I had the machine on for about an hour - water tap spluttered immediately upon opening - no meaningful output of water. Refill then kicked in a few minutes later. I would have thought the min. boiler level be above the bottom of the hot water pipe. The Synchronika also had me scratching my head, stealing the pump for the steam boiler refill in the middle of an extraction if steaming took it low.
  8. Hmmm, could be sticky if yours make a definite click to open (what I would expect). I take a video tomorrow morning. Machine was set to 130°C upon first power up - bit suspicious it had been used at least a few times despite being advertised as new as the machine was a bit wet upon unpacking. Slapped a thermocouple in the flow of water and although not representative of brewing temp, the 98°C it was reading was going to be way too hot. Dropped it down to 122°C so I also didn't get milk on the ceiling. The two hole tip on it had quite large holes, so swapped it to the 3 hole from the tip
  9. How's it been since @TomR? I got a Izzo Valexia today, was a toss up between that and the Vesuvius EVO but its price went up, the Valexia was EOFY reduced with wood trim and joysticks and thought if I get the EVO first, I'll have nothing left to upgrade to. And I couldn't wait to enter leverdom. Also noticing boiler behaviour I don't understand yet. Different than yours, but water tap gets to a stage where it's just steam despite grouphead shower being fine. Refill doesn't kick in. If I take off the min probe, solenoid starts sounding like it's straining rather than a definite click,
  10. I've heard of people putting a wet cloth on the grouphead to cool it down quicker, but sounds like the EVO is pretty quick anyway.
  11. I also like that the power switch is hidden behind that pop out panel. I've only used the power switch once on my current machine - to initially turn it on. The wire mesh cup trays don't have showroom oomph - but I agree, if you're actually going to put cups up there, I'd rather a mesh than a scratched up designer tray as you can hardly see them anyway. Scratches don't have to be visible to affect us OCD types.
  12. I thought the flex was quite low given it's going to be amplified by the time it gets to the end of the group handle. I can totally see why dfk didn't notice it.
  13. I do use my current machine's 'timeout' standby mode in conjunction. e.g Scheduled morning turn on, then become too busy all day to make a coffee or even remember to remotely turn it off. Machine goes in to standby after 60 mins saving a day of wasted heating. That's multiplied when I return from being on holiday and only realise when home I forgot to disable the scheduled morning turn on.
  14. Yeah, me too - being able to say "Hey Google, turn on coffee machine" while driving home is precious, albeit less so with the quick warmup. However I'd want that command to turn on the machine rather than restore the state it was at last power down.
  15. I feel it's both putting an underrated timer on and having the machine on when not at home they're scared of, in case a solenoid fails open and floods the place. Selling hundreds of thousands of machines - someone's eventually gonna blame them. I'd just avoid the Chinese stuff without local standards approval as current carrying capacity is one thing they'll cut corners on.
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