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  1. Sorry for the late reply @General-S-1- yes it is!
  2. Quick bump - an excellent quality grinder for anyone who needs one which is also affordable like I did!
  3. Just thought I should include shots of the 64mm burrs - these are still in pretty good nick. When disassembling this I realised I had forgotten how easy this was to clean - because of the way the burr carrier works the top burr is always stationary; the adjuster shifts the *bottom* burr.
  4. Does anyone know if there is a way to change the title of the thread?
  5. This is essentially the same grinder as the Eureka MCMCA - grinds pretty much on par with the Super Jolly, and functions pretty much the same as well. After having used this for 2 years (pulling a doubleshot a day), I have finally gotten lazy enough to get tired of the dosered routine, and have side-graded to a doserless grinder. This has 64mm burrs, an absolutely solid burr carrier, and is built like a tank. Have removed the hopper because it was stupidly big, and replaced it with a lens hood, 3D printed lid and 3D printed ring to sit in the bean chamber. This came with a tamper attached that I removed (but still have lying around), as well as a lid-thing of sorts in the doser chamber that I also removed to get access to sweep out the chute because I single dose (I modded the wiring to remove the automatic cut-off switch which nobody uses because who is going to fill up the doser with ground coffee really?). Based in SE-Central London, and willing to pull you a shot if you want to come by, but can ship this if anyone wants to arrange their own courier and risk damage to the doser - I would wager the grinder itself can run the tough mudder and come out whirring and spinning no problem (but it is heavy - to the tune of 12kg or so). Sorry for the sideways pictures - don't know how to reorientate them!
  6. Have gotten fed up with my steamer either over frothing my milk or not incorporating the air sufficiently. I can get whirlpools so powerful the milk threatens to come out the jug; I can go for standing turbulence in the milk; I told myself it was user error, but I’ve never had issue with my far less powerful one steam hole Gaggia, nor when I tried my friend’s GS3 which is equally as powerful and (I think) also uses a four hole tip - milk came out silky smooth. I know it’s silly to compare a little gem to a GS3, but I don’t see how the steam for a 4l boiler into one flat white will be any different between the two machines save for the tip, so here I am. Anyone bought replacement tips for Fracino machines before/anyone knows if their steam heads are all standardly-sized? The tip design is a female thread on the tip and male on the wand.
  7. [WIKI][/WIKI]Looking to sell an Acme tulip cup (flat white) and saucer set for £9+PP, and a Gaggia Bottomless P/F for £14+PP.
  8. Cheers for the replies, exactly what I needed! L&R, I've only ever heard of the mushroom in the E61 grouphead, I presume you are talking about valves in the pump? I've never taken the pump out so am not entirely sure - do I have to take the pump apart to do this and check the plastic ball? (Also does anyone know how difficult, or not, it is to extract the vibe pump from a Little Gem?)
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