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  1. I agree about it being a worthy upgrade, I think Tim has tapped into quite an interesting market. Btw, what does the percentage extraction mean?
  2. I've thought the exact same thing. I've admittedly not being using a Melodrip but instead using the aeropress cap, or even the bottom on a small french press plunger. And yeah I've found it to cool the brew down a lot, and i've actually preffered the brews I've made with the standard hario kettle directly on to the bed. Interesting someone else has had this experience too...
  3. Thanks once again! You’ve been answering all my q’s today lol
  4. Yeah I think there’s such thing as going too far into the process for sure lol
  5. Hi, ive been doing a lot of pour over recently. But the one thing that ive been thinking about is when people talk about the ideal water temperature being 93, 94 degrees or whatever. how is this kept constant over a 3/4min brew in the kettle? I’ve got a hario pourover kettle and it’s just thin single walled aluminium, which is going to lose heat pretty fast. So if I start my bloom at 93 degrees then it’s not going to stay at that temperature for the whole 3 min brew. So I was just wondering how people get around this? Are there insulated kettles that keep the temperature better? Or this this just not too much of an issue to worry about? Thanks!
  6. Hi, ive just come across the Melodrip, which is a small plastic device used to basically recreate the shower head agitation of a pour over machine rather than the agitation provided by using a pouring kettle. But I’m just curious what the science or thought process is behind this? Why is it important how you pour the water? Its £45 when you include postage, which to be honest seems crazy for what it is. But anyway, I’ve not got any plans to buy one but what’s the idea behind it? Thanks!
  7. No idea to be honest, never really messed around with that stuff
  8. Hi all, some exciting news from Tim Wendleboe’s Instagram about a new grinder he’s developed it Wilfa. Not very much info but I’ll post what there is below: - apparently it is better than the last Wilfa Svart Grinder “by a mile” - flat burr Grinder with 52mm burrs - price is 3000nok = £275, so strikes an interesting price point - it comes with a set of Bluetooth scales (I think), with 0.1g increments and an app with grind recommendations by Tim himself - works “okay for espresso” but probably better for other methods - produced brews with 21% extraction - it grinds slow to not over heat the coffee and it switches off when there are no more beans in the hopper - no timer, just the on/off and then the photos:
  9. thank you very much for the info MHWB. Have you found much different between the 155 and 185 in terms of extraction? It’s pretty clear you can fit as much water in the 155, so you have to pulse it rather than pour it all at once. Thanks for the recipe ideas
  10. Hi all, so ive just received the Kalita wave 155 in SS as a birthday present, which I’m excited to get started using. HOWEVER, I’m just wondering how the 155 compares to the 185 if you were brewing for just one cup? From comparing the two brewers, they seem to have quite different shapes. The 155 version seems to have much more vertical edges than the 185, which is a lot more slanted. Im only brewing about 14g of coffee to 230g water. So my question is, would the extraction of the two brewers (155 and 185) differ because of the difference in shape? And would I be better off with a 185, or will the 155 suit my needs for a single cup? My final question is this- how should I generally adapt my recipe from the v60 to the Kalita wave 155? Thanks!!
  11. Hi, thanks will check those out! That’s exaclty what I meant, like the Hario or Kalita glass decanters for serving v60
  12. This is for brewed coffee (v60/kalita wave etc) I mean
  13. Hi all, im just after some links to nice glass decanters from small bespoke companies. If there’s any nice quality and cool designed glass decanters from companies you know of, then please let me know! thanks!
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