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  1. This summer wie tried a new color: a special kind of green powdercoating. It is a bit unusual for coffee machines, but beautilful.
  2. If someone likes to see how we build the machines (length ~1,5 hours): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_jbagzTDe0Q&feature=youtu.be The comments of my collegue are in German. Even if you don't understand it it should be clear what he is doing.
  3. Yes, the outer burrs. Else it will not work in the best way.
  4. No idea as I know nothing this Niche-and Honne-grinder. Sorry :| I collected by a long discussion on www.kaffeenetz.de all desired properties and and designed the grinder according to this. This leads to an amount of 'material' plus a needed profit plus VAT and this is a price between 800 and 1000 Euro. That's how we done it with our coffee machine and the result is highly appreciated. I hope it will be the same for the grinder. And as we have many 'preoorders' I think it is possible to deliver a good grinder.
  5. conical 64mm we discussed hybrid burrs on http://www.kaffeenetz.de and finally we decided not to do it because of several reasons. One reason was: nobody was saying that it is better. As to me it is only different. And as it raised the costs we returned to the idea to 64mm burrs.
  6. Yes it is selling. In Germany, Swizzerland and Austria our machine is very much appreciated and you will find many many 1000s of comments at http://www.kaffeenetz.de. However...if I say that we are small company ... it is only that I know that we have limitations and I care about it. We have a good reputation but if we start to work fast and imprecise to build more units, we can loose it. We grow slowly and do all step by step and one day we will see also i.e. in the UK - if we are big enough to handle it. And posting here a bit is a kind of preparation of this next step
  7. We developed such a grinder and the 1st prototype was build 4 weeks ago. https://picr.eu/images/ekhph.png It should have 0 retention (or nearly 0). The weight is ~15 Kilo and the price will be betweeen 800 and 1000 Euro. We don't know yet.
  8. Yes. In the past with other maschines we had always problems with our tall cups and the distance we choose is what we need for our cups...and it should fit for nearly all other tall cups.
  9. With my limited English I translated the configuration tool: http://xenia.coffee/konfig-en/ It will be improved the next days but you should be able to understand what I wrote.
  10. Yes, it is easy to handle the shipping to the Netherlands. You can order, if you like.
  11. Actually we don't sell in the UK as we have been to small to provide many machines. We sell only in Germany, Swizzerland and Austria (and we started in New Zealand). But it could change next year and England is interesting for us.
  12. We reduced the steps as the configuration tool works much faster now. And we offer now prebuilt machines to reduce the waiting time.
  13. The last months we have been busy to optimize the production and in december 2018 we delivered the 500th machine. Next year we will hopefully relase our grinder and offer new option for the coffee machine (like a 2nd board which allows us to realise access by WLAN and a dual-PID-Controller - for the boiler and the group) One of our customer send us this picture and I like to share it, as it is very beautiful. And we have also a new website now (www.xenia.coffee) but actually it is still only in German. ...more pictures are present on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/xenia_espresso/) and on the website: http://xenia.coffee/impressionen/
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