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  1. Nvm just noticed it's the older version, sorry!
  2. Sure, send me a PM when you're ready! Might be worth boxing the hoppers separately but don't know if you'd be up for that!
  3. If you're (still) willing to ship for 520 to the Guildford area, I'll take it.
  4. From what I know this is not a drip tray, but only something to heighten the cups. https://clivecoffee.com/products/pro-700-drip-tray-grid
  5. Jurredb


    I'll take the e61!
  6. Yes, all thanks to the forum and especially you! I don't have car, but was visiting London anyway so picked it up and took an (moderately pricy) Uber home! I hope it all works out! Might order some ECM joysticks and wooden sidepanels with the money I hopefully have saved on a brand new one!
  7. I picked this up yesterday, the guy did house removals so that's where he got it from. He didn't know anything about the origin, but from first looks the previous owner didn't know what hard water can do to a coffee machine. Pretty cakey overall, the leak is caused by the fact the plastic hoses held together by a plastic T-piece were completely worn through and snapped of a crusty T part which made both the steam/coffee boiler over-pressure valves leak into the machine. There is definitely some rust at the bottom of the machine because of this. The solenoid looked clean, but the top of the mushroom has some chalk spots around it (haven't gotten to the part of opening it). The steam boiler did actually work, it just was turned off using the switch underneath the drip-tray so that's a plus. I'll need to prime the pump though as it has been run without water, also ordered new tubing and the t-piece so hopefully can have another stab at getting it running next week, and try to do some cleaning before that. Might take a peek into the coffee boiler to see if the scale is really bad. Cheers Jurre
  8. Picked up mine today, lovely stuff! (won't last long)
  9. Does it have a click just like the espro-calibrated tamper?
  10. If you decide to split I'm interested in the dimensions of the knock-box (live in Guildford so collection should be easy) Cheers!
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