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  1. I think it is a non issue, the LED display had switched off, but is now working fine. I think the auto switch off (when the water is low) had come on. I've had it off for an hour, back on with water and upto full pressure and temperature as normal. I would like to test it further for the rest of the day as I do not want to sell a faulty machine! All being well, assuming the original buyer wants to proceed, machine can he picked up tomorrow.
  2. As full disclosure, I've just been cleaning and testing the machine and encountered a potential issue. I'm stating this in public, Please bare with me on this. I understand this may void our sale agreement.
  3. Yes that's fine. Please contact on message to get address details.
  4. OK good. Which suits better for collection, later this afternoon or tomorrow?
  5. I think £300 is a good price, I only listed it a few hours ago. Where would you be coming from? Collection this weekend would work for me.
  6. Yes it's dual boiler, comes with single and double milk frother heads also.
  7. Expobar brewtus, asking for £300. Selling my Expobar, bought on here 2.5 years ago from a guy called Mark who had it from new from Bella batista. Comes with original manual and box, think there might be receipt too. Mark was more into his coffee than me, but I've tried to keep it in good condition with bottled or filtered water. Could probably do with a service of some kind but everything is in good working order. Comes with double portafilter, single and naked. Also comes with 2 tampers, one Torr. Can add more pictures on request. Collection only from Ashby de la zouch, L
  8. Ok CoffeeChap, that's fine with me. Sold for £110 posted. PM details etc?
  9. Portable Manual lever machine, £189 on BB, collecting dust so Willing to listen to offers!
  10. Hi guys, I've had the flair for about 6 months, used it whilst I was travelling for 3 months now I don't use it much at home as I've got an expobar brewtus. Hence the sale, in good condition, no issues at all. Makes a nice cup of espresso, comes with 2 brew heads and upgraded tamper. Comes in a nice carry case too. Some good YouTube reviews of it and currently for sale at Bella barista for £189. https://www.bellabarista.co.uk/flair-espresso-maker-bundle-set-with-tamper-2-brewing-heads-free-250g-bag-of-ground-coffee.html £130 collection or £140 posted. Collection
  11. Can I take the torr black tamper please.
  12. I need to get rid of a smell that's on my 2nd hand MM grinder, the previous owner has either used flavoured beans or more likely spices in the grinder. Now my coffee has a bad taste and smell. Can't put my finger on the taste, but it certainly doesn't taste like coffee! Any ideas or tips to get rid of the smell/taste from the burrs and surrounding area! Cheers, Matt
  13. Hi, do you make Mazzer Mini doser lids and lids for 320g hoppers? If so, how much would this set me back and do you have any pics of them. Cheers
  14. Sorted.. got some toothpicks out and got every last bit out of the threads on both bits. Put a toothpick size bit of the m111 and moved the toothpick around the threads... Works a charm. Sigh of relief.
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