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  1. Yes, the nfc seems a neat invention to help with consistency. I was astounded at the difference. I have to go a full number coarser on my grinder to prevent choking when doing this, because more of the grounds are ground at that "correct" size. Although technically the best way is one or two beans at a time and a finer setting... Maybe not much fun at 6am!
  2. I single dose grind with a hand grinder for espresso, and generally get good results I'm happy with. However, I wanted to post an anecdotal experience that aligns with other ideas out there that could help others. When I make coffee, I typically make it for two people. If I grind two 17.5g doses, I'll get two lots of slightly-coarser grinds from the last part of each dose that is not pushed down by other beans. By combining the doses and grinding 35g of beans at once, I am able to use a slightly more coarse grind setting but get slightly better results in the cup. I believe this is possibly due to a more consistent grind. Any thoughts on this? It's sort of the reverse of grinding one bean at a time on a finer setting, and probably applies to electronic grinders too. Obviously it's not helpful if you only grind one dose, but I do find it helps me. I'm drinking formula 6 by James gourmet again and it's very yummy! Recommended.
  3. Most washed Ethiopians or Kenyan coffees do this for me. Some Kenyans are fantastic, loads of blackberry/blackcurrant sort of flavours to be had without loads of funky weirdness.
  4. I, ahem, bonked it with my hand grinder and it perished. So, I'm looking for a new carafe! On the bright side it means I can get something that's quite pretty. Stuff I care about: - looks nice on the shelf - holds around 500g beverage - fits a hario size 02 V60 dripper That's it! Any ideas?
  5. Black cat chocolate point. It is... Chocolatey. Not my favourite espresso, but it is satisfying to have that really stable crema (even though I don't like how crema tastes!). Prefer the black cat signature, which is a bit sweeter and more balanced to me, but this is so easy to dial in you barely need to think. Just run it 1:2 ratio at 6-7 bars and you're good.
  6. The shelf life is somewhere between a few weeks and a few years, depending on your taste buds. Personally I find beans in airtight storage will keep for a long time (a few months) and frozen beans will last any length of time (provided they are dry! Stuff them into an airtight box and freeze, or tape over the valve on the bag). Others may have taste buds better trained. Ultimately, try drinking it and see if it's tasty. My bet - they'll be great.
  7. Oat milk is much nicer in coffee I find - real milk really dulls everything, but oat milk mellows things without really masking fruit flavours. It can add a bit of an oaty flavour, though... I still prefer it to a milky flavour.
  8. So, espresso time this morning and as promised I'll report back. I ran for 17g in, 45g out on the cafelat robot, with a preinfusion for 5 seconds or so, extraction starting at 8 bars and declining to 5 (which is the natural way to use a robot I find). This may seem like quite a long shot, but this was not overextracted. I got a very "juicy" espresso - plenty of acidic bite, but not overwhelming to me. Kiwi note was prominent but lacked floral notes that are there in V60. Otherwise very delicious! I grind at 1.65 turns on the feld 47. I also grind 2 doses at once for greater grind consistency (so grind 34g then dose from the ground coffee). I don't know how that translates, it's fine but not as fine as some coffees require, for example black cat's own house blend is a hair more fine for me, but a Brazil might be 1.75-1.8 turns.
  9. Change of location forces my hand, so tomorrow morning I'll be pulling espresso. My plan is to aim for 17g in, 45g out at 8 bars declining to 5 over about 30-40 seconds - this is my usual start-point for lighter, fruitier coffees. Hopefully it'll make something delicious, but so far I'm very much enjoying this as a filter brew.
  10. Although I use a robot, I was sorely tempted by the flair neo. That would work well with a cheaper grinder for sure - perhaps not quite as good, but it'll be most of the way there fore less outlay. The work flow (with preheat etc) didn't appeal - it's the main thing with the robot I like. I just add freshly boiled water to the basket and go - if I have a coffee that needs a bit more extraction, I can get good shots by running them longer (say 3:1 or 4:1) or I can even preheat the piston, but that's more faff than it's worth to me. For what it is worth, I would still like a better grinder. The feld 47 takes me about 1 minute 30 seconds to grind 17.5 grams of coffee, now the burrs are more bedded in.
  11. I have a robot and love it. It's simple, easy to clean and produces excellent espresso. However, a porlex won't be a good enough grinder. I would recommend you look into something like the knock feld 47, 1zpresso jx-pro or commandante grinder to be able to brew good espresso on it.
  12. Found some prepara evak air tubs in tk maxx, seem pretty good. I doubt they'll do a much better job than a regular air tight container, but they look nicer and, being a bit more vertical, made a bit of space on my worktop.
  13. Interesting! I rarely wait for filter, but espresso I often find it chokes then a coarse grind doesn't give great results, but after some degassing it behaves much better and I get that sweet, sweet liquor. Then again, I don't have a high-end grinder with big burrs and we all know the grinder is everything... I'm having my first v60 brew with the Ethiopia tomorrow morning, can't wait - I'll report back!
  14. Might need resting? I tend not to try espresso until two weeks or so. This one is filter for me, but I might give it a go through the robot in a few weeks! Currently drinking black cat Costa Rica with blueberry notes. It's an incredibly sweet coffee with a real blueberry/blackberry ish acidity.
  15. I say a too-hot machine as she swears the coffee is better if you get an espresso after a few people in front of you, to let everything get as hot as possible. I guess what I mean is a hot machine - they don't steam much milk I think, so it won't get stupid hot.
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