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  1. Forgot to say, opv set to 9 bar extraction and steam wand has been upgraded to a Sylvia. I've even managed latte art so it's good! Start steaming after 30 seconds from flipping the switch (before the light indicates it's at temp) and you'll not lose any steam pressure. It will also come with a rhinowares steaming jug which is great, non-stick and pours fine.
  2. Hello! I bought this wonderful machine from Martin, who did the work on it - original thread here It's in the same condition as I've not had it long at all! Change in financial circumstances means I'll not be able to afford a nice grinder to pair it with any time soon. Since owning, I've backflushed every two weeks and descaled - will backflush and descale again before it is picked up to make sure it's ready to go! Bargain price? £130 collected from Cambridgeshire. It runs perfectly, steams milk great and is a great looking machine. I've not yet treated the rust on the base, it just needs a coat of kurust and a seal/paint to sort always used with ashbeck water. I can't post this... I don't have a box right now Any questions, please let me know. Pics coming later tonight - comes with: 1 portafilter with double and single basket (non pressurised) 1 bottomless portafilter (double) 1 group cleaning brush 1 rubber filter insert for backflushing Some citric acid if you want it - I'm sure I can save a yoghurt pot and pop some in to get you started... A nearly new big pot of backflush cleany stuff from puly - I've literally used about 5 teaspoons worth! I've not any use for it anymore. Thanks for your interest, Paul
  3. I've had this before and thought it was a very, very dark roast! It's a huge step up from instant coffee, for sure. I tend to prefer the lighter roasts from supermarkets (which typically are still medium - medium dark). I'd hate to know how dark a supermarket dark roast is!
  4. Thanks, I'll pass on this for now but really appreciate it. Will re-add myself when ready!
  5. Oh man, pics needed! I cleaned mine after a few weeks of use and there was a bit of gunge already
  6. I buy beans by the kilo to save money, and immediately split into small zip lock bags, about 150g - 200g per bag. This lets me push almost all the air out and freeze. I just bring a bag out, and that goes into a normal tin. The bag stays zipped up and air expelled - between uses, this encourages the same principles of the airscape containers - basically minimising the amount of air present. If you want to make it easier, invest in an airscape container I don't mind the effort. This keeps beans fresh for between 2-4 weeks, but a bag is usually done after just 1-2.
  7. Coffeechap managed to diagnose and fix a lot of my pourover problems years ago - ultimately, it comes down to grinding coarser (grinders are all a bit different, I used a zass Panama and it needs to be set really rather coarse for pourover) and timing your pours. A huge part for me was learning to pour while minimising disturbance - less of an issue at the start of the pour but the last couple I pour very gently and keep the spout low to minimise disrupting the fines, which can clog the paper.
  8. I used puly descale sachets and they were fine, but took a fair bit of work to clear the solenoid. Got 1kg of citric acid (food grade) on the way thanks to this thread - much cheaper, thus enabling more frequent preventative care - surely a win
  9. Indeed - you mentioned (I think) that, although you usually use the niche, you had been happy with the jx-pro which is pretty remarkable, given the price difference. Bella Barista are getting stock in the new year but I thought I'd chance it here first, just in case otherwise ready to order! Can finally enjoy a really nice espresso from the gaggia
  10. Your review is largely why it's my preference easy to take apart from your video, and you compared grind quality to the niche - perhaps not the same, but more than good enough for me
  11. Is that a pressure gauge? Pretty slick!
  12. I'm after a fancy pants hand grinder for espresso. Both of these look fantastic. A lido E is too big, I think I'd rather a mignon! Long shot as these don't seem common, but you never know. If not I'll be ordering one in the year (probably a Jx-pro). Jx-pro preferred as it has top dial adjustment and bigger burrs
  13. That's great to hear hopefully I can be recommended subs and not worry too much about the ethics given this.
  14. Ethical - sourced in a way that ensures a sustainable economy and ecosystem, ensuring all parties are paid appropriately and minimising the risk of human rights being breached. Obviously, there is only so far we can go, but I do try to buy sustainably... Even if it does cost a bit more (and so means I need to drink a bit less coffee!). Pie in the sky?
  15. My main criteria are: - espresso friendly. I will be using a high end espresso hand grinder, so light roasts are not off the table completely, but maybe worth considering. - ethical. As ethical as possible. I care a lot about this. - a variety of blends and single origins. Hasbean seems a good choice, and square mile also have a subscription but would love to know what you all think I should commit to drinking for the next year
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