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  1. Kenyan aa and light roast Brazil arrived today - looking to rest them for a few days, then see how they are in cafetiere and pourover. High hopes for both, the Brazil sounds delish - so I went mad and went for a kg of it!
  2. For transparency, I have pm'd @JJacksonand am awaiting a response. Asking was offered and dibs can be considered called - will update if the sale falls through.
  3. Little bump - am I priced ambitious? If so, make me an offer.
  4. I've seen a few coffee brands focus on these (like throat punch coffee). Sounds awful... I had a bag of robusta once and it smelled like burnt rubber. It was very heavily roasted. Burnt rubber was not an exaggeration either!
  5. Probably around £40-£50 of extras new. Would make a nice started kit for someone and leave some budget for a grinder sorry to bump so soon, couldn't find how to edit my posts!
  6. Financial changes have led to me being unable to buy a grinder, so this is being listed. I purchased from here from Martin I believe, who did a fantastic job rebuilding. Essentially, this is a Gaggia classic but in a mild steel case instead of stainless. It has the right boiler, an upgraded rancilio Sylvia steam wand, the OPV has been set to 9 bars of pressure and all in all it's a pretty wonderful starter espresso machine. Being mild steel, it can and has rusted in the past - I have treated with Kurust and it has stabilised it perfectly and can be painted over. The rust has not moved since I acquired the machine last year, and it only visible when you remove the drip tray. I've kept it regularly descaled and all functions work perfectly. It has been backflushed with puly caff regularly. Included in the sale is the machine, a rhinowares milk jug (which is great, some minor nicks on the exterior), a rhinowares stainless steel tamper with aluminium handle (which is a huge upgrade from the flimsy plastic rubbish!), an almost full huge puly caff container (you only need a teaspoon or so each time, this will last yonks!), several sachets of puly descaler, a bottomless portafilter and a normal portafilter (missing the 2 way splitter). Also has a single dose basket - the bottomless was described as a triple, but is actually good for 17-18g coffee. Also comes with power lead. How does £140 sound all in? Collection from Cambridgeshire.
  7. Great shop. Never bought beans, but they're great people that run a great business. Hope it makes it through to the other side of all this and thrives.
  8. Tried rave Italian job. Yeah, these absolutely slay the rest. So sweet in a milky drink. Four times the price of the cheap waitrose. Four times as good? Nah. But probably subscription worthy.
  9. They're not exciting, but the Brazil ones make a perfectly tasty espresso. I got a few bags and froze as they're cheap and decent I've moved on to Union Revelation blend - it's a nicer coffee for sure, bit more acidity and more flavour notes (general fruity sweetness behind the typical chocolate and nut flavours), but I'd be hard pressed to say I prefer it in a milky drink to be honest. With that said, I have "iffy" taste... I'm going through some pourover coffee next month, I'm tiring of espresso a bit. I tried the Brazil pourover - pretty not great, I really do prefer very light, more acidic flavours with more fruits from a pourover.
  10. @JonyI have terrible taste, don't encourage me!
  11. I got a bag of that and froze it, too, that was also on offer! (Union I mean). Honestly, these waitrose own are great. I'm drinking one now - 17g in, 33g out in 30 seconds so slightly short, but as a milky drink it's hazelnuts and cocoa all the way, very sweet! As soon as they were opened I decanted into a zip lock bag, expelled the air and put that into my tin. It's my cheapskate version of those airscapes and seems to do great, I can honestly enjoy espresso from a bag of beans for a couple of weeks (by which time it's been drunk). Looking forward to trying the Union espresso blend in a week or so.
  12. I needed a bag of coffee to make folks happy. I didn't want to get my usual stuff at £7 per bag as they'd not have much appreciation, so went to waitrose for some illy. Waitrose own "1"brand was reduced to under £3 per bag, so I picked up the medium dark roast Brazil and it's honestly fantastic. The packaging has done well to preserve the beans (no idea when it was roasted) but I opened it today and had two espressos and there are very good hazelnut flavours, with a lazy kick of cocoa and maybe a hint of acidity (which was buried by the milk). All in, I really like these! Going to get a few more while cheap and freeze them.
  13. Sorry, your op didn't specify greens only. You could write them?
  14. Rave fudge blend! It's insane how fudgey and caramelly it is.
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