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  1. Really enjoying these now. They're a good couple of weeks post-roast (approaching 3 weeks in fact) and it's a sweet, chocolate base with that lovely malty thing. There is a tiny hint of acidity but not a citrus one. I go 17g in, 42-45g out at 6-8 bar pressure. Yummy. If you were not keen on the beans, I'd suggest trying espresso again - longer ratio seems to benefit it (although I seem to enjoy a long ratio on the robot with other blends too).
  2. Apologies for the amplification of my early-morning nasal "I have a rotten cold" breathing!
  3. Here is a typical looking (and tasting) extraction for mystery mk 13. This was a 17g dose with 45g out in the cup. Preinfusion starts immediately, where I gently ramp from 0 to 2 bar, then run the shot at about 8 bar throughout. Pressure declines in the last 10 seconds or so to 4 bar. The shot tasted good, nice texture, good sweetness and some complexity with a hint of cherry but mostly a malty, and slightly spicy, flavour with a chocolate base to it. I am happy with the flavour, which is what matters, but I'm intrigued as to whether there are any defects that I c
  4. I found this vid interesting, I assume he's using a light filter roast as he mentions the need to preheat a fair bit, as well as other issues. I don't think I've encountered the puck "floating" and massive channeling when doing low pressure preinfusion - I get good texture and definitely not weak/thin shots so I wonder whether he was properly using the shower screen, or perhaps he was releasing pressure in preinfusion - I don't doubt he encountered an issue though. He, like James Hoffman, also seems to be happy with an air barrier and measuring water in to get target out - I always
  5. I did it. I tried James Hoffman's ultimate coffee cake. 90g sweet bourbon espresso from coffee compass (pulled as two shots, 19.5g in to 45g out - resulting espresso was not the best I've had from it, I usually do 17-18g in, but not bad!) and I used a filter roasted washed Ethiopian for the butter infusion to get something less roast. Review to come. But the butter cream is INSANE. a lot of faff but holy cow is it tasty. Amazing aroma, too.
  6. James gourmet is next on my list to try - I have a couple of months worth of coffee compass in at the moment, but good to hear a good review!
  7. I am currently drinking the coffee compass sweet bourbon blend and found a preheat is not needed and is a detriment to the taste. I'm going 18g in, 40g out for this one, 17g in to 40g out definitely was a bit less sweet.
  8. I tried preheating today, but it made for a more bitter shot, so I can only assume my extraction was okay and the preheat pushed it up a bit - or my prep was a bit off, which is perhaps equally as likely. If it ain't broke, I won't fix it. I'm going for sweeter, darker roasts on this and saving the singly origin yirgs for filter.
  9. Finding this is very forgiving with shots. While there are differences between, say, a 34g extraction and a 45g extraction, it's not like one is a horrible sour underextracted mess and the other is good, or one is horribly bitter and the other is fine. They're actually both delish, and I've only had one sink shot so far (machine choked due to too fine grind). I've had about 25 shots in total since arrival (tiramisu required many of those!). Here is a typical shot - preinfusion, then 8 bar, declining to 40g in the cup from a 17g dose.
  10. Ooo forgot about Germany. The nanofoamer should be coming out next year I think - initial reviews suggest it does a pretty decent job of texturing milk, and should come in at 40 quid or so... I'm tempted to order one to be honest! I did not know I could turn the gauge! I'll point it up so I can get on top of the machine. Thanks!
  11. Still in the honeymoon period with this. Tried the rocko mountain natural process this morning from coffee compass. First attempt, at 1.4 turns (same as mystery 13) and it choked completely - which is interesting! This is a slightly lighter roast by my eye, but I'm not an expert... So I opened up to 1.9 turns, quite a drastic change. 17g in, 40g out in 40 seconds including a 10 second 1 bar preinfusion, extraction around 6-7 bar. Great texture and clear fruity flavours, berry-like. If I had to guess, the extraction was a tad over as there are some bitter notes in the after taste, b
  12. No accounting for taste buds. I hope you find something that works for you if not, they're very affordable beans so not too much harm! for me, I've probably enjoyed it most today as espresso with milk. Mega chocolate. I hope I can pull some fruit out, will see how I get on in the morning.
  13. I have so much coffee right now I can't, but I really hope this is successful and would like to take part in future to discover new roasters. Perhaps in the meantime I cna give you a go next month
  14. On cafetiere, it's pretty coarse - 2 full rotations +10 on aergrind. For V60 it's finer than that, but still pretty coarse. Contrast with a medium roast Ethiopian at 2 turns +3 for cafetiere. That doesn't sound like much, but it is a fairly coarse grind. For aeropress I'd probably be more like a finer V60 i guess, as the temperature drops so fast. I've had a few espressos with it today, 17g in, 40g out (target - actually hit 40.5, 40.8, 41), 10s 1 bar preinfusion, then up to 8 bars (ish - I'm learning the machine, so it wobbles between 7 and 8 😎). Tail off at the end to try to hit target
  15. It arrived! And I'm going to post my first ever shot on it - I literally unpacked, ground 17g of beans, boiled the kettle with the portafilter and holder warming on the kettle and pulled a shot. It was ground a bit fine for the dose I think - I was doing a 1 bar preinfusion followed by an 8-9 bar extraction (hard work!) and it wasn't flowing as quick as I'd hoped, leading to this very long shot time (more than 1 minute!). Amazingly, still drinkable - *slightly* bitter, but not horribly so, and muddy - there was chocolate but no fruity notes at all. I suspect the slow shot means mor
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