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  1. I do hope so.. I just sent the seller a message as at near 70 quid for that one part it starts to make the whole process a much more costly item than I expected.. I purchased what I thought was a working complete item.. 60+15 or so for the screen and jetbreaker.. plus maybe 20 for a pump.. AFTER buying the item, thats not ideal. Fact is I am busy with work this week, things should settle down friday when I have more time.
  2. Thanks. Pushed for time today but either tonight or tomorrow I will take the screen off and look / photograph.
  3. I have just received the machine.. So no I have not descaled it I am not getting water out of the brew head, or out of the wand.. I get a few drips or bubbles as it gets hot and starts to steam.. but no real water flow out of either. Its as tho the pump is not priming.
  4. I have received a used Silvia.. I was told in advance it was missing its portafilter basket, as the previous user was using pods only. In the package theres the manual, and also a manual for a 'coffee pod kit'. In that manual it describes the items that are to be swapped out to install the kit, and it says to detach the shower screen and jet breaker kit, keeping them for future use. I include images from the manual, and looking up at the grouphead. Does this look like a pod kit ?? I of course wish to revert the machine to standard. Am I correct that all I must purchase is http://www.amazon.com/Rancilio-Silvia-Espresso-Machine-Repair/dp/B00UO0JJTY/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1463332699&sr=8-1&keywords=rancilio+silvia+jet+breaker Jet breaker and shower screen both seem included in that. Is that the same as this ?? http://www.amazon.com/Rancilio-Silvia-Espresso-Machine-Repair/dp/B008I5N9XE/ref=pd_sim_79_6?ie=UTF8&dpID=41H79i9yOdL&dpSrc=sims&preST=_AC_UL160_SR160%2C160_&refRID=07QW2H193MDG2Z2YH1MF Which has no parts listing but appears the same.
  5. I have recently ended up with a used Rancilio Silvia (unknown which version but included was its manual with a F.n number on a sticker). This type of single boiler machine is new to me, but I have done some research. When performing the 'dry' startup as instructed I... Fill the water tank, make sure both pipes are deep in the water.. Remove portafilter and open the steam knob.. Open the coffee delivery switch and then the power switch... The machine then makes (a lot) of noise.. The first time for a long time 10 - 20 seconds.. But water does not dispense from the steam wand as expected. After about 30 seconds, minor steam starts to escape, and a few drops of water, but in fear of the boiler element, I turn the main power off after 30 seconds, when the manual tells you to repeat. If I repeat this process, the next time the system is started the loud pump noise is usually only for 2 - 3 seconds, and if this is in succession the steam and bubbles / drips of course comes quicker (as I presume the element is hot) somewhere in the mid 20 seconds count. I am fearful of repeating multiple times, seems its not doing what I expect, but this is a new (to me) machine. Also of note is that leaving the machine to cool, every start, there is the loud pumping noise, I would imagine in a healthy primed system, without air in it, that it should start quietly each time ?? Otherwise I would be waking a household for that first mornings shot. I suspect there is an actual pump problem, am I doing each step correctly, is there something I can test or check ?? Is there a way to 'force' water in to prime the pump via the pump line ?? Or is it likely just a weak or broken pump ?? Whats my next diagnosis step ?? I am fairly handy, and was looking to PID the silvia once I had become more skilled at its manual use anyway, so service and repairs, if possible, I would prefer to DiY on principal as well as cost.
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