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  1. I am after a tamp stand aka station, much like the ECM one (https://www.bellabarista.co.uk/ecm-tamper-station.html) but I don't want to pay £70 for one. Can anyone recommend one please that is a similar design, preferably in black or silver? Thanks!
  2. I wouldn't have a clue what to do if I saw anything anyway do we recommend we 'inspect' our machines from time to time or should we get them serviced?
  3. Hi @MildredM are you opening again soon for requests? I am after two Lelit towells if possible. Thanks
  4. Sorry I meant the button that the lever pushes in! Not sure why I described it as a pin
  5. I ordered the last one in stock yesterday, so also looking forward to trying this out. Let me know if you get the Acaia app working with it.
  6. I backflushed with Puly yesterday and then lube’d the cam. Seems OK but mine never got stuck every time anyway. Might lube the pin as well although without taking it off not sure if I can get any gunk inside the pin. Will post up here if it gets stuck again. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Thanks @DaveC had a quick look could find your one on scratches (video 3) which touches on cleaning, but must be blind as can't spot the brush one Will leave the first puck to contract a little more before knocking it out. Thanks everyone else for your suggestions.
  8. When knocking out the first puck there is quite some residue, usually fairly wet.
  9. Morning chaps I usually make two espresso for myself and my wife at breakfast. Do people recommend completely cleaning, washing and drying the PF between each shot? Just curious what everyone else's workflow is like for two drinks...Thanks!
  10. Panic over. I dismantled again, cleaned again. It was the calibration. I must of moved the calibration dot after calibration by mistake (fat fingers) before moving the top lid. Being very careful, I set the calibration and then made sure I didn't move the black part only using the top silver lid. Success, back to 0.2g retention and similar grind speed as before. It must of been too tight, I hope I haven't damaged the burrs. Interestingly my grind is still 11, which gives 18g in / 34g out in 28-30s. I see others have gone finer with the NFC.
  11. So having a bit of a panic this morning. I fitted my NFC yesterday and came to dial it in this morning. Having all sorts of issues. First attempt, re-calibrated and set to 11, next to nothing came out. Niche ran and ran, very little grind came through. Gave up, took it apart and cleaned it again. Re-calibrated, didn't tighten up the lid so much. Set to 11. Coffee came through (albeit still really slowly, around 4x as long as before NFC). Retention was 3.5g which is unheard of with the Niche, usually around 0.2g. I am now worried I have done something, can anyone advise of what to do next?
  12. I just got my NFC disk so thought I would follow Dave's youtube video to remove the burrs and give them a good clean while I am at it. Now when I am putting it all back together, the final adjustment ring I cannot get the white dot to line up with the calibrate point, it stops before that and I can't move it anymore. I can move black ring independently of the silver top part and eventually get the calibrate and the white dot lined up. I can then move the dot to my coarse rating, roughly 11. Will this work now? Have I messed up where everything is? Thanks for any advice.
  13. How long do you find you have to flush before the temperature is at an optimum? Without the gauge I just guess and flush for around 3-5 seconds. Thanks
  14. Thanks for the suggestion ref the E61 thermometer. They don't look too appealing against the lovely looking 62 though
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