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  1. Thanks Dave, I did try to get into the machine to fiddle but was thwarted early on...ended up adding a thermistor just to have a better idea of water temp. Reasonable results playing with grind and tamp pressure, used my gaggia steam wand minus panarello to get half decent milk....good enough for holiday home set-up!!
  2. Just an update on my holiday home set-up...bring on the café con hielo!!
  3. Also, as when I was searching for a local roaster, I stumbled across Roasterb myself. Couldn't find much info about them, but can see they still operate two years on. So wanted to share what I'd heard.
  4. Hi there, Not sure how true this is but I was told that Roasterb do not roast the coffee themselves. They are more of a intermediary supplier. Please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.
  5. Hi all, Pretty sure it is Wega / Compak, can you tell me which model/burr set. Apparently, it doesn't have any sticker/labels to help so I'm working from photos only. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi all, I have done the stream wand mod and noted considerable improvement in steam quality. Am now considering the OPV mod as it seems quite straight forward, only thing is I saw a video on YouTube where an engineer from Rancillio (IIRC) said 12-15 bar vibration pumps are not designed to operate in the same way so the mod is pretty pointless. Can anyone confirm that it does in fact improve the quality of extraction? Thanks
  7. How much was it going for, out of interest? I picked up mine for £35
  8. 58mm flat to replace the plastic..... Wish I'd done it ages ago!
  9. I didn't take any measurements but remember it was a bit of a faff to get on, especially to get the classic nut to screw back on as there didn't feel like there was enough thread to catch. The difference it makes is well worth the effort though!
  10. I have a Wega 6.4 (essentially a Company k6) looks exactly like mine.... Can't help on the upgrade, it does retain a lot as exit chute is horizontal, you can do a doserless mod though. I picked mine up for £35 as the guy thought it needed new burrs, turned out it just needed a good old clean!!!
  11. Thanks, I guessed so.. Already have VST baskets for the Classic. Problem was I didn't know which non pressurised baskets would fit the Krups and didn't want to spend more on the basket than on the machine itself to find out it didn't fit!! Chopped out the double wall and all good so far.. Any ideas of pump pressure of Krups XP2000 40 can be adjusted out should I just grinder finer/tamp harder?? Thanks
  12. About half an hour with a junior hacksaw solved it, now just need to do the naked mod Happy (holi)days
  13. Hi there, Recently stumbled across your great site while researching how to get the best from my setup... It has been so helpful that I thought I had to join!! I have always loved coffee and the smell of freshly roasted. My nan lived in Windsor and there used to be a roaster in the town centre. Even as a boy, that smell was very addictive! I would dawdle as we walked passed down the narrow lane, asking nan "what's that smell!". Strangely enough I now live in Windsor, but the roastery has long since closed I really got into coffee when I went to uni in Italy and struggled for yea
  14. Hi all, My first post here and I'm just getting into coffee. Have a gaggia classic my 'old man' gave me after he couldn't get a decent cup out of it. I struggled too, until I got a bargain Wega 64mm grinder on Gumtree and discovered freshly roasted beans! Problem is, I just can't go back to drinking c**p when I'm away at the in-laws on holiday. So, to the point of my post... I managed to source another bargain(£30) Wega/Compak grinder and Krups XP2000 (£5) combi-machine to leave there forever and have half decent coffee. What can I do to get the best from this machine? My plan was
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