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  1. Picked up some tasty Clifton Coffee El Salvador Rumania. Can't resist a cherry coke note on a bag and it's a juicy delight. https://cliftoncoffee.co.uk/shop/coffee/el-salvador-2/
  2. Everything about that photo gives me instant regret about not resubscribing. [emoji24]
  3. Hit this place up on a flying visit, couldn't be more convenient for Birmingham New Street Station. Had a V60 of La Cabra Altos Bourbon Honey process and a what can only be described as jammy dodger the size of your face. Coffee was done very well even if the bean lacked oomph for my tastes. Will definitely be going back if I'm ever passing by.
  4. Spotted these are coming in to Lidl on 12th Dec. No idea if they're any good. Doesn't look like you can control temp but £30 seems ok. https://www.lidl.co.uk/en/p/festive-hosting/bodum-melior-gooseneck-kettle/p28049
  5. This coffee is bonkers and unlike some beans that really stand out with one method I'm digging all of these equally. Last drinks I had before parking these were chocolatey flat whites, super bright zesty espressos, and tropical sweet fruity chocolate pour over. Going to keep some of this in freezer for guests at Christmas. Finding it quite hard to describe but it's very delicious and has changed a lot since I went in early. I'll say its a washed kenyan as I sometimes get a whiff of tomato on pour over, at times I thought I could I could even smell parsnip. Sounds odd but this has been a v
  6. Broke the seal on these today. Defo JB territory. First aeropress had a billion smells rising from the cup although my cold infested olfactory systemwas in no mood to decipher what. Lots of fruit for me so far. Belters so far. [emoji1362]
  7. 1. Hairy_Hogg (Chris) 2. mctrials23 3. Filthynines 4.Jacko112 5. NickDems 6.cjonny 7. fatboyslim 8. Rhys 9. Carola 10. Flying_vee 11. 12. 13. 14. 15 Cant miss out on some extra CHC. One of the best LSOLers we've had. Got a good feeling on the guessing too after the Java last year [emoji12]
  8. Looks like a sweet ride. Bet its a ripper. Is that Swinley?
  9. The email to existing subscribers normally comes out at the end of November with extra slots on the website from mid-December. Its not knock your socks off value like it use to be (£71/year apparently) and probably why many of the early subscribers on here moved on. Some opinions in the thread above are that the coffee was better a while back as well. Last year was £100 for 12 months with a cheeky 10% discount for existing subscribers and compadres, so £7.5/250g bag delivered. I still think this is very good value for the product and service. Not surprising as I think Has Bean are one
  10. For the classic "buy what i have recommendation" https://coffeeforums.co.uk/index.php?/topic/48295-New-Phone?#entry697478 P20 Pro. Black and white sensor, and save yourself a around £400 cash which you can buy a lot of nice coffee with.
  11. Delicious coffee that's gone down a treat here. I was thinking Brazil so wrong again. Liking the variety of recent offerings. Regarding the omni roast, I really enjoyed it when round hill did a split filter and espresso roast for lsol. Best of both worlds. Would always be up for that unless it's a monumental ball ache for those involved. Will order some pharmacie next time I'm running short to see what they can do in their native filter roast habitat.
  12. I wouldn't discount a large. I test rode the mojo 3 at the malverns classic a couple of years ago and the folk on the stand persuaded me to size up, I'm also a lofty 5'7". Great bike, my fave of 5 test bikes that day, although perhaps because it was the most traditional in design versus nuts bikes like the Geometron. Without wanting to write an essay on geometry (head to stw for that) I've ended up on a large yeti with a frame design that hadn't caught up with the super long/slack trend and the Mojo will be the same. Soon after I got mine, a new bike was released and low and behold the old l
  13. Drinking this month's as aeropress at the office and it's delicious. The notes on the bag sound a bit innocuous and the shirt of thing which might pass me by but I'm really getting the vanillary sweet sponge.
  14. No problem. Sounds good and thanks for putting the extra effort in HH.
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