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  1. gonna also drill some holes in the table for better cable management, the table is not pushed all the way to the wall but still waiting for this kettle for the V60 https://www.coffeeart.sk/sub/coffeeart.sk/shop/product/coffeeart-artisan-600ml-variable-kettle-blue-867.jpg and speculating about a grinder change but the machine has to be in the middle, tried out to move it to the corners but it was horrible
  2. almost final setup, custom made table and 3d printed accessories just need to repaint the wall and hang something on it really enjoy this machine, after switching from filtered water to tap water (really hard water) it produces really lovely coffee
  3. ok so its the time of the year when i have to descale my machine, in my region we have pretty hard water, even after filtering it how do you guys clean your machine? just put some descaler, hot water in the tank run it thru the head and clean the boiler 2-3times with clean water? and still dont know what position 1 on the power switch does
  4. oh nice, watched some videos and the followed it with the 125°c, i just put it lower to 123°c, cuz the machine was at 1.55bar looks im pulling shots as wanted after few days, but still dont know what does the switch position 1 means overall im amazed with this machine and feeling like i dont need to upgrade it ever guess its time for a grinder
  5. day 4 first time managed to make espresso with crema, yay still not sure why the machine has to run at 125°c PID and also the switch possition 1 that does nothing but overall im really enjoying it
  6. yeah looks like its °C but the machine set to 93 drops to 0,5bars instantly, on 110 im close to 1bar ok edit on 93 the machine is on 0 bars on 115 im at 1 bar
  7. yeah but if i set the machine to 93 it doesnt go up to pressure and on the default 125 i fear something might get broken if its in celsius
  8. hmm and how do you know if the PID temperature is set to Celsius or fahrenheit?
  9. ey folks, just got my new rapida and i have a question what is the first things i have to do before i start the machine? the instructions are in italian which i dont undresteand and didnt get a tamper with it, is it a standard 58mm? gonna order something fast there are two power switches 0-1-2 is that some boost or for steaming? and allround what do you guys do with the machine before you make a espresso?
  10. yeah in that price range theres only the Strega, but dont like the pump system, so its easy now
  11. Nah got alot of space on my coffee corner, after talking to my girl i will go back to the quickmill rapida idea, love the design and reviews are also nice for it
  12. had the Rapida in the bucket list which is a HX so i dont mind it but dont really care if its a dual boiler and dont really want to start a next thread which one is better so lets go with that, that its gonna be a dual boiler
  13. dont hate me it doesnt need to be those two i just picked them for the looks as mentioned but if you suggest me something i look them everywhere its just i dont know the brands and parameters which i should be looking up its not like im buying a machine every month
  14. dont really know which machine is HX or dualboiler, thats the reason im asking here if something that looks fine for me and my fiance is also functionally ok the pavoni was fine, but didnt liked that every shot tasted different, even when the temp strip showed the same temperature the temperature after measuring was many times overshot and done everything timed the same way steaming was tricky at first, but got a modified tip and got very decent results
  15. oh forgot about these things around 2-5 espressos/ristretos a day + some cappuccinos for my fiance and guests i have a mazzer super jolly doserless, but working on my own grinder which should be ready middle of 2019 was waiting for black friday to drop some €€ for a quickmill rapida but its still out of my max price range :/
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