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  1. I've went for the XL, not entirely sure why. But it arrives next week I think. Thinking of sinking it in to the kitchen worktop (wood)- has anyone done this? Does anyone have a surplus sunken tray?
  2. If it’s half as good I’ll be impressed to be honest!
  3. I've ordered one! 🤯
  4. Also, before re-fitting front plate- put the grinder on its back and put the front on like this. It helps to keep it all aligned from my experience.
  5. Great buy for somebody- GLWS. Andy
  6. Sunlight- you are aware I'm also in Newcastle upon Tyne where the sun is rarely seen?! I joke of course. I'm actually making my best ever coffee- ever ventured (unintentionally) into some roasts towards the darker side of medium that you might have liked. Andy:)
  7. My input; as a home user I want zero retention but I don't necessarily want to faff around with single dosing. There are comprimises, and ways to speed up workflow, but individually weighing from the bag, spraying, RDT, WDT, tamping, etc etc - can take 5+ minutes to make a shot of coffee- which could still be a duffer! [Will need to meet up when this is all over Dave- I'm finally pulling some half decent shops with my equipment!] Andy
  8. Not sure how this works given the later offer below but I would be willing to accept £165. Understand if you would prefer to go with the chap below of course. Thanks, Andy
  9. I just wanted to add that I received it well packaged, in perfect condition- and i love it! Thanks Mildred!! Andy
  10. Could be tempted. A bit cheeky, but would £150 do it? Andy
  11. @MildredM Yes please!- I'll message you! Thanks Andy
  12. Edit: One was up for sale for £110 (sold for a bit less). What would tempt you?
  13. Anybody? I would be very grateful. Thanks Andy
  14. This doesn't look great does it? Any one article I that I can read to understand the benefits of the app (and the R in general?) Thanks!
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