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  1. That is exactly what i wanted/did not want to hear! 😀 Andy (busy doing some research on these fine machines...)
  2. I really really like these. What are they like to live with day to day?
  3. Thanks for your post and questions. I realise this isn't the greatest for sale advert for which I apologise. I don't have anything to hide- so please feel free to ask any questions! Yes- all limited edition (LE) EK43LE were produced in 2016 I believe of which this is one. They are relatively rare and hold a smaller (narrower) footprint than the newer EK43S. The burrs I believe are original- I would be more suspicious if they were not! I would guess they have about another 10 years of domestic use left on them- they really are still very new for only being a home grinder. Differences between EK43 and EK43LE I am uncertain of. I believe the EK43LE was the first EK to have the revised burr carrier, and perhaps even the 'new coffee burrs'. The alignment on my model is amazingly straight- again, there are rumours that the EK43LE (and maybe other variants since) are better aligned from new. I did plenty of searching before buying this one and so hopefully you can find the same informaiton as I did. Thanks, Andy
  4. Hello everyone! I've been the owner of this for about 18 months now and loved every moment of having it. I just need to free up some money for other life events. I'm selling it with all original parts, but I'll also throw in free of charge; Titus titanium 'knob', Titus 'dial', and a 3fe black dial. These Titus parts cost me way too much and after taking the grinder apart for a final clean I dropped the titanium knob of the concrete floor and it is now scratched- hence why it is 'free' as part of this sale. Condition; it's in really air condition. I'm a perfectionist and it does have a few scratches on it (see photos). For that reason, I would very much someone to view in person so they are happy with it and can take it away themselves in person. It works PERFECTLY. Have recently re-alined burrs with Titus tool and produces the most amazing espresso and filter ground coffee. PRICE: Keeny priced at £1800 collection only from Newcastle Upon Tyne. (I travel to Edinburgh a fair bit, and occasionally down in the Midlands (Warwick)). I'm not too sure how to share photos direct to this post, but I've put together a little album here... https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipOi3qfxD-u-fqCBLfNQF7-40QH6RyFWKclZMMa_qvpxGWqmfXfY51p_AByB9oBkUQ?key=QUdhelpXZ1oyci1UWEswRFg1U3BzU0dZdzNhbklB Thanks Andy
  5. On the odd chance that somebody has bought one or acquired one and doesn't use it. I'm single dosing with great success, but it can be tedious at times and would like to give one a go! Let me know what you've got or I would also welcome opinions from home users with them! Thanks Andrew
  6. Honestly- yes. It's hard work though and takes a bit of the enjoyment out of it. Perfect grinder for our over or courser grinding (e.g. Aeropress at work, etc). Great buy at a great price if you ask me (you didnt!) Andy
  7. I think it means "I would like to build my post-count"
  8. Does anyone have one collecting dust? Fancy giving pour over a go this year.. Andy;)
  9. arellim

    Londinium R

    Bargain price if you ask me! Great deal for all! Andy
  10. I'm ever so grateful! Let me know if/how I can cover at least postage! Andy:)
  11. Agreed- great to watch them all come in!!
  12. Good luck with the rest; if you can continue to smash out 7 lattes in 30 minutes and upload a picture= you deserve it!! Andy:)
  13. Oh yeah- i forgot about all my weekend fans...! I actually read it wrong; and thought it said Thursday and not Tuesday... Good luck... to me!! Andy:)
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