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  1. Honestly- yes. It's hard work though and takes a bit of the enjoyment out of it. Perfect grinder for our over or courser grinding (e.g. Aeropress at work, etc). Great buy at a great price if you ask me (you didnt!) Andy
  2. I think it means "I would like to build my post-count"
  3. Does anyone have one collecting dust? Fancy giving pour over a go this year.. Andy;)
  4. arellim

    Londinium R

    Bargain price if you ask me! Great deal for all! Andy
  5. I'm ever so grateful! Let me know if/how I can cover at least postage! Andy:)
  6. Agreed- great to watch them all come in!!
  7. Good luck with the rest; if you can continue to smash out 7 lattes in 30 minutes and upload a picture= you deserve it!! Andy:)
  8. Oh yeah- i forgot about all my weekend fans...! I actually read it wrong; and thought it said Thursday and not Tuesday... Good luck... to me!! Andy:)
  9. Well done Hasi- well deserved win! Good luck in the next round! Andy
  10. 8?! Good effort! I only managed 2; stuck with the first one and spent the other 20 minutes panicking the upload! Great pour- looks delicious! Andy
  11. Very stressful upload via Photobucket (not recommended!) Be kind...(!) Andy
  12. If I try for a rosetta and a heart comes out- I'm claiming that! Good luck! Andy
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