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  1. So most of the Delonghi machines under $200 have the same internal components, which means the Bar32, EC155, EC220, etc. are basically the same machine for quite a bit less money. The EC702 will give you a slightly better steam wand, larger drip tray, and larger water reservoir though, which may be worth the extra cost to you. If not, then I would get the EC220cd if you can find it. It is around the same price as the EC155 and Bar21, but has greater cup clearance. It was my first machine. Note that out of the box, none of these machines will make a proper espresso. They are really only g
  2. The only adverse affect came from initially having the piston holes aligned with the sleeve holes, which caused water to shoot down through the piston holes and create severe channeling. The channeling stopped once I rotated the sleeve so the two sets of holes weren't aligned. I can't vouch whether it is a long-term solution though. For example, I wrapped the piston with teflon and that solved the problem for a time as well.
  3. If you are desperate, you might read this thread here https://www.home-barista.com/levers/londinium-piston-modification-t53734.html I drilled my piston on 9/1, which has so far has completely eliminated my slipping problem. I am using the cafelat seals. No adverse effects I can cipher, but apparently my holes were too big, so maybe start smaller and go bigger as necessary if you try it.
  4. Wouldn't have to re-engineer the body, simply remove the internals and insert in a new body. On this machine the top burr carrier is attached to the grinding chamber which is attached to the motor which is attached to a plate in the bottom of the housing. i.e. the internals are floating inside the housing and can be easily removed. A rubber gasket between the top burr carrier and housing keeps it sealed. Could also easily return it to stock if I wasn't happy with it. Thinkin take me 3-4 days, but not really something need to do though, just be cool to do, so haven't been sufficiently moti
  5. I've previously thought about taking my e37s out of the housing and building a wood housing to angle it monolith style for single dosing. I think it would be relatively easy to do on that machine.
  6. u2jewel is right, coffee is acidic and oily, so makes some nauseous or get reflux. Coffee loses acidity as it ages, so could also try older beans, e.g. 2 weeks old or so, and see if better.
  7. I'm on the 6th episode of The Tick, and so far it's the most satisfying superhero anything I've ever seen.
  8. I was glad to hear they were making a movie because the mini-series was excellent until the very end, where they just didn't have the budget to do the concept justice and the overwhelming cheese factor pretty much killed it. Same went for the Langoliers.
  9. You don't contact coffeechap, coffeechap contacts you.
  10. I've seen nothing to suggest the serious problems can't be resolved. That said, it does seem to be taking them a really long time to get it all sorted. Will have a brilliant grinder for the price if they ever manage to. Lesson of the day, don't be the guinea pig. Guinea pigs get slaughtered. ;-)
  11. I'm thinkin that cross pollinating sumatran and asparagus should be a thing.
  12. I got a leesa because was having back problems and couldn't sleep on any of the 4 spring mattresses in the house, but could sleep on the couch. Leesa supposedly good for heavy people with bad backs, which it is, but not really holding up to my 125kg long-term. Problem being after 8 months the top two layers aren't keeping me from sinking into the bottom layer which is too firm and causes pressure points. If weigh less than 90kg, then prolly not an issue. I'm contemplating removing the top layers and purchasing medium firmess couch foam to put on top of the firm layer, i.e. make a couch bed
  13. Me either, by far my favorite. You can't help but root for the guy on every level, but you know in back of your head it's just never gonna quite work out right for him, which makes you root even more.
  14. I specifically said "supposedly" because I can't vouch for it personally and I said "near titan class" not "titan class", i.e. a notch below. I can prove they said it, just read the reviews and monster threads on HB and Coffeegeek. Can you prove any of them are being paid? ;-) Regardless, I was just trying to help the guy out based upon what I have read and get him up to speed as quickly and succinctly as possible without writing a book report on the topic as I am pretty confident no one who would comment on this forum has gone from a major to a sette. If you have a different point t
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