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  1. Not pretty, IMO. Though I said that about the white Niche, and you can guess what my grinder is...
  2. I won't be the only one to say this, but honestly: bin the beans. Get something recommended by one of the members on here, and then start with a ratio of 21g in (I think Sage DB can take 21g?) > 42g out at roughly mark 10 on the Niche. Others will advise you how best to dial in the beans that you buy.
  3. Hi @Tony fonda - best place for this is in the wanted forum. Perhaps a mod can move it, or you can post a thread there.
  4. Not on this occasion! We have cupped, though, and the results are decent. A nice Yirg to look forward to in the week!
  5. Some nice, even looking roasts today. Still plumes of smoke, which seem destined to upset neighbours. I went round to apologise earlier today but nobody answered. An obvious point to make: but hearing first crack has been a game changer. It's such a significant reference point, and I can't imagine going backwards from the Dalian now.
  6. FWIW I’ve bought a Casper mattress on Prime Day before.
  7. In truth, that wasn't the question. The question was whether it had in the past; to which the answer is a clear no. Is it possible? The answer is, obviously, yes.
  8. Hasn’t happened to date. I don’t think I would discount it if I ran the company.
  9. I’m still waiting to hear your ventilation story on your Road to Roasting thread 😄 But will be looking to act on this soon - thanks!
  10. We’ll certainly persevere with it and a solution will be found one way or the other. Our first attempts (having propped it up) were very encouraging, and hearing first crack properly for the first time was a genuine delight!
  11. Nope - after my brother specifically arranged (not dictated) a date to collect we arrived early afternoon to be told they weren’t expecting us. The roaster was tested, but definitely not with our chaff collector attached because it was in a sealed box and the pipe was wrapped in lots of cellophane. The roaster was warm when we took it away. We’re now told that an earthing strap isn’t available either - the manufacturer doesn’t supply them. For now it’s a further email in response asking for a different proposal. It’s not fit for purpose as it stands. Even if we’re happy to botch together a solution, we then have to persuade whoever buys it when we’re finished that it’s an acceptable way to operate it. I’ll be honest, we’re not experiencing the famous Bella Barista service at the moment. Very pleasant to deal with, but it hasn’t been straightforward.
  12. 1.MildredM 2.NickDems 3.Jacko112 4.Junglebert 5. Filthynines 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  13. Response from BB is that it seems all of those pipes are the wrong size, and can we cut it down this end? Not really. Earthing strap on its way though.
  14. It isn't - I was supporting you.
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