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  1. Possibly yes, possibly no. edit: In case anybody wants to quote the forum rules to me: I’m not particularly minded to pay too much attention to them, since the founder of the forum openly concluded a sale in private not too long ago.
  2. Should you become seriously interested in a Gene Cafe 1200 then feel free to contact me because I’m moving mine on.
  3. @frederic That is incredibly helpful, thank you very much. I will read what you've written carefully, and I think I will have a few more questions for you! Thanks again
  4. I've owned this for about 18 months and it's great: https://ninjakitchen.co.uk/product/ninja-kitchen-system-with-nutri-ninja-bl682uk2/ Frozen smoothies, hummus, baby food, granola, pancake mixes. All sorts gets thrown in there and comes out nicely.
  5. I learned something today! Good spot.
  6. I've just bought a nice Sabatier Santoku from TK Maxx for about £18. Huge improvement.
  7. I can't tell whether you were criticising my position or not. But if you were, or if anybody has looked at it in other than a positive light then I have this to say: Please tell me what else I'm meant to hang my hat on? I voted to remain in the European Union for one reason only: the burden of proof was on those looking to change the status quo and nobody could persuade me that leaving was better than remaining. Not one reason resonated with me, even to the extent it could be made out with evidence. At the end of this month we leave the European Union; against my wishes, but inevitable in any event so that's besides the point. Still, nobody has fleshed out what it will actually look like for the UK. I could repeat what dozens of experts have said about the unsavoury position we are in, but that's irrelevant too, because it's where we are. So, the best I can hope for, is that in a reasonable period of time - say, ten years - I will see the fruits of these labours and I will be happy with them. Or, perhaps, I'll at least see where we're heading and be happy with the general direction. Nobody should now be wasting breath trying to persuade anybody that things will be better or things will be worse. Effort should now be focused on action, and a great deal of it. If anybody expects more than that from me, or anybody else who wasn't keen on leaving in the first place, then I don't understand where they're coming from at all. A lot of people do not know what they don't know. That's a worrying position to be in. The sooner this is recognised by all politicians, the sooner I will be a lot happier with this whole scenario.
  8. That's about the size of it. Come back in ten years and let's do an analysis. Nobody will be more delighted than me if all of the fears turned out to be unfounded. It will be the epitome of a win-win situation.
  9. Probably far too late, and likely not on spec, but Decent Espresso has documented its own use of a mobile coffee table, and it involves a BROR table from Ikea as its base. Good luck with this - it all sounds amazing!
  10. There’s a good proportion of the population who won’t live to see the land of milk and honey we’ve been promised. I’m 31, and that might include me.
  11. And where do you get 53% from? 52% was a figure that was rounded upwards in the first place.
  12. Great to see your petition has reached a wide, supportive audience, Dave. Nine people is quite the haul. I agree with there being no reason not to sound the bell to mark the occasion, if it's in working order. It's neither here nor there, really.
  13. I've come here to make a nonsensical post, as per. Just wanted to see how this thread ended up with 40 replies!
  14. There we are then - everything as you thought it was. Not sure why you got so defensive; the only way I could’ve affected your sale was if you actually had no warranty to pass on. I’m sure you’ve reassured potential buyers now you’ve confirmed.
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