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  1. Could we have advertiser badges back, please?
  2. Smashed it! That's you @BlackCatCoffee as well as me. Really enjoying it - thanks for a great coffee. I'll give the 1:5 a go tomorrow!
  3. I'm going Brazilian natural for these. I've really enjoyed them, so thanks @BlackCatCoffee! And usually by this point in the month I would be out of beans, but since I went for the 1kg option this quarter I'm still going strong!
  4. That's really interesting @Batian, because having used the "Way Back Machine" I've found a cache of the advertisement from I think Oct 2018 where it was advertised with one year.
  5. It was definitely a year, and for the Dalian they made clear that they would treat it as a commercial purchase and not offer consumer warranty at all. I think I posted with a "Hmph - we'll see" a couple of years ago on that front
  6. The BB site now says that the Amazon Dalian will carry a 180-day warranty. This used to be a year, and was a year when we purchased last year. Has anybody got their documentation from a 2019 purchase which shows the old warranty?
  7. Good to hear of your positive experience. Out of interest, what support did you need from them?
  8. Interesting, and obviously piggy-backing off Square Mile's success - nothing wrong with that. I think if I had run this then I would have sold full bags at a similar price (maybe nudging £20?) and thrown in the virtual session for free, as it were.
  9. Good luck with your venture - I can't really add more than @CJV8 did above. One thing to consider, which I'm sure you will have already: to what extent will this significant additional burden of having a live and powered-up roaster in your trailer add to your sales? A similar question: to what extent will your customers buy from you just because they want a coffee, any coffee and irrespective of you roasting beans right in front of them? My instinct is that unless there are good operational reasons for you combining the two (ie your dead time in serving coffee is filled by roasting
  10. Neither are sausages, I suspect...
  11. English breakfast = massively overrated. There, I said it. If pushed: scrap the bacon altogether and load up with sausages. Hash browns are essential.
  12. I wouldn’t quibble with that. This barista was telling me that all espresso was that ratio.
  13. YB was my go-to in Northampton when travelling there for work. Last time I went there with my brother on the way to BB to buy the Dalian. I had a conversation with the barista about what ratio she was using (the espresso was quite sour, though I hadn't raised any complaint at this stage). She told me that espresso is "always 18g in and 36g out". I queried whether that might change depending on the bean, and she stood by the fact it was always that ratio. I don't think patronising is the word for the way she said it, but I thought she might intuit that I knew more than most coffee drinkers by t
  14. We considered a points loyalty system and decided it isn’t nearly as attractive as a one-off discount now and then.
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