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  1. I foresee a solicitor’s letter in their future.
  2. I should have done this for the first time months ago, but in the battle to get my morning fix, work, and do my bit for our young son meant something had to give. I removed the top nuts and the pin and managed to push the rod down so far, but I sense that the seal has...sealed it in place. I can't pop the screen out because the rod is very stiff. What's my next play? Cafiza? Citric acid? Sorry, @jimbojohn55 - not the greatest tribute to your fine craftsmanship.
  3. Was this by post or in person? If so, how do they refill the tin?
  4. Honestly, it depends. If you would like a London-style experience then no. If you are happy to go along with a couple of mates/significant other/whomever then you might well enjoy it for what it is and then pop into the city afterwards. For me it was disappointing.
  5. Against my own better judgment I went today. It remains a poor relative of LCF. Some credibility lent by the presence of Hasbean, Caravan, and Origin. Good to see local roaster Ngopi and (less local) Iron and Fire in attendance. Sadly the former didn’t attend with an espresso machine, and the latter charged a quid for drinks that would be free as samples at any other coffee festival.
  6. It’s a very poor relation of LCF. You won’t spend more than an hour there. Very little there in the way of kit.
  7. Any recommendations, please? Thanking you!
  8. In on the first page! Looking forward to seeing the tinkering as it happens!
  9. Zero justification for posts posted on a public forum to be deleted for "privacy" reasons. Probably roughly equivalent to writing to a newspaper editor for publication in a correspondence column and then asking the archive to be deleted and all copies to be burned.
  10. Can I suggest being wary of that response from AO? They seem to be pointing you back to Sage, which makes a lot of sense. You therefore need to check whether Sage would intend to honour the warranty.
  11. 10-month old iPad Pro as per the spec in the title. Thoughts on value?
  12. Yep +1. A good coffee, full stop.
  13. I believe I received an email today that more are now in stock, @matttan90
  14. I went to CUP this morning - decent, but slow. Going to go and hunt for tamp.
  15. Bump - can anybody point me in the right direction for Reading today?
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