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  1. I wonder if he started second-guessing the price!
  2. Wow - I couldn't believe that a Gumtree thread <24 hours old could have 35+ replies. Now I see why! Nice catch, @joey24dirt!
  3. Let us know what the outcome is with Paypal. If you haven't already you might need to make clear with them how you can be confident that the burrs are not as described, with reference to photos etc. Good luck with it.
  4. Yeah I like the Common Coffee approach too. I’m in. 1. Jony 2. agentb 3.ashcroc 4.AmandaH 5. Filthynines 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  5. I've had my final drink out of my 500g and it was delicious. Sad to come to the end, really! Thanks to all concerned, and especially to Dave.
  6. I can’t get away from the idea that it’s Ethiopian either. It does remind me of an Ethiopian from Crankhouse I had a couple of years ago. My last few beans will go in the hopper tomorrow - it’s been a real pleasure
  7. filthynines

    EK43 - £500

    I would imagine there's an innocent explanation for that. It's clearly completely wrong, and it would be a very stupid attempt at fraud since there's a web address on there.
  8. Glad you got it sorted, @Quenteagle!
  9. Doesn't help your query, but I'm also on 17 for espresso. I started up and 10 and I'm much happier with a coarser grind
  10. As an espresso this is one of the best espresso beans I've had this year. edit: And, I mean, each to their own, but I've drank a lot of Crankhouse Coffee and I've never had a bad batch. Ever.
  11. @Quenteagle - Maybe this of interest to you?
  12. There’s a particular charity which is very popular amongst the Islamic community. On the face of it it does great work with refugees and the poverty-stricken in South Asia. But whilst sat at one of their events where they asked people in a packed hall to contribute donations via an MC asking and then falling silent for minutes at a time (starting at £10k, working its way down) I decided to check their accounts. More than 50% of its income was spent on fundraising activities and admin. It really is appalling, and the man in the street generally has no idea.
  13. I’ve never been so confused on this forum. Perhaps this offshoot thread needs an offshoot.
  14. The retailer question is going to be a bit of a dead end now that there’s this intervening issue. That *might* lead to the same problem with Section 75, until the “who’s to blame” issue is resolved.
  15. I think both ashcroc and MrShades have the right idea. Do you have a copy of the warranty wording? I think that will answer most questions.
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