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  1. Either you or she would need to set the profile to be used, but then she will be able to use the GHC alone based upon the pre-selected profile. You could even switch off the tablet once the profile is selected.
  2. My advice, with the disclaimer that I would be a competitor to you, is that if you’ve come to the forum with those questions then you should can the idea. The online coffee space has exploded in the last few months. There are more options than ever. Unless you have some way to differentiate, or can claim some high expertise and value proposition, then why would people buy from you and not one of the other 100 companies?
  3. It is - Turbo Vado 4.0 step-through
  4. When everything has settled down a little I'll write up my full trials and tribulations with This Bloody Machine. Expect it to feature heavily The Bloody Idiots Who Operate It.
  5. @DavecUK You might be interested to know that the spare from BB also had a 2.0 uF capacitor attached.
  6. I *think* that's right. The mudguard is aluminium and custom by Specialized, FWIW. Rated to 22kg apparently.
  7. Well this escalated quickly! I've just pulled the trigger on this... https://www.balfesbikes.co.uk/bikes/electric-bikes/specialized-vado-40-limited-edition-step-thru-electric-bike-in-yellow__13490 Earlier in the thread I spoke variously of the Vado in roastery colours, and also the Vado SL EQ. I just haven't been able to shake the idea of an ebike. I know enough about my personality to know that if I really want something I end up getting it. And the stuff I really want (certain car, Decent Espresso machine, Macbooks etc etc) I do end up using heavily. I chose this bigger Vado o
  8. This is a longstanding offer they've run for years. The coffee is alright. In my opinion it's best for those who haven't got into true speciality roasters. I used to be a huge fan. They were my first venture into "proper" coffee. I used to promote them pretty heavily on social media, and at one point I was very keen to work for them in some non-coffee capacity. I have two Pact-branded mugs in my cupboard because they once sent me a very generous care package to thank me for my support. They tried to crowdfund some time ago, but it failed because the valuation was too high. Since the
  9. @RDC8 Thank you for all of your suggestions. I hope it doesn't come across as snippy when I say I've tried all of that - no apologies needed, especially because it seems I've tried everything. Everything has had a good vacuum, I've poked a bottle brush through the exhaust pipe so I'm certain there's no blockage. The only thing I could say is odd about the cyclone is that it doesn't feel very powerful when the tube is disconnected. When re-connected I have tested the draw through the tryer with a lighter and the only time it draws the flame in is if the cooling rod is maximum 1cm out from
  10. I can bring this full circle. @DavecUK was the most helpful with this and took a lot of time talking me through possible problems and solutions. Sadly, nothing worked and a replacement fan from BB is on the way. Also sadly, despite the fact that our roaster has had very light use (commercially-speaking) with maybe 150kg through it, BB says 12-month warranty means 12-month warranty and so we're out of luck and no help will be offered.
  11. Hey @Rob1 thanks for those. It's really hard to tell what the problem is. @DavecUK (sight unseen) suspects damage to the motor. Everything still powers and runs, but there just isn't enough draw, but there was for the whole time we were roasting last year. Suddenly in December we suffered a problem, and it seems that it must be the motor.
  12. Sadly not - I was going to message you separately. I've also taken apart the whole fan assembly just to make sure nothing was jammed or whatever. It was a good task to do to know how to get into everything, at least. Had to deploy some WD40.
  13. Now, I'm nearly certain nobody will want to part permanently with the cyclone instead of the Dalian in full. So, this is a request to borrow one if you happen to not be using yours much. Our fan is no longer drawing smoke out from the roaster, and so we are unable to roast anything more until this ventilation problem is fixed. We're in touch with BB, after a lot of great help from DaveC, but who knows what the outcome for that will be and when. So, if you happen to be reasonably local to Walsall and would be happy for me to come and borrow your cyclone and fan for a few weeks, then I
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