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  1. I'm sorry to say I've let down Cooffe after some advice from a member. There was a further use I hadn't really thought of that means I should hold onto it for a bit. I've messaged Cooffe to apologise and let him know personally, but this thread can probably be archived for now.
  2. Call Sage and ask them directly. They'll tell you how to do it if it's possible at all.
  3. Sorry to jump in @GerryM, although I believe it’s on a point that I’ve messaged you regarding when you’ve been making purchases. Warranties are NOT transferable as standard. If anybody is wondering about warranty then they should contact Niche directly, but you must not assume that you will obtain the benefit of any remaining warranty. edit: And that goes for any retailer. BB is the rare exception.
  4. Just spotted this on the front page and chuckled a little bit in hindsight
  5. I wouldn't touch a BB forum for the reason @jimbojohn55 gives. Even with that they would have to have a USP, and I don't think they would have one.
  6. Lovely I'll get some photos on here either tomorrow or Saturday. I'll definitely sort you out with some beans to dig into
  7. Thanks @Cooffe, will make sure you get some soon enough. Do you want to say yes in order to avoid being leapfrogged, with the option to pull out with no hard feelings if you don’t like the look of the photos?
  8. I bought this a little while ago from @jimbojohn55 and it is time already to move it on because we've outgrown it. It was already modded when it came to us and it does the job nicely. Pictures will follow when I get a moment. It is in good working condition and good aesthetic condition, too. £300 is what I paid for it back in the summer. £300 is what I ask for it, and at this time I won't accept any offers because we're not in a rush to offload it. Collection only in the Walsall area. For info, its bigger brother (Gene Cafe 1200CBR) will be for sale shortly, too...
  9. Nice! I must've missed them - I would've been amazed!
  10. filthynines


    When a member of the Forum calls you about the thing that they're really helping you out with, but you think it's one of your clients and your mind blanks... And it doesn't help that "Coffee" is very close to a frequent client's name!
  11. In my opinion, and it’s just that, they are already obliged to provide the consumer rights. It has to be them or Indiegogo, IMO. Usually should be the platform it’s sold through. You can call it a perk all you like, it’s still a consumer good. Maybe the batch that satisfied the crowdfunding before it went into production might avoid that liability, but not since then. Seems Niche have positioned themselves well in any event - they take everything to the nth degree already.
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