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  1. Putting aside the fact that I don't think the site owner does deserve that courtesy (whatever that means), the terms need to be updated to reflect that, then. There shouldn't be a rule which isn't obvious to participants and which is then flagged up as beign a restriction.
  2. @BeanyT - Welcome to the forum! I would potentially be interested in completing your survey, but that would depend on how long it would take me to complete. Whatever the result is of the above consultation with the site owner (!), you can feel free to PM on here with the survey if you decide to do it.
  3. Why's that? It's not prohibited by the Terms of Use https://coffeeforums.co.uk/terms, and there are express exclusion clauses that would likely cover this sort of thing.
  4. It is a legitimately great machine. Quick warm-up is a big boon.
  5. Presumably invoice address was different to delivery address? Big no no.
  6. When I went to Lisbon I made a point of eating a pastel de nata in every place I visited that sold them. I ate a lot of them. I regret nothing.
  7. The measurement is very easy (I use a Tonino), and so is data storage. The difficulty is designing a website that has enough data to attract customers but not so much to put them off again.
  8. That is a very good website, fair play to them. I would imagine the design would've taken a bit of investment to get it to look like that. I would like to emulate it, but there's a question of what do I sacrifice in order to prioritise it? I like how the Agtron score is used as the scale, but is demoted to just a reference point for a simple 0-100 scale that any consumer can use. I don't think there's a business case for it, so I think it needs to be something that roasters want to do. I don't think there's a business case because so many roasters get on very well without it.
  9. In putting our website together I wanted to have a duplicated site which was a shop customisable to show information catering to either the "Geeky" customer or the "Just Give Me Coffee!" customer. Ultimately it was beyond the scope of what Shopify can provide and so I canned the idea. There's a real risk in alienating consumers. We can only hold attention for so long before it's lost to something else on the desktop/TV/whatever. I think the best case scenario is a separate page which says "Some additional technical info if you want it". But it's such an extra amount of work for such a small number of the customers. Sorry @Power Freak, I think it'll be a while before you see many roasters give that info.
  10. That will be interesting to see. As we know from espresso machines and grinders: you do generally get what you pay for. I think for most it will be a bit like my attitude to ice cream makers. I love ice cream. And a number of times I've wanted to go for a really nice ice cream maker so I can make it home. But, as my wife rightly points out, it's not a case of fancying some ice cream and then getting it 30 minutes later. There's all the planning, and the purchase of the ingredients, and the process, and did it turn out right, and am I no longer hungry after all of that? Millions in the country eat bread. They can make bread for pennies, or a couple of pounds if going really high quality. The equipment can be quite modest and readily available without £1,000+ investment. But what do most of those millions do? They buy it in the supermarket because it's cheap, accessible, and requires little thought. I think the same applies to coffee. The exception are the afficionados - the sorts of people that are on this forum. I think we might move to more home production, but still only in small numbers. After all - part of the fun is tasting what other people have made!
  11. I think "boutique" is far more likely. I think more in-house roasteries in cafes will spring up, and possibly not in the obvious places like city centres. I could see a small surge in "local" roasteries popping up; a little like artisanal bakeries have popped up more and more. The caveat to my thoughts? Huge amounts of cognitive bias on the basis that this is basically what we're aiming for with our little venture.
  12. It’s late, and so my mind won’t let me string sentences together. But for now I’ll throw my hat in the ring to say that home roasting will remain niche and won’t go mainstream.
  13. Thanks for sharing a very trying time, Paul
  14. I've seen some robust positions in my time. That... wasn't one of them.
  15. 1. Nicd2. Jason113. Zeak4. Rhys5. Salty6. Mit_hirani7. Higbert8. Sly9. SDM10.MinesAbeer11. ratty12. EricC13. Gm03119314. Filthynines15.
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