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  1. We're currently awaiting a decision as to whether we can claim this. We're definitely small enough, but I screwed up the admin and so we fall outside the criteria. We took occupation of our unit on 28th February 2020 and the lease began on 1st March. I didn't get round to filling in the requisite forms for rates and small business rates relief until 17th March (coinciding with the Chancellor's statement), and so I'm out of time for the 11th March 2020 deadline that has been imposed. I'm hoping somebody at the Council uses common sense: in principle the company meets the criteria; it's just that the requisite forms weren't filled in. There was no way the Council could lose out because we qualified for SBBR in any event and so would have paid exactly £0 for rates. I can't tell you how many times I've refreshed my Gmail account today. This might be an extremely expensive lesson in doing business admin to the letter.
  2. Comandantes are hard to come by at the moment. There’s a short lead time to the wholesalers before they get to us. Might be another week or so.
  3. Not a single one of his beans will ever leave the roastery with burnt, smoky, or tobacco flavours. You can honestly buy any of them.
  4. Make sure you note that the Aergrind is £120. For some unknown reason he's decided to list the price as excluding VAT.
  5. Isn’t the Decent machine the ideal machine for comparison purposes? Control every variable on that machine other than the basket, and therefore establishing whether or not the basket alone makes a difference?
  6. @ronsil and @MrShades - What are the conclusions you can make about mouthfeel? It is true that "thicker" shots are not particularly achievable, or not? Too late for me, mine's in the queue. But would be nice to know whether this is a frustration I should expect (and manage).
  7. Thanks John. Have a good weekend!
  8. Did I read somewhere that you're also waiting on some components to come in?
  9. As somebody waiting for the DE1XL that is very good news. Were you holding off making the XLs until this was finalised?
  10. We’re going to do something like this in due course. Good to see it’s going to go down well 😁
  11. Unfortunately I've just received word that Comandantes are out of stock in every colour. I've got an alert set up for when they come back in stock.
  12. I'm not technically minded and I'm not very practical, and so this bit of downtime I'm getting is probably a recipe for me destroying the roaster. I ordered bespoke RTDs from Thermosense. I believe I've ended up with the same one as @Hasi bought. They come with the attached connectors, which appear to be slightly too big because they won't thread into the hole where the ET sensor goes in. [I think somebody established the correct size connector. Feel free to point it out!] It took me ages to get from this: To this: But clearly only about 1cm or so of the sheath will end up in the drum. The pre-existing sensor sheath in the Dalian is the same length and is fully submerged in the drum. Hopefully you can see that there are crimps on either side that prevent me from sliding the connector any further. So, what am I doing wrong, or what should I do? A thousand thank yous in advance. And don't even get me started on setting it up for logging data - that's a whole other issue.
  13. filthynines

    Brave Browser

    I don't use it, but I know it's had a lot of push from podcasts because the browser sponsors the podcast.
  14. I've just fixed a problem with the forum discount code. It should now work - if there any problems then please do let me know.
  15. Aeropress is always top of the list. Depending on what grinder you get you can pack it all together quite nicely. An alternative is a Clever dripper. I’ve never used one, but I’ve had plenty of delicious filter coffees made that way. Can’t help with the latter, but if you want to plump for an Aeropress you are welcome to make use of the forum discount I’m offering over on our website.
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