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  1. Sadly not. Happy to arrange a weekend pickup if you want to drive down. I rented a car and collected it from Peterborough! Sent from my GM1913 using Tapatalk
  2. This is a good call, might well order one! Turned out that the issue was just a gicleur blocked with scale. Literally poked it out with a needle and it fixed everything. I have since descaled thoroughly but have noticed metallic particulates still coming through the group. Now I'm back from a work trip, I'm going to change out the shower screen (I have a feeling it came from the corroded mushroom) and see if that helps. If not, I'll swap the mushroom next and then as a last resort I'll strip and clean the HX I suppose... Sent from my GM1913 using Tapatalk
  3. Hello all Selling my trusty Rancilio S24 having just upgraded to an ECM Giotto. This machine is an absolute workhorse and would suit anyone looking to upgrade to their first HX machine. Collection only from Shadwell, E1. I rescued Rufus (that's his name) from a farm shop about eight years or so ago. I stripped and cleaned as much as I could, including the boiler which was absolutely gleaming inside when I last went in there! It hasn't had a huge amount of use (I go through stages of espresso then stages of brewed) over the years and has only been used with filtered water. This is in working order, but to be clear could still benefit from a full service. I would recommend changing all gaskets inside as they are shot and I never got round to doing it myself. One joint inside is fixed up with PTFE, for example. Water tubing to/from the tank also needs changing. He's also missing a light from the front (see picture) but this doesn't affect functionality. This model has a vibe pump and water tank. Priced to move Rufus to his new home quickly and because I'd like someone who might not be able to afford to drop £1k on their dream machine to still be able to upgrade. This is a big heavy machine so collection only from Shadwell, E1 please. You will need a car/Uber! W 38cm H 46cm D 52cm. Price - £100
  4. Okay, got into the mushroom and it's very corroded. The plating is coming off on my hand. Any way to salvage this or is it done for? Could I just soak it in citric until it's just brass left? Sent from my GM1913 using Tapatalk
  5. Only had time for a quick test, but the pump sounds good. It's filling the boiler okay, but when the group is activated the water comes straight back into the tank from the return pipe. Fingers crossed it's just a scaled group...
  6. Hello all Haven't posted in here for a long while, but thought you might be interested in the ECM Giotto I recently picked up on eBay (sorry to anyone I bid against!). It was described as not working and in need of a service, but I took a punt on it just needing descaling rather than all the electrics failing or worse. Anyway, I picked it up at the weekend and signs are positive so far. Electrics are fine, boiler comes up to pressure and stays there, steam wand and hot water tap are absolutely fine. When I pull the group lever, however, the pump activates but nothing comes out of the group. Once I've had time to pick up a larger wrench, I'll take the mushroom apart and imagine I will find the issue there. There was noticeable scale in the water tank on the water level sensors, so all signs point to limescale so far! I have also noticed some scratches to the bolts around the group lever where it looks like someone struggled to take the assembly apart. the group lever also doesn't pull down fully in the off position (as you can see in the picture) but this doesn't seem to affect functionality so far. This is my first proper E61, so feel free to suggest anything I should keep an eye out for once I have time to start disassembling... If you're interested I'll update with my progress!
  7. Was offered a new job yesterday so just celebrated by throwing $74 (delivered) at the Handground. Early Bird deals are still available btw, just not the absolute cheapest tiers.
  8. Hello all Did a quick search on the forums for mention of two grinders currently on Kickstarter, but couldn't find any discussion. Does anyone with a bit of expertise in hand grinders have any feedback on the following? Kuísenntial Evengrind Handground
  9. I'm so glad I've seen this. Almost impossible to pull a decent shot at the moment. The grinder I've currently got paired with my S24 just doesn't allow small enough adjustments to get anything drinkable. I'm either getting gushers or Rufus chokes. Seems like playing with tamp and dose at home wouldn't help much either - the temperature and humidity will change between shots and I'll be back to the the same problem...
  10. Maybe I'll part with my Knock and pretend it was new.
  11. The company who makes these were serving coffee at work in these today. The plastic sleeve didn't seem to impart any noticeable taste to my drink, but then again it wasn't the best cup of coffee either! Bit of a weird bubbling at the bottom of the cup which I imagine is to do with how the cup is formed, rather than any effects of heat. It wasn't really clear to me if I was supposed to separate the cardboard from the plastic afterward, or if it happened automatically during the recycling process, but the article seems to explain this. Not sure what happens to the plastic afterward though. Is this recycled too? Not a bad product, but I think I'll stick with my Keep Cup!
  12. Thanks all. Have ordered a Torr from the marvellously helpful coffeechap. From reading your messages, it sounds like it'll be difficult to give it away though...
  13. Oops. Tapatalk fail. I shall leave that message where it is whilst I sit in the corner and look ashamed.
  14. Hi there! Thought I'd take this into PM so it didn't get confusing. How much could you supply just a basic, flat Torr for which fits a standard basket? Do you have these on hand or would it be a group buy deal? Thanks! Rhys
  15. Just about to return a fixed up Gaggia to The Boy after some extensive restoration. I'd like to give him a good value tamper to go with it, but from what I've heard it doesn't look much like it's worth placing an order with Knock. Any recommendations for something similar in terms of quality and price?
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