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  1. The Bialetti Brika is an interesting alternative you could try. It builds up the pressure and releases the coffee mostly all at once.
  2. I was surprised of the cost of greens here in the UK to be honest. Compared, at least, to somewhere like coffeesnobs.com.au in Australia (~7£/kg) Mind you, quality roasted beans are cheaper than in Oz so that justifies my laziness ?
  3. Sounds great... Will reply to your pm now.
  4. If you're willing to post it to London for a neat £250 I'll happily take it off your hands!
  5. neat! Removing the hopper reduces to footprint to a reasonable level. Any update on grind retention would be appreciated. I would like a similarly sized beast but haven't been any to pick one at a decent price point yet.
  6. That's me ? Thanks to traskutis for the smooth sale!
  7. Thanks for the responses. Eyedee, your one might be a little too banged up for my liking I'm currently looking at a buying a Decent Espresso tamp which seems like good value for money!
  8. Does anyone have an unused espro laying about? They've gone for 35 incl postage on here before, so I would be willing to throw out an offer of 45. Flat or convex doesn't matter, 58mm or above.
  9. Hi Traskutis, would you be willing to accept £550? That way I can cover the costs of having it plumbed in. Cheers
  10. Code doesn't seem to work for me unfortunately. Today should still be counted as 7 days from either the newsletter day (29th), or the day the beans appeared (31st), no?
  11. I seem to have the same problem... even though I've been a member for a while. An issue with the new forum layout perhaps?
  12. Plus a couple of those UHT milk pots you get in hotel rooms too
  13. Kahweol

    Black Friday

    hmm, I'm going away for a month during the holidays yet I still ordered over 2kg of coffee for myself... includes both the pacamara from Triple Co Roast (my first of that varietal!), and Honduras from beansmitten
  14. Kahweol

    Black Friday

    Bean smitten are doing 20% off SO coffees until Sunday, code: BLACKBEAN
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