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  1. I have one on order now. Once I'd decided to get an E61 heat exchanger, the size of this machine was by far the most useful (a combination of footprint and height, as I think there are some narrower but taller, I forget which brand). I've assumed the performance is equivalent to the previous generation giotto/cellini which was highly regarded. Space is an absolute premium in our kitchen and he size of other models was definitely a deal breaker. I've ordered white as there is no copper in our kitchen, although they both look equally good to me.
  2. Hi I understand the importance of keeping coffee fresh and I grind only what I need just before brewing or making espresso. But what is the best way to keep beans fresh between buying and use? Currently, I store beans I'm using daily in a screw top metal tin which I keep in the fridge. Beans I'm not using daily are in the freezer. I don't actively leave beans in my grinder's hopper, but I don't fret about leaving a few in there as I'll use it the next day. Before you say I should use beans faster, even if I resisted purchasing too often I'm the only coffee drinker at home and I don't work at home, so I'll always have to store some beans for a week or two. Do any of my storage habits make sense? Are any unnecessary or am I missing something? Is it fine to leave beans in the hopper (not airtight)? More esoteric, does freezing matter? Would it matter if I grind straight from frozen? I've frequently done this to no apparent detriment. I assume that the grinding process probably brings the temperature up a bit anyway. What do you guys do?
  3. There is a short review on machina espresso this morning, which has a photo of the inside of the machine and some commentary on comparisons with the rest of the range. http://www.machina-espresso.co.uk/blogs/news/116578116-kit-review-rocket-appartamento
  4. Hi all I've been lurking for a couple of weeks, reading some of the sticky posts and learning a lot, and now I want to see the pictures in the 'show off your setup' thread so I joined! It all went wrong for me when I went to the London Coffee Festival. I had my first coffee of the day at Ozone's stand and bought a bag of the beans used (Clipper). When I made an espresso at home the next morning, there was a huge amount missing. I've got a Delonghi EC.820 (similar to current EC.860 I think) and a Dualit grinder and I was happy with consistent espresso at least as good as Nespresso, with greater variety of coffee beans. Now, I don't feel I need to make the 'God' shot at home, but I have now realised I was missing a lot. For example, I didn't really understand that the portafilter basket was pressurised and now I feel a bit cheated that my efforts at improvement so far have been both flattered and hampered by that. I'll probably be asking a few questions in other threads, rather than throwing it all down here, but suffice to say I am researching a new setup. I've got my heart set on a Eureka Mignon, for looks, size and price point. However, what I do for the espresso machine is up in the air. Do I mod a Gaggia Classic (if I can source a decent pre-2015 model), jump right up to Rocket Cellini (or Appartamento??) or something in between? Exciting times ahead. Cheers Dan
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