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  1. withdrawn please delete dave
  2. I've bought a replacement grinder now so no longer asking for swaps collection from Mid-Wales is also possible Dave
  3. just bought a new specialita all done now
  4. @Voocash nevermind i’m in mid wales in lockdown and shielding thanks anyway dave
  5. @Voocash whare are you?
  6. Thanks Gforce - who I bought it from Obviously this is open to offers as I'm not good at pricing Has been completely stripped down and rebuilt/recalibrated and is functioning as it should There is a modification on the circuit board - a jumper has been placed across terminals which allows it to run without the hopper installed It has a metal pulley + good belt and motor + new feet I use this several times a day with no issues and I am quite happy with it - I use a La Pavoni Stradivari and the coffee is good (former hand grinder user but arthritis) Unfortunately my
  7. i have a mahlkonig/baratza vario in the for sale section works really well and under budget dave
  8. FS: Mahlkonig/Baratza Vario or swap for Eureka Mignon Good working condition I bought this here a while ago as noisy and very sluggish - all good now comes with ceramic burrs installed plus steel burrs there is a chip in one of the steel burrs which does not affect the cutting edges: I have no original box Price: I would like £200 including shipping to the UK via Hermes - PayPal only Or I'll swap for your Eureka Mignon there is a crack at the bottom of the catchcup + the portafilter holder was damaged in transit to me photos in nex
  9. dave dove

    Eureka Mignon

    that’s it must be able to post dave
  10. hey there is warranty transferable? interested if still available Dave
  11. dave dove

    OE Lido-E

    my apologies i had replied to a wanted ad in the wanted forum i put it in for sale as wanted person was unsure i am not a regular buy and sell person sorry for any confusion/transgression i didn’t read the rules well dave
  12. dave dove

    OE Lido-E

    Fabulous condition bought last May from Coffee Hit Boxed with all accessories @5Kg max through it photos to follow £130 I'm in Mid-Wales - happy to post Dave
  13. hey there I have one of these all working minus hopper and doser lid too big for me... want to sell but no idea how much for images are not from mine - mine has UK plug on it all the best Dave
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