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  1. beeb using vintage kyms for years just got europiccola want to upgrade both available at about same price thoughts please dave
  2. hey yes i'd seen that is just ended... think i may need to rethink 'cheap' dave
  3. I would very much like a cheap doerupper As long as it is douppable Spares available etc I am quite skint... Thanks for looking Dave
  4. thanks guys i looking at getting a more 'retro' machine maybe lose the stainless steel then i prolly done..... ;/ @Rhys there's loads of them on ebay i found this one in a house clearance/antique place in Chester thrown under a table with a load of meat grinders £15 dave
  5. Hey there... this my little setup: Gaggia Classic - reduced pressure PeDe wall mouted grinder - good only for drip/cafetiere Zassenhaus - does espresso - slowly Kym - agressive grinder - does good espresso dave
  6. hey there this my first real post i have a Gaggia Classic and find it inconsistent i don't use milk much not sure if that's 'cos the wait the only Quick Mill close to my 'upgrade' range is the 820 but is it an upgrade? it is nice and compact and looks like my kitchen.... i have seen a few older machines i am technically proficient if needs be and would actually prefer older used kit are parts available? are they actually reliable/consistent? thanks for looking dave
  7. oh i got some old hand grinders 'cos i can't afford a leccy one... dave
  8. i a new member been lurking for a while i work in a school and am an electronic musician and i was a DIY valve (tube) enthusiast until my eyesight went so i now been getting inside Gaggias 'cos i can see what i doing.... beginning to get interested in older machines: Quick Mill and such... anyways - Hello dave
  9. hey there been around for a while.... getting into older machines for fun dave
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