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  1. Thanks for that... I think I've located the solenoid valve..but not sure how to remove it... Might be a 'blue job' for when the hubby gets home!! Thanks also for the info on gaggia being the same parts.. That could be more helpful than kitchen aids response!
  2. Hi.. I have a kitchen aid espresso maker ( dual boilers for coffee and steam) It must be nearly 8 yrs old and has just recently stopped passing water through the main boiler.. Everything else seems to be working. The milk steamer side works perfectly.. Both boilers get hot and it seems to be making all the right noises, but just no water coming through the coffee making side. Does anyone one with any experience of these have any ideas as to what could be wrong or any troubleshooting ideas. ( I have cleaned all easily assesible parts and tried to run descalent through) i also called kitch
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