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  1. Good evening, Bit of a long shot I was wondering if anyone knew if it is possible to get spares for a CTU (Spectrum unit supplied with Fracino Dual Fuel Contempo). To the best of my knowledge (which isn't that much) I think the bit I'm after is the spring relief valve that sits at the outlet on the dual port head. I'd also be very happy to purchase a 2nd hand head if the valve is there. So far I've failed to persuade a couple of eBay sellers to send me just the head but I'd pay for the whole unit! Any help greatly appreciated - oh and I'm very happy to pay if anyone happens to
  2. Many thanks esspressotechno for taking the time to respond and for the info, there's been quite the debate raging in our household for the last couple of days. That is very reassuring and as our containers and pipework are clean there should be no danger to customers. The filter is a 10 litre CTU but I'm not actually sure of the micron rating. I will contact Fracino as you suggested, have spoke to Environment Officer in Falkirk (we're in Bo'ness btw) and he was helpful without having all the answers. Cheers.
  3. Good morning, Running a Fracino Contempo Dual Fuel with filter fed from water containers via Sureflow and Fracino high pressure pump. I have a routine for sterilising the containers and tubing using Puriclean and to date no adverse effect such as tainting water taste etc. But I've been wary of running this though the pumps and coffee machine itself leaving a potential weakness in my system. What do other do for ensuring full water path is sterilised. Thanks in advance for any advice/help.
  4. Hi, just a quick update to say thanks again. All fixed now as per your instruction. Cheers.
  5. Hi EspressoTechno, Thanks so much for taking the time to reply and for the great advice/knowledge. I know what I'm doing tomorrow morning. Best Wishes.
  6. Hello and Happy New Year etc, Got everything fired up again today post snow/frost/eating/drinking binge and have a couple of issues left to resolve. The water level window shows the level is about 5/7mm above the top mark, most likely not an issue but is there a way to reduce this back within the upper and lower level indicators. If I run tap whilst pump is off it just fills back up as soon as I with machine/pump on. I've already had to replace pressure switch on Flojet pump and tighten up connection hidden under switch on left side of machine. Still have an airlock in the fil
  7. Not a problem round our way since Coffee Martini was discovered!
  8. Ecopod

    18g ?

    Think original question has been answered but just in case it helps. I've just started using ridged 18g VST baskets in my Fracino portafilter handles. Fit perfectly. I definitely could not get more than 15.8g into the standard Fracino double without the puck hitting the screen (Contempo Dual Fuel) leaving very little room for the water and variable results. As per one of my other posts now turning 18g of dose into 36g of yield very consistently, best change I've made to date.
  9. Thanks jlarkin. I think I may have got caught up on the 60ml thing a tad too much and that's just what I needed to hear to snap me out of it. Looking at the bean tasting notes they are on the bitter side so I'll try another bean on Friday before any further experimentation. Cheers.
  10. Good afternoon, Hoping for some pointers re my methodology. Using Fracino Dual Fuel and getting consistent 35g/36g yield from 18g dose, extraction time is around 24/25 secs. Fracino portafilter with VST 18g ridged baskets. Beans just now are Bazilian Ipanema roasted on 10/08/17. The problem is I also consistently only get about 45ml total yet crema looks good, taste if anything in very slightly bitter. When I inherited the Fracino I was told it had very custom settings on the volumetric buttons so I initially set button to deliver 36g (through 18g dose) then ground finer till
  11. Thanks CoffeeChap - a couple of the 'blade' ones were cheaper so I was a bit wary but I'll get back to finding best deal.
  12. Good morning, Thinking that the time has come to move from doser to on demand. Have thought long and hard about modding but not so sure it makes sense for me. I would like to stick to Mazzer SJ as I know them and have 3 sets of new burrs in the cupboard. My question (and it is a daft one) is whilst looking around for best deal some are listed as burrs (as I would expect) and some are listed as blades, is this just a failure to update the headings on the spec sheet or do these also come with blades. Thanks.
  13. Thanks for info, wasn't 100% sure water from machine would be hot enough but this sounds promising. Expecting more of a steady stream of customers with very infrequent groups, may just get away with it.
  14. Aha perhaps the coffee machine is much much lower than you'd expect..... I'll have around 320kg at floor level and 85 kg at counter level spread evenly over front/back axles, at around three quarter height I'll have around 32 kg in coffee machine fresh water and lpg water heater (7 litres water sits in heater at all times). Sink fresh water will be pumped from floor level and coffee machine water will be in interchangeable 20 litre containers (sales volume will be relatively low in comparison to some units).
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