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  1. Hoping mine lands today (business address so won't have been delivered over the weekend). Presume went out with Royal Mail?
  2. These were on the desk on first day back in the office today. Smelling great - going to get straight into them on Filter. Roasted 20th right?
  3. mine has just appeared, looking forward to V60 tomorrow!
  4. Just cracked into this - enjoyable first few. Really reminds me of something but can't place it yet.
  5. Mine have arrived too - always nice to have a delivery waiting on the desk after a day out of the office. Cheers FBS/Daren
  6. Been a bit absent from the site of late, but just caught up with the thread. Pleased that my thoughts on this have echoed a lot of others - really enjoying it now I’ve found the spot on my grinder; has been the finest of any coffee so far to get something that hits the boozy notes right. Need to try as v60 before I get through the bag! Thanks FBS, Daren and Steampunk for a banger this month!
  7. Mines arrived too - cheers all!
  8. Not postie, but grabbed these while I was in Antibes after trying their coffee in Nice (Baolab for anyone who comes across this in the future!)
  9. Getting there, actually managed 2 patterns from one jug today, so making progress!
  10. Thanks Daren, you answered between me opening the thread and replying, and it didn’t refresh.
  11. Same would apply for me... Ignore me - thread moved on in my absence!
  12. my tumbler has now arrived, and have used a couple of times. Seems to do what it's supposed to, and from my minimal use seems to make grounds fluffier. Suspect may be better suited to 58mm portafilters - not particularly well fitting in my Sage DTP one. TBC - but may prove an extra step in the workflow that I can't be bothered with, and so might end up on the sales section.
  13. Finally opened this yesterday (away for a few days and a bit of a backlog after an Extract Home Barista course!). Getting a bit of acidity through as V60, but only fairly gentle (can't decide if citrus or something else, but at least i seem to be on track!), but need a few more goes to explore this. certainly enjoyable, so looking forward to the rest of the bags.
  14. Yeah there’s just about enough to make some sort of pattern, but you can tell/feel the difference in thickness.
  15. First one back after a few days away - I’ll take it! Any tips on steaming for 2 drinks (at once, morning coffee needs to be as speedy/easy as poss!)? Second one wasn’t worth a photo!
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