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  1. adz313


    I ordered a 6 pack when it first got released - we still have 3 packs left. There's a definite aftertaste which having asked Rebel Kitchen is possibly from the Sunflower seed extract in it. Steams ok but found it a thinner mouthfeel than Oatly Barista.
  2. @DavecUK - I've not spotted this asked or answered (so don't shoot!) - how does it work without the bellows? Are they necessary for it to work Aesthetically they really jar for me, so if I were to go for this over a Niche (which I have different aesthetic issues with, but at least it's neat looking), i'd prefer not to have the bellows.
  3. https://web.archive.org/web/20120522071429/http://faq.hasbean.co.uk/questions/22/Has+Bean%3A+How+it+all+began+pt+1+of+4 Bit of searching - Seems only Part 1 has been archived. It's amazing what you can dig up on the internet even after it's been removed from view!
  4. Nice! - I picked up both of those from Josh as well
  5. @BlackCatCoffee - presume latest stock are the current version (seems there's some minor changes)?
  6. First go with this today; through my Sage Brewer. On board with the Pineapple notes already spotted, and I reckon there's something like a strawberry taste at the start (read; went cold at my desk and really got the pineapple at the end). So, first guess on first taste (and based slightly on a previous coffee from Horsham I think) - Honduras, with an interesting processing (doesn't taste wild enough for pure natural, so one of the semi-natch methods which seems popular at the moment). Early days but I reckon it's a banger! Cheers @Hairy_Hogg @Daren
  7. mine's landed, thanks all. Running a bit of a backlog at the moment (I need to stop buying extra bags) so these will be sat for a little bit
  8. Came back to this as espresso and had my best shot of this today - 18 > 37.5 in 23 seconds. Definitely getting the big body and texture coming through in milk, most enjoyable. I normally like my V60 to be a bit lighter/more clarity, so I’m pleased I’ve found a nice spot for this one, will probably be sticking to espresso for the rest
  9. adz313


    Still looking (unsurprisingly!)
  10. Hey, I'm sure you'll get more input shortly (although worth having a browse of the Sage specific sub-forum as well). Some things that I do as part of my warm up process (I have a DTP) that you might like to try: Warm cups (run under hot water, then fill with hot water) while you're prepping Warm portafilter (run under hot water) Run water through the portafilter before you start making coffee I've always been reasonably happy with the temp. of my drinks - although prefer cooler than some I suspect
  11. adz313


    Nice quip! 😆 Yeah there absolutely is, and retrospectively I regret not buying one earlier - but such is life, and the undoubted improvements it offers over current will hopefully outweigh any subjective views I hold on its design!
  12. adz313


    On a hiding to nothing I'm sure, but while I wait for them to open up pre-orders again, if anyone has a Niche they want to part with, I'd be interested. I debated (and didn't commit) during the original Indiegogo campaign, and have struggled with the looks, but the time has come for an upgrade (and I'm choosing grinder over machine), and there's seemingly nothing that matches it for the price.
  13. Mine has just appeared - cheers @Hairy_Hogg and @Daren
  14. [email protected] - presume normal subscribers will get DPD tracking in due course? (I’m not sure if you have my email...)
  15. Mine arrived on Sat, and had to dive straight in as had run out for the first time in a while. First few filter brews (machine) have been nice but not hit the spot yet. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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