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  1. Hi WO. Nice to see you in another forum since our other one went down. I miss the Convo. See ya soon!

  2. WO here. Okay, my name is Warren Owen, but everyone calls me "WO" (pronounced "whoa"). You can follow me on twitter at twitter.com/WOnet I live in sunny Phoenix, Arizona, across the pond, and in the middle of the desert. I work for a large chain coffee company. I have a HUGE passion for coffee, coffee knowledge, and the people involved in coffee (picking to drinking). I was the co-host of the now-defunct Coffee Convo podcast. I will be starting up my new cast soon, just take a little time to get everything in line. I am looking forward to all the fun stuff that is going to be going on. ...just my 2 beans
  3. I have seen this a lot in the US as well. As James mentioned, I don't think is it a health issue, as the steam wand does heat up to 210+ (f) degrees, and that will kill most bacteria. However, anyone ever tasted burnt milk? Well, when the milk is left on the wand, it scalds and burns. Then when fresh milk is steamed, some of that milk scum does get passed along into the pitcher, and then into drink. NASTY!! I just got a new machine that the steam wands are VERY easy to clean. VERY! There is no tip that unscrews, where milk catches and sits. It is like a plastic or teflon (or something) sleeve that covers the entire probe. Sweet! I still make everyone wipe after every steaming. ...just my 2 beans
  4. Well, this is a very interesting thread. I work for a chain. I was actually hired in as management with my only coffee experience being a daily mocha, and 3-4 pots of Folgers a day. I was obviously NOT hired for my coffee abilities, but had a vast amount of retail management experience. I learned the ropes of all store operations, after a short time on bar. Was I the most competent person on bar, absolutely not. But was I able to manage a store/people/business, yes. I know, that I need to place my "Aces in their places" during the rush, and put my "green beans" (unroasted baristas) only on bar during the slower times, as they work on their skills as a barista. I am very glad that I was able to come in the company as management, as I knew I would not be able to support my family on a part time barista salary. I have come to love coffee more than I ever thought I even could. My passion for coffee, coffee knowledge, and SHARING that coffee knowledge grows every day. Oh, and after 10 years in the industry now, I'm not bad too behind the bar. However, I could never make in a Barista Competition. But I know where my skills really are. ...just my 2 beans
  5. If the customers ask, I will. That doesn't mean the customer is ALWAYS right. If it is something I can do, and it will make their overall experience better, and won't be immoral, unethical, or illegal, no problem. So, is it "unethical" to add sugar to someone's latte, if they request it, I don't think so. So if it is requested, I will be more then happy to do it.
  6. Glenn, I too was very bummed that the podcast, but even more so, the community site is done. There was a lot of great stuff starting on the site. Well, for those that were really involved, we will find a new home. I am actually thinking about starting mine up soon, I just need to figure out exactly what I want/need to do, and HOW to do it. Well, hopefully soon. WO twitter.com/WOnet
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