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  1. Had a very productive morning so far! Now to enjoy it 😋
  2. Not bad for a Nespresso machine?
  3. Not too bad for a Nespresso machine?
  4. @Rakesh @MinesAbeer To be honest I don't think it's going to be as good as I'd hoped it would. The best I've got so far is the images you see here with two WayCaps. I ground freshly roasted Christmas blend from Rave Coffee in my hand grinder as fine as it would go and I discovered that there seems to be basically no margin at all between over-extraction and under-extraction. With the grind as fine as I could get it and only very light tamping I got under-extraction; with the same grind and no tamping it just pours through - bit frustrating! I think the crux of it is that the pods are too small to hold enough ground coffee to give a decent, dark, rich extraction and I'm thinking the pumps just aren't great on these machines. The crema is very light and because of the tiny size of the pods, if there is any decent stream it quickly saturates the coffee and starts to pour through. I think this is about as good as I'm going to get with this machine although more than happy to see anyone else improve on it.
  5. As mentioned in another post I recently swapped my previous manual setup with a Sage Creatista pod machine so the family can also enjoy the coffee fun. I've been determined to get the best out of it (I'm not a fan of pod coffee) using the latest gadgets and gizmos and I've finally nailed it - granted the milk is a bit loose but I think one more setting up and it should be fine. If anyone is interested I've done this with the following kit: Rave Christmas blend dark beans (freshly roasted) Rhinowares hand grinder on the finest setting WayCap stainless steel reusable pods Sage Creatista Plus Happy Days!!! I may do a video if I can figure out how to video myself effectively.
  6. So Rave Coffee have just released their new pods which hopefully contain. Freshly roasted and ground beans from one of their signature blends - https://ravecoffee.co.uk/collections/nespresso-compatible-compostable-coffee-pods I've ordered a couple of boxes but also bought some reusable stainless steel pods which I plan to fill with fresh ground espresso. I'll post results asap but fingers crossed this is the answer to good coffee from a pod machine!
  7. @Mrboots2u I'll give it my best go and try all the options - to me there's as much fun in all of this than drinking the coffee. I like the challenge
  8. Thanks @johnbudding I'll post results here. Just waiting for my new reusable pods from https://www.compatible-capsules.com and I also hear on the grapevine that one of my favourite roasters is about to release their coffee in pod format so it feels like something good should be possible.
  9. @Rakesh I think you're right, the secret lies in the reusable pods and grinding fresh beans. I've found a really nice metal pod that comes with a tiny tamper and funnel to add the ground coffee, it's quite expensive but I think I'll try it. I'm conscious that everything will be in miniature - I'm used to 19g in and 30g out but think pods are 7g or something so I might need three I think on the right setting the milk might be ok, I'll keep you posted.
  10. @mat2317 No problem it was good to meet you and pleased you like the machine. Once you get the Mignon and the DTP working together perfectly you'll be loving it!
  11. @MWJB I haven't really done anything yet, just using up the trial Nespresso pods we got with it and generally having two at a time on very short restretto setting. Looking for advice on best pods, best processes etc. So far I'm fairly impressed with some of the coffee and also with the auto milk function but pod coffee seems to have a much lighter crema and the milk doesn't necessarily incorporate too well so lots to master. I want to try to get a nice dark crema. I see there are metal reusable pods available where you can grind your own beans and fill the pods a bit like a mini portafilter so might try that.
  12. Hi everyone, For the past two years I've had great fun with my DTP and Mignon and made some great coffee and very satisfying latte art. Now a new chapter as I've swapped the kit for a Sage Creatista pod machine so the family can also make coffee and enjoy it. I'm determined to get the most out of the machine and I'm sure the various settings and current pod technology can be tweaked and customised to create a decent coffee and even some decent art. Wondering if there's anyone else on here with one to give me any tips or vice versa. Cheers
  13. Most welcome, very pleased it arrived safely. Have fun!
  14. Hi @mat2317, sorry for not replying to your last post, I hadn't seen it until just now. It comes with a the original parts plus an extra bottomless portafilter that was custom made, all in brilliant condition. The only thing I dont have is the plastic thing that Sage put in the stock portafilter for some reason, that's gone but it's useless anyway. I would upload more photos but I've been having issues with uploading to the forum recently, happy to email you some if you like. Happy to accept £150 if you can collect.
  15. Grinder now sold but Duo Temp Pro still available.
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