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  1. im in hackney with a specialita but my gf is too corona scared for this to happen. hopefully someone else can help you out. What beans are you using btw?
  2. Well someone above bought one and had it delivered in 10 days in August... I might order one and see what happens. Just put it on my PayPal and then a layer of protection exists
  3. starting to think about adding a PID to my silvia, not for any other reason but because i can... is this still the go to one? (I prefer the auber for the screen but i believe its much much much more expensive) do i have to have my mobile out when i use this or can i still press the give coffee button on the front of my machine?
  4. this is delicious. my palette is not refined enough to say any more than that. i get tasting notes of delicious, followed by some delicious, finishing with a touch of delicious.
  5. so then you'll have a longer wait, but its probably not going to be much more than 5mins in total. the longest part will be waiting for the steam boiler to come up to pressure/heat
  6. my whole coffee making routine is as follows: pick up coffee dosing cup grind into coffee dosing cup (10seconds, sometimes 12 seconds!) empty into portafilter and prep my puck probably a further 10 seconds put portafilter into coffee machine switch it on for 30seconds turn it off drink if im being slow and particular the whole process takes 90-120seconds all in.
  7. ah yes this is what i want on a marax. the LLC
  8. well now youre talking like that it sounds interesting, but surely then youre back up at a much higher price point. the marax is a sweet spot IMO of pricing, size, etc so what youre suggesting is an elizabeth with an e61 which is just as an interesting proposition.
  9. nah i love the idea of the lever. otherwise i get the ACS minima. and if i dont want e61 then i get the elizabeth. But i cant afford/dont need the bianca. they used to make the maraT i believe which was what i describe the marax form/size is perfect for myself and probably most home users
  10. marax with a digital pid like the one on the elizabeth? thats basically my dream machine
  11. a longer ratio has made it drinkable, did 18g in 50g out this morning. wont be buying this again but at least its now drinkable.
  12. mine just got delivered. got too many bags on the go now 😂
  13. i would be looking at replacing my plug with something like this https://www.amazon.co.uk/BG-Electrical-Socket-Compatible-Moulded/dp/B07VC1GWV9/ref=as_li_ss_tl?dchild=1&keywords=BG+electrical+smart+sockets&qid=1594983100&sr=8-2&linkCode=sl1&tag=cfukweb-21&linkId=cec623b24bfba56e222d6973784a475c&language=en_GB
  14. so to pad out the panic ridden section of my post the shop was closed, they lady reopened for me, and just grabbed me a bag based on me asking for something for espresso... and then when i took a look at it i thought it would be ok. after paying she intimated it might also be good for v60 etc yeah, having tasted it i cant quite get my head around it. i have a silvia so cant pressure profile or go hotter. a challenge it is, no arguments there!!! yesterday i went 18g in 38g out in about 30 seconds (cant remember exactly), today same ratio but had ground finer so it was
  15. i bought these beans last week in a guilt ridden panic, they are different to say the least. They are giving off quite a sour note when dialled in for espresso. I guess thats the citric acidity explosion. not hugely to my taste buds, they taste a bit better as a v60 thankfully https://www.7gr.co.uk/specialty/57-kenya-chalem-specialty-whole-beans-250gr.html what can i do to try and make them taste a bit better as espresso? or am i just wasting my time trying to make them taste more to my liking?
  16. found the motta one in stock, so bought that one. thanks though
  17. mine hasnt arrived yet, but i bought a bean last week thats dreadful for espresso. was completely misled by the shop i bought it for. its mega sour and grim as an espresso but great as a v60
  18. mine hasnt arrived yet, but when it does. how long should i leave it to rest before using? how should i be drinking it?
  19. @DavecUK does the acs minima do pre infusion etc? is it a better buy than the elizabeth? (ignore looks and just go off tech)
  20. its an absolutely stunning looking machine but i think id want the lever...
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