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  1. glad i got my order in last friday now
  2. that maybe an emergency method. will keep that in mind
  3. does anyone use a metal filter? im going away for 2.5 weeks and taking my aeropress with aergrind and not sure i can be bothered to take a load of filters on top of everything else but dont want to run out so contemplating a metal filter but there are so many to choose from. Any suggestions? is it a bad idea?
  4. going to buy from you how long does dispatch take? and how long is delivery currently?
  5. hey! do you know any good coffee shops/roasters in the costa blanca region?
  6. pineapple candy it is then, sounds amazing. might downgrade to 500g though having redone my maths on my needs
  7. 20min brew time? i know it wont get me as clean a cup as v60 but i dont want to travel with a v60 (may try to pick one up when im away to keep out there)
  8. thats twice the price of the coffee compass' mystery coffee which i was eyeing up. so your recommendation has definitely moved it back to the top it says its good for v60/chemex but in the short term my main brewing method is going to be aeropress as its what i travel with will i get the goodness out of it with an aeropress?
  9. Hi I'm after something interesting to drink from my aeropress (and/or v60) i tend to have 2 beans in at a time, one for these two methods and one for espresso so if you have anything interesting for aeropress/v60 i am all ears. looking to buy about 750g-1kg as i'm going away for 2.5 weeks next week so want to take 500g with me but need some for home use... i look forward to your suggestions
  10. Anyone got a recommended turning amount for aeropress and/or v60 on an aergrind? If I have one I can work out where the other one should be ha
  11. mine didnt have a zero point of 1... should it?
  12. mine came today, now to work out the best settings. they are different depending on what you read... but the fines i got out at the wrong setting were stunning. probably espresso standard. so ive gone 1 full rotation more for the aeropress i bought it for
  13. we're on a slight royal mail delay down here, parcel that was meant to come yesterday only came today. so i would expect it in the next few days (But will go and check the post in a min...)
  14. ha im also in the exact same boat but with an aergrind, still waiting. Nicd has reassured me it shouldnt be too much longer, maybe
  15. the rapha shop is open and they serve good coffee. https://www.rapha.cc/gb/en/clubhouses/londonspitalfields
  16. im not old... but is it one of these: https://www.toolstation.com/brother-pte110-handheld-label-printer/p56706
  17. The video makes more sense than the photos. That is amazingly cool!
  18. https://www.yankodesign.com/2020/06/18/starbucks-redesigns-their-espresso-machines-to-use-gravity-for-a-smoother-coffee/ I can't understand this. Ignore its from Starbucks but just look at it
  19. great service. all sorted.
  20. i was holding off starting this thread... When i bought my specialita from them last month the service was quick and simple. but you dont really find out what a company is like until you have a problem. sadly i seem to have got the one in a million specialita that has a problem and Sarah has been exemplary in dealing with it. New one on its way and will be swapped over by DPD tomorrow. So at the moment i'm very happy as long as it goes without a hitch. And Sarah has offered me a gift as an apology. So at the moment I second what you say, brilliant company and very nice
  21. i was tempted by one of those, but it looks HUGE...
  22. indeed. story of my life that
  23. 30 days 😃 and my googling shows it must be a one off as i literally cant find anyone else with an issue. coff-hey have been amazing, they are sending me a replacement this week and picking up the old one at the same time.
  24. It is not working as intended. I will call the retailer tomorrow
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