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  1. thanks everyone, lots of useful info there! keep it coming
  2. bianca 😃 (just seen your update, thanks!) oh ok, so i'll use the paddle. any advice on that?
  3. so i want to start playing with preinfusion. but have some questions: 1. 5 seconds on 2 seconds off is what i set it up to originally. do i then expect my shot to take an extra 7 seconds? 2. how do i decide on the preinfusion times? 3. should i be grinding even finer?
  4. its on a tp-link wifi plug to come on in the morning and to go off at night (if i forget) but i'll leave it on all day and make coffee as and when as i work from home now. so knowing it comes back up to temp in 5-10mins is great!
  5. when lockdown lifts we'll need to go for a flat essex ride followed by geeking out over my coffee machine
  6. had my first milk drink from it just now, and wow. even with a severe lack of milk skills it was a substantial step up from what my old silvia could produce. the sweetness in the milk blew me away! i promised my gf cafe standard drinks from this machine and i cant see it letting me down im going to use standby mode to save electric (and the steam boiler off), how long does it take to come back to temp from standby?
  7. they are as good as everyone says, use them. everyone. use them.
  8. So beginning of lockdown 1 i had a rancilio silvia and a gaggia mdf.... end of lockdown 1 i had a rancilio silvia and a eureka specialita beginning of lockdown 2 and bella barista have just delivered a lelit bianca. its gorgeous. cant wait to brew.
  9. Had a dispatch notice only an hour after purchase. I'm excited.
  10. How quickly are they despatching? If I'm buying a new machine I'd be disappointed if it was a 10 day turn around... Anyone bought a new espresso machine recently? How quickly was delivery?
  11. I sent my payment early but never heard back, I hope you counted it...
  12. i had a similar discussion with myself during the first lockdown, the immediacy of availability of the specialita and the fact that i am happy to hand grind for the odd filter that i drink won it for me. the price of specialita + aergrind was probably around the same as the niche, but i can now take the aergrind with me when i go away.
  13. i havent done a test, im in london so it will be hard. my kettle doesnt limescale up though which sort of shows this device is working
  14. The never ending question, but with a twist! I have a caltronic installed in my flat: https://www.calmagltd.com/our-domestic-products/scale-inhibitors/caltronic-electronic-scale-inhibitor/ So i would guess my machines are safe to be just used with tap water?
  15. does it work on anything else?
  16. spasypaddy

    Black Friday

    Do we think there will be any black friday deals out for machines?
  17. i originally wanted a marax, then a minima and now the bianca. i know i will want to add the pressure profile paddle that the bianca comes with so im kind of of the mindset to just get it all in one go. if only the marax came with the LCC and it would be a much simpler choice for me. £1800 is a lot of money...
  18. ive pretty much decided on a lelit bianca but will watch this thread with great curiosity to see if anyone has any other ideas at this price
  19. now realising how big these are... does anyone have their machine with side mounted tank? if you do can you measure how far from the back it sits? (ie the gap between it and the back of the machine)
  20. no, ideas and help to others is not allowed on this forum.
  21. it operates all the time thank you and in my eyes is incredibly simple. and im now going to go drink some instant coffee as thats much simpler to make than espresso. sorry for bringing a small home diy project to the forum. Admins can you please delete this thread as DDoe has decided it isnt suitable and instead should keep my ideas that may help others who are interested away from the public view
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