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  1. can i ask why you wouldnt have the machines on the outside of the unit with the cleaning/grinding section in the middle shared between the two machines. To me it makes more sense from a people workflow, now if 2 people are making coffee there is a risk that person at DE1 turns around and into someone crossing over the back of them
  2. i've had another look and accepted those that look like 'real' people to me, if ive missed you then sorry. DM me your real name if thats the case
  3. i believe i have now. market used to be on my street so im glad its moved. the best coffee i've found is in alicante city https://madnesscoffee.com/
  4. OK, that's fine. Read their brexit help page and have now ordered! Thanks for the help
  5. Does this matter? Isn't that coming from Europe and then have high import charges?
  6. Correct. I have a flat in torrevieja 👍 Still to find good coffee or even beans out there. Any ideas?
  7. Thank you. Think I want to try chemex the way it's meant. So will hunt down some proper papers and a chemex itself.
  8. And does that matter?
  9. What's the difference between using v60 filters and chemex filters? Looking to get a chemex soon and filters seem hard to come by
  10. just seen a different thread where others use other papers... so perhaps i'll go over there and see what others are saying! Thanks though
  11. I fancy start giving a chemex a go (also its very pretty) but i cant find any papers in stock anywhere for a 6 cupper. help?
  12. currently got 6... (5 in the uk, 1 in spain) hardest part is picking the pics as i have so many pics Look 795 Light RS with eTap and Enve 6.7 Onza jackpot on the south downs way BMC TM01 di2 in Regents Park Kinesis 4S Disc (has barely left the turbo in the last 9months) but winter/commuter now has mudguards Bowman Palace:R that lives in spain and i have a fixie but dont have a photo of it. i should change that next time i use it
  13. its the size of the black mirrors thats off putting. otherwise yes they are perfect
  14. as i keep saying the perfect scale doesnt exist. but the amazon one is as close to perfection as you will get right now. the perfect scale is the size and shape of the felicita arc, has no connectivity to go wrong, and is under £50.
  15. pressure went silly again today so i rang BB, great service over the phone. reassured me its 'ok' but needs a sensor change which they will do when i take it up in january. great service.
  16. Got a huge buzz when i finally got something that's meant to look like i wanted it to! So proud of this ha
  17. that sounds like you're grinding too fine to me.
  18. i like their cafe in whalthamstow. had coffee there a few times, and bought my scales from them. but cant comment on their subscription service
  19. bella barista said the same when i spoke to them before buying my bianca.
  20. comes in at £2141 on Bella Barista... if you can stretch to that you'll love it! Its what i've got and i cannot fault it for a second. its also enough to last for ever (until something shinier takes your fancy!) comes with: tamper, towel, bottomless PF etc
  21. lelit bianca and eureka specialita would be my recommendation, not hugely over budget... slightly... but not hugely
  22. hi, i'll take the group head cleaner for £10 if still available. i go and watch barnet at the hive so can collect if that works for you?
  23. the steam was mega powerful. how do i know if the safety valve didnt go? i'm making latte this morning so we will see what happens today... but will call BB later if i still see issues
  24. erm, i dont know. i turn the steam boiler on when im making milk drinks (once a day) and its normally off and just the brew boiler is on. @DavecUK 3 weeks old from bella barista. so yes under warranty. it was WAY over. It was down at the 12 on the brew boiler scale. What safety release? Coffee was made about 45mins ago and the e61 is ridiculously hot now, probably hotter than ive ever felt before.
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