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  1. i'm looking for something that can weigh coffee in a portafilter but can also fit under the portafilter on my rancilio silvia. are those brifti linked ones suitable? and if it has a timer as well then bingo bango. dont want to spend a fortune,
  2. That was my reckoning but someone else where said it was a bit more versatile. Any truth in this?
  3. ha i have considered that stepless mod but sometimes its just time for a change! why is noone recommending the perfetto? what is the difference between the specialite and the perfetto (apart from a coloured knob (childish lol)) ?
  4. great advice, the budget was what i thought was reasonable based on 2nd hand market but having done more research and from advice in a few different places the budget is flexible if i think its worth it but i wouldnt spend if i didnt. If i'm spending £300 i'll be annoyed with myself if i dont get the next one up with the slightly bigger burrs and the electronic counter etc as i'll be sat here wondering if my coffee could be better as a result of the bigger burrs. its more than i wanted to spend but its not going to break the bank for me fortunately. if i get 4 or 5 years out of it which i have
  5. thanks, i'll have a look. honest opinion if i get the silencio am i going to be forever regretting not getting the specialita?
  6. yeah my research has pushed me towards the specialita, but its a more of a stretch than i was willing to do... will need to think i found a cimbali magnum on ebay that i can afford but i think its too big and too commercial driven for a home worktop.
  7. the rocky is an obvious choice as i have a Silvia so it will match (and my lack of knowledge leads me to jump on the same brand as my machine). But yeah i wasnt sure how much of a step up it was which was why i didnt jump on it. Anyone got any thoughts on this? Is that Eureka any good? it was something i'd also spotted. But the variety on the Eureka grinders is confusing me
  8. thanks guys, the niche however lovely it looks is way too far of a stretch. i feel like im currently wasting beans to some extent with the mdf for espresso. sometimes it comes out great, sometimes it doesnt, and thats without any changes to the beans etc
  9. Sadly I'm not and thanks to boris this evening I won't be driving to Wales this week which I had anticipated to do so. I've had my mdf probably 5 years and it was 2nd hand when I got it. It's been a brilliant machine but I've got itchy upgradeitis...
  10. Hi I've got an MDF and i think its time whilst im no longer leaving the house to upgrade it (month end if money allows). What would you buy can i upgrade at about £200 maybe stretch it slightly? I'll keep my eye on the 2nd hand market as well... i should say i want it for espresso. i use hand grinders for grinding for aeropress (porlex mini) or v60 (hario mini mill) thanks
  11. hi im tempted by one of these do you build them to specific grinders and baskets? i have a gaggia mdf and a rancillio silvia
  12. thanks for the reply. will i get better coffee?
  13. we drink filtered in the office. had 3 mugs today...
  14. went yesterday for the first time thought it was great. drank so much coffee!! probably 10 or so espressos... bought some lovely beans and am now really tempted to upgrade my machine to something better as a result of seeing all the shiny stuff on show
  15. spasypaddy


    New to the forum, not new to coffee.... I have: v60 stove top caffetierre gaggia colour gaggia MDF Hand grinder Considering replacing the gaggia colour, hence im here!
  16. I have a gaggia colour, i bought it 2nd hand for £30 about 2 years ago. I am now considering replacing it with something better. How much difference will i notice between the colour and a classic? or even something like a silvia?
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