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  1. 24 minutes ago, MediumRoastSteam said:

    Forget that nonsense.... Imagine a scale UNDER the drip tray... i.e.: that weighs the drip tray... You just press a button on the side of the machine to tare it? and then, it tells you via a display mounted near the button the weight and timer, or, if you are not fussed about the timer, just a meaningful beep when you should stop the shot - because it reached your pre-programmed targeted weight. 

    That's what I have in mind. One day I'll get around to do it. 🙂 

    yeah but then you need to make one for every different shape of drip tray, so smaller market base

  2. after 2 emails, a moan on twitter and then facebook i finally got a response. they have now decided a supplier let them down and i had the option of a refund or waiting for them to decide when the items would eventually come in. so i took that (also opened a paypal dispute as i dont trust them) and went and bought the items i wanted direct from the suppliers which has cost me more but at least i feel more comfortable now.


    i believe since i did all of this they have issued my refund so i will be closing the dispute.


    if they say its in stock, its not, it might be in stock with their supplier but they wont check until youve ordered and at that point youre lucky if you get your items. but at least ive got my refund pending.

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  3. 10 hours ago, Rapid said:

    I was going to leave it at that but.....as you guys seem to be struggling:

    It seems time to name and shame these cowboys as coffee-box. Full Story:



    I should tag @Blue_Cafefor the big reveal! 

    It took almost 2 weeks to get my grinder. Extremely poor. After questioning them on the stock situation, it turned out that it wasn't a fault on their system but a conscious decision to advertise things as in stock when they weren't, due to 'usually being able to get them in quickly'. After further complaining, they did eventually show my grinder as out of stock (about a week after I ordered....). It seems old habits die hard. 

    oh i wish you'd posted that before i ordered... i wouldnt have given them the time of day.

    too late now.

    i only ordered a couple of loveramic cups and a nice milk pitcher. and i only used them as they had all of everything in stock (from your story i now know why...) which meant free delivery and stuff only coming from one place.


    12 minutes ago, Geordie888 said:

    I ordered my Comandante on Sunday and then read the reviews. I expected issues, but it arrived Tuesday. Comms weren't great at all. But I did get it and it was well packaged. 

    Did you get a dispatch notice?

  4. 23 minutes ago, DavecUK said:

    @spasypaddyThe Bianca doesn't deal with water the same way as it has a rotary pump. If you have water pissing out of the vent above the drip tray during a shot, then something isn't adjusted correctly. The rotary pumps recycle excess water around what is called a balanced bypass system...basically the excess output is routed back to the input of the pump, via an internal channel/spring, valve system.

    After the shot the small amount of water that comes out of that fitting on the front panel is due to water expansion in the brew boiler as it heats the incoming cold water.

    so there isnt a huge amount of waste then? i dont have the pissing thing you talk about, just a dump of water at the end of a shot. so im glad im not wasting more water than necessary! Thanks

  5. On 07/11/2020 at 19:02, DavecUK said:

    I'm speechless.....

    ive gone one step further... i have a smart kettle...



    i bought a cheap plug last week to measure output, but it wont connect with smartthings so needs to go back. if it doesnt go into smartthings it doesnt stay on my network (kettle withstanding).

    my latest idea which i stole from somewhere else is to have an energy monitoring plug on our washing machine so when its finished alexa announces that the washing is done.

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  6. 6 minutes ago, CocoLoco said:

    Is there much of a difference?

    What's the difference between the linked one and say something like this? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Anpro-Stainless-Pitcher-Frothing-Cappuccino/dp/B0756SB5WG/ref=sr_1_6?dchild=1&keywords=35cl+milk+pitcher&qid=1604756252&sr=8-6


    have no idea. hence the thread ha!


    i only have giant ones which isnt very practical so i need to buy a smaller one anyway so thought id ask the question before i buy one based on how nice i think it looks

  7. hi

    looking at improving my milk game now i have a machine that is amazing at steaming milk. so need to upgrade my milk pitcher to help with this.

    anyone used a barista & co pitcher? 

    trying to decide if the dial in pitcher as linked here: https://baristaandco.com/collections/coffee-milk-frothing-jugs-and-pitchers/products/dial-in-milk-pitcher-black-pearl-420ml 

    is worth the extra few quid over the more basic model?

    Also sizing down to a 35cl pitcher will make it easier for me as i wont need to load up so much milk to steam.

  8. 2 minutes ago, MediumRoastSteam said:

    Which machine?

    bianca 😃 (just seen your update, thanks!)


    1 minute ago, Mrboots2u said:

    The more you pre infuse the quicker the resulting extraction will run 

    I dont use the pre preogrmmaed pre infusion on the Bianca , you will get more benefit from going manual and using the paddle manually. 

    Why are you doing 2 seconds off, won’t really have any effect in my opinion . 

    Some will pre infuse until first drop appear for instance .


    oh ok, so i'll use the paddle. any advice on that?

  9. so i want to start playing with preinfusion. but have some questions:

    1. 5 seconds on 2 seconds off is what i set it up to originally. do i then expect my shot to take an extra 7 seconds?

    2. how do i decide on the preinfusion times?

    3. should i be grinding even finer?

  10. 7 minutes ago, KingoftheHeath said:

    Very quick. Espresso is ready by the time you've done your prep, milk will need 5 minutes. Optimum temp for espresso might mean giving it a bit longer, which I usually do - using timer plug app if needed (I use Meross)

    its on a tp-link wifi plug to come on in the morning and to go off at night (if i forget) but i'll leave it on all day and make coffee as and when as i work from home now. so knowing it comes back up to temp in 5-10mins is great!

  11. 3 hours ago, AJP80 said:

    Looks fantastic, fella. V. jealous. Lots of new arrivals!

    sadly, for lockdown 2, I invested in a turbo trainer, so no new shiny coffee equipment for me for some time.

    when lockdown lifts we'll need to go for a flat essex ride followed by geeking out over my coffee machine :)

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