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  1. On 19/02/2021 at 13:40, Kjk said:

    I ordered in December and it got lost in the post so they sent me another one. I see they’re off sale on Etsy. I also made the suggestion they get some espresso machine friendly cups, can’t fit my mug under the group head!

    so this isnt the rapha stuff?

  2. On 29/01/2021 at 15:11, Kjk said:

    My custom Trek Emonda ALR from Sigma Sports - took advantage of the change to cycle to work rules to allow frame sets - shame I haven’t had the chance to ride it all that much.  Next step is a new turbo trainer as the old TacX Blu doesn’t readily accept thru-axle.  I’m liking the look of the Neo 2T because you don’t need to plug it in.  Any recommendations?


    i use a saris h3, very happy with it. tacx neo 2t is the gold standard though isnt it. however i'd be tempted if spending that much (i got the saris on a huge deal!) to get a watt bike atom instead of the neo 2t

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  3. 7 minutes ago, Fleckers said:

    Upto 2.5k including a grinder. 

    My concern is more of over killing it when it’ll get such little use in the week. 
    When folk go out to work in week how does anyone make use of their machines? (Warm up on timer and slickly make take away latte for daily commute)
    Was told Exchange boiler would be best suited with fresh water to group head rather than stored water in dual boiler?? 
    At weekends will be different story with Lots of time to enjoy tinkering with group head variable flow so not sure which boiler type would work best👍

    go out to work!? what is this magic going out thing you discuss.


    personally, before i was locked to my desk in my house i used to have my machine wake up and be hot before i was out of bed so i could make espresso before work. was the way i started the day (and still do!). A good machine will only take you as long as you want it to take to make a perfect drink. I think if i was to have a milk drink in a keepcup to take with me it would take about 5mins in total. Which is about the same amount of time to boil the kettle, brew a tea bag, etc etc

  4. 4 hours ago, decent_espresso said:


    A coffee cart for the office

    We've built a two-DE1 IKEA coffee stand for staff use. There are about 30 people here, making coffee in their-own-preferred way.

    The image above is the sign I posted above the cart, for my staff to read (and hopefully, follow),

    Previously, we used a large bamboo IKEA table, that let us get away with being messy.  However, that bamboo table isn't anything I'd recommend to our clients, as it was a huge pain in the neck to cut out (due to strengthening cross ribs) and to clean.

    The two-DE1 stand is something I developed for tight-on-space coffee carts, as it does give you steam-during brew, or the ability to make two coffees at once.  

    But, space is tight, so you have to be disciplined about what you have on the table top, and to have a workflow which manages to work efficiently in a tight space.  

    I've got my preferred workflow, which is circular: grind->WDT->tamp->mount portafilter->make espresso->steam milk->pour->serve cup on right->knock out spent puck->rinse portafilter in pitcher rinser->dry basket->grind

    Notably, this workflow requires you to be partially ambidextrous, but the benefit is that there is no passing objects between your hands.  It's quite efficient.

    I've made the poster above and over the next few weeks I'll be observing how well this works at Decent, with a group of people who are decidedly not baristas (they build our espresso machines).

    And I've love to hear your feedback on any experience you've had in trying to get your coworkers to maintain a coffee-making area, and to follow a demonstrably-workable way of making drinks.

    Note that this cart is completely self-sufficient, with clean and dirty water handled on the cart.  It's also heavy-load, with those water containers not needing emptying (or filling) often at all.  This is my first time splitting clean water into "espresso water" and "pitcher rinser water" so as to economize.



    can i ask why you wouldnt have the machines on the outside of the unit with the cleaning/grinding section in the middle shared between the two machines. To me it makes more sense from a people workflow, now if 2 people are making coffee there is a risk that person at DE1 turns around and into someone crossing over the back of them

  5. 13 hours ago, Al Grandé said:

    Sorry I'm not showing Coffee Forums uk club, in my clubs on strava, still says request send...

    Thanks for the madness tip, I'd probably have to do mail order as never been to Alicante.

    i've had another look and accepted those that look like 'real' people to me, if ive missed you then sorry. DM me your real name if thats the case

  6. 19 hours ago, Al Grandé said:

    Can you accept my strava request please

    i believe i have now.


    19 hours ago, Al Grandé said:

    They have a good market there on a Friday. We are further south, 15minutes from the new airport.

    Sorry, can't help regards good coffee, don't think I've had a bad café con leché, not even looked for coffee beans here, but my coffee journey hasn't started...yet,  once I do, suppose they will all be rubbish drinks...!!!

    market used to be on my street so im glad its moved.

    the best coffee i've found is in alicante city https://madnesscoffee.com/ 

  7. 1 hour ago, MWJB said:

    Less likely to sag into the spout with a lot of water in the brewer. Chopstick, or a straw down the spout with V60 papers can stop stalling & very large slurries can still stall with Chemex papers.

    More texture to brews with Chemex paper.

    Ultimately, it doesn't 'matter' as you brew accordingly, more a question of preference.

    Thank you. Think I want to try chemex the way it's meant. So will hunt down some proper papers and a chemex itself. 

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