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  1. 12 hours ago, Sibling Chris said:

    I’ve actually been a bit reticent with the smart plug thing. Concerned a little in terms of security and not knowing where in the cloud my settings and details are going. I’m generally not a Luddite but I am a bit risk averse I would say. So I ordered a digital timer instead, overall much bigger but slimmer than the vast majority of smart plugs so for me that helps. Will see how,I get on with it, can always return via Amazon easily enough if it doesn’t pan out 🙂

    if youre worried about that get a big brand one like the tp-link

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  2. 7 hours ago, decent_espresso said:

    I always schedule these Challenges on Friday, so I can pour all the drinks I made into a Thermos, and drink them at home, during the weekend.  Until last week, I've been living in a 1 room flat with no space for a DE1 (no kitchen, actually) but just moved into a larger space last week, and getting a DE1 in the flat as soon as my Niche shows up.

    im pleased it didnt go to waste, but sad you didnt just stand there and drink them all and then not sleep for a week 😃

  3. On 19/02/2021 at 13:40, Kjk said:

    I ordered in December and it got lost in the post so they sent me another one. I see they’re off sale on Etsy. I also made the suggestion they get some espresso machine friendly cups, can’t fit my mug under the group head!

    so this isnt the rapha stuff?

  4. On 29/01/2021 at 15:11, Kjk said:

    My custom Trek Emonda ALR from Sigma Sports - took advantage of the change to cycle to work rules to allow frame sets - shame I haven’t had the chance to ride it all that much.  Next step is a new turbo trainer as the old TacX Blu doesn’t readily accept thru-axle.  I’m liking the look of the Neo 2T because you don’t need to plug it in.  Any recommendations?


    i use a saris h3, very happy with it. tacx neo 2t is the gold standard though isnt it. however i'd be tempted if spending that much (i got the saris on a huge deal!) to get a watt bike atom instead of the neo 2t

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  5. 7 minutes ago, Fleckers said:

    Upto 2.5k including a grinder. 

    My concern is more of over killing it when it’ll get such little use in the week. 
    When folk go out to work in week how does anyone make use of their machines? (Warm up on timer and slickly make take away latte for daily commute)
    Was told Exchange boiler would be best suited with fresh water to group head rather than stored water in dual boiler?? 
    At weekends will be different story with Lots of time to enjoy tinkering with group head variable flow so not sure which boiler type would work best👍

    go out to work!? what is this magic going out thing you discuss.


    personally, before i was locked to my desk in my house i used to have my machine wake up and be hot before i was out of bed so i could make espresso before work. was the way i started the day (and still do!). A good machine will only take you as long as you want it to take to make a perfect drink. I think if i was to have a milk drink in a keepcup to take with me it would take about 5mins in total. Which is about the same amount of time to boil the kettle, brew a tea bag, etc etc

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