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  1. sounds like you had the same issue that i did. i was getting banging coffee out of my specialita, then read a post on here about aligning the burrs, so went and realigned which in hindsight was pointless as it was working. it took me ages to get it back together and have the correct grind setting and it would fluctuate badly. it took me ages to get it to go stable again
  2. is this going to be suitable for all coffee types? would be tempted at the right price to sell my specialita and get this as a replacement.
  3. your wife is not wrong, you have made a mess. but delicious mess is worth it!
  4. thats fine, do you know where you got the single dose mod from? might investigate buying one direct
  5. would you sell the single dosing mod separately?
  6. if youre worried about that get a big brand one like the tp-link
  7. just plug espresso machine in boot, have espresso on tap to get you home? good luck with sale!
  8. im pleased it didnt go to waste, but sad you didnt just stand there and drink them all and then not sleep for a week 😃
  9. so what did you do with the 17 shots??
  10. so this isnt the rapha stuff?
  11. thought that was just on preorder at the moment?
  12. and then you read stuff like this https://www.epicroadrides.com/cycling-spain/almeria/alto-de-velefique-tabernas/
  13. i plan to be out there, day in the mountains for stage 7 and then sit outside my flat for stage 8
  14. which is where stage 8 of this years la vuelta is going
  15. thats kind of what i was expecting, a full charge. come up to room temp. let them settle etc and hopefully they do the same for me
  16. arrived this morning, thanks @BlackCatCoffee Used them to make a chemex and i see drift, finished pouring at 500ml by the time i got round to pouring id watched it lose 6g without me touching it. Anyone seen this?
  17. ah ignore my DM then! I didnt order coffee as i've already got too much to drink Thanks!
  18. just had af acebook ad that these are now in stock at sigma coffee uk. never heard of them. i'll wait for @BlackCatCoffee to get them
  19. i use a saris h3, very happy with it. tacx neo 2t is the gold standard though isnt it. however i'd be tempted if spending that much (i got the saris on a huge deal!) to get a watt bike atom instead of the neo 2t
  20. go out to work!? what is this magic going out thing you discuss. personally, before i was locked to my desk in my house i used to have my machine wake up and be hot before i was out of bed so i could make espresso before work. was the way i started the day (and still do!). A good machine will only take you as long as you want it to take to make a perfect drink. I think if i was to have a milk drink in a keepcup to take with me it would take about 5mins in total. Which is about the same amount of time to boil the kettle, brew a tea bag, etc etc
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