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  1. thought that was just on preorder at the moment?
  2. and then you read stuff like this https://www.epicroadrides.com/cycling-spain/almeria/alto-de-velefique-tabernas/
  3. i plan to be out there, day in the mountains for stage 7 and then sit outside my flat for stage 8
  4. which is where stage 8 of this years la vuelta is going
  5. thats kind of what i was expecting, a full charge. come up to room temp. let them settle etc and hopefully they do the same for me
  6. arrived this morning, thanks @BlackCatCoffee Used them to make a chemex and i see drift, finished pouring at 500ml by the time i got round to pouring id watched it lose 6g without me touching it. Anyone seen this?
  7. ah ignore my DM then! I didnt order coffee as i've already got too much to drink Thanks!
  8. just had af acebook ad that these are now in stock at sigma coffee uk. never heard of them. i'll wait for @BlackCatCoffee to get them
  9. i use a saris h3, very happy with it. tacx neo 2t is the gold standard though isnt it. however i'd be tempted if spending that much (i got the saris on a huge deal!) to get a watt bike atom instead of the neo 2t
  10. go out to work!? what is this magic going out thing you discuss. personally, before i was locked to my desk in my house i used to have my machine wake up and be hot before i was out of bed so i could make espresso before work. was the way i started the day (and still do!). A good machine will only take you as long as you want it to take to make a perfect drink. I think if i was to have a milk drink in a keepcup to take with me it would take about 5mins in total. Which is about the same amount of time to boil the kettle, brew a tea bag, etc etc
  11. can i ask why you wouldnt have the machines on the outside of the unit with the cleaning/grinding section in the middle shared between the two machines. To me it makes more sense from a people workflow, now if 2 people are making coffee there is a risk that person at DE1 turns around and into someone crossing over the back of them
  12. i've had another look and accepted those that look like 'real' people to me, if ive missed you then sorry. DM me your real name if thats the case
  13. i believe i have now. market used to be on my street so im glad its moved. the best coffee i've found is in alicante city https://madnesscoffee.com/
  14. OK, that's fine. Read their brexit help page and have now ordered! Thanks for the help
  15. Does this matter? Isn't that coming from Europe and then have high import charges?
  16. Correct. I have a flat in torrevieja 👍 Still to find good coffee or even beans out there. Any ideas?
  17. Thank you. Think I want to try chemex the way it's meant. So will hunt down some proper papers and a chemex itself.
  18. And does that matter?
  19. What's the difference between using v60 filters and chemex filters? Looking to get a chemex soon and filters seem hard to come by
  20. just seen a different thread where others use other papers... so perhaps i'll go over there and see what others are saying! Thanks though
  21. I fancy start giving a chemex a go (also its very pretty) but i cant find any papers in stock anywhere for a 6 cupper. help?
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