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  1. spasypaddy

    Black Friday

    anyone seen a deal on the felicita arc?
  2. yeah but then you need to make one for every different shape of drip tray, so smaller market base
  3. anyone want to start a scale business? 😂 13-14cm wide 10.5cm deep 1.5cm tall no fancy bluetooth. just waterproof, usb charging (preferably c), fast response time, and a timer. £40-50 price tag
  4. why does noone (and if they do, who?) make a scale the shape of the felicita arc without the unnecessary smart stuff? long enough to take 2 cups, and narrow enough to fit on a drip tray.
  5. some expensive espresso scales as i cant fit two cups on mine or a nice chemex (If i can convince my gf to drink filter/pourover)
  6. after 2 emails, a moan on twitter and then facebook i finally got a response. they have now decided a supplier let them down and i had the option of a refund or waiting for them to decide when the items would eventually come in. so i took that (also opened a paypal dispute as i dont trust them) and went and bought the items i wanted direct from the suppliers which has cost me more but at least i feel more comfortable now. i believe since i did all of this they have issued my refund so i will be closing the dispute. if they say its in stock, its not, it might be in stock
  7. i've got a 2010 rancilio silvia im about to start listing in places. (facebook, ebay etc) will get it on here later over the weekend possibly
  8. oh i wish you'd posted that before i ordered... i wouldnt have given them the time of day. too late now. i only ordered a couple of loveramic cups and a nice milk pitcher. and i only used them as they had all of everything in stock (from your story i now know why...) which meant free delivery and stuff only coming from one place. Did you get a dispatch notice?
  9. Order placed 3 days ago. No movement. No response to email or twitter comms. Not impressed so far.
  10. so there isnt a huge amount of waste then? i dont have the pissing thing you talk about, just a dump of water at the end of a shot. so im glad im not wasting more water than necessary! Thanks
  11. 2 questions: 1. is it essentially rerouting the water back into the boiler? 2. is there any reason this couldnt be done on a bianca? probably one more for @DavecUK but if so this is huge for all lelit e61 machines. thank you for the guide, i hope i can use it on my bianca as wasting water is irritating!
  12. something like this https://www.amazon.co.uk/Assorted-Heavy-Duty-Felt-Pads/dp/B002JEFHIU/ref=sr_1_5?dchild=1&keywords=felt+pad&qid=1605110331&refinements=p_76%3A419158031&rnid=419157031&rps=1&s=kitchen&sr=1-5
  13. how do i slide it on the counter to refill? its HEAVY...
  14. ive gone one step further... i have a smart kettle... https://www.myappkettle.com/product-page/appkettle i bought a cheap plug last week to measure output, but it wont connect with smartthings so needs to go back. if it doesnt go into smartthings it doesnt stay on my network (kettle withstanding). my latest idea which i stole from somewhere else is to have an energy monitoring plug on our washing machine so when its finished alexa announces that the washing is done.
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