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  1. 1. dfk ACS Vesuvius Evo Leva 2. spasypaddy Lelit Bianca
  2. whats the logic behind refreshing the boiler water every month?
  3. you might want to move away from a classic e61 grouphead to reduce maintenance, but i'd recommend getting a proper machine over a robot. From the youtubes ive watched although a completely manual lever will be fun, i can imagine it will end up being a lot of hard work when making lots of drinks. so perhaps look at the lelit elizabeth
  4. yeah no problem. i have had this printed now and its very good https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4819617
  5. i ended up asking a mate who works in engineering and has access to a 3d printer to do it for me very happy with the results.
  6. i also have the 3d printed tool, but the one from this video. i'll keep an eye on what goes on with my shots
  7. well if WDT has cleaned up my puck prep (which was ok before) then it could be a direct result of that. After WDTing the grinds looked so much fluffier than before, and the flow out of the bottomless was definitely better and cleaner than before you may well be right, but having come from finger distribution to using a WDT im hoping it allows some more consistency in my brewing
  8. So just got my 3d printed WDT tool and i used the same beans ive been using for a while now and the shot ran very very quickly. so do i need to grind finer when im using a WDT?
  9. i really like a v60 brewed over ice
  10. hi, do we know when this is going to be available? very excited but also running low on beans
  11. hi i want to get a wdt tool 3d printed (i have the stl files) that has been made by John (Chill'd) for the Espresso Aficionados Discord as found here But where can I get it printed without it costing me over £30. Print cost is about a fiver but the total cost with spin up etc comes in at £30 on average. Does anyone have a cheap service? Thanks
  12. amazing, i assumed this was for loose leaf stuff
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