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  1. Thanks just done mine this evening Looks like chrisd2684 Is next on the list. Can you pm me your address please
  2. Hi Can I add myself to the list as well 1. Simon.tc 2. wilton 3. Beanbrain 4. Kwack Hi guys - can I add my name to the list please?
  3. Hi I pulled apart the boiler and gave it a good clean along with the solenoid valve and opv I also pulled apart the opv completely. I am wondering whether when I pulled the opv apart I didn't screw it back in again to the correct number of turns If there is a loan gauge I could borrow would be great rather than guessing Cheers Kwack
  4. Hi Will the Motta one fit a gaggia classic basket do you know?
  5. Agree but 2kg of beans gonna last a while when only one of you drinks coffee
  6. When I spoke to a local roaster (Viento) he said to never put beans in fridge or freezer. Cant remember why I am looking to purchase a fair few beans from Rave shortly to taker advantage of free postage, but I reckon that will provide me with about 3-4 months worth!! Do I need to come up with a better way of storing other than leaving in the bags they come in?
  7. I dont think I will be buying £100+ scales anytime soon!!
  8. Not sure whether allowed to post Ebay links but something like this OK? and fit under the PF http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Electronic-Digital-Scales-Mini-Pocket-Weight-Capacity-600g-Accurate-0-1g-Pop-Out-/172139212851?hash=item28144bf033:g:XZIAAOSwpIdW7TKE
  9. That's reassuring - I was worried that it didn't look like anything I had seen online where the coffee pours out a bit more flowing
  10. Cheap and cheerful really for me I want to be able to measure shot extraction Will look into the ones mentioned above. I suspect at the moment I am under extracting if my timings are anything to go by as I said it takes at least 10 secs to start coming out and then it's a dribble at best Just need to keep trying grind settings but this ain't half wasteful of beans Cheers Kwack
  11. So Recently purchased a 2nd hand gaggia classic and am reading up and trialling pulling double shots I have read that should aim for a 1:2 ratio so 15g in 30g out in approx 25-30 secs I have been using shot glasses that don't have markers on and guessing when 2oz comes up and then weighing this Would it be better having a set of scales underneath the shot glasses measuring the weight as it pours? If so what scales do people recommend? And is the 25 sec from when I hit the switch not when it starts to pour. This does take up to 10-15 secs sometimes before anythin
  12. Hi Phil, Sounds like a plan lets discuss details over PM Kwack
  13. Hi 140 posted as described with grinder as well and you got a deal Cheers Kwack
  14. Thanks for all the replies and tips. Having watched an online video on how to completely strip down a boiler I reckon this is something that I could do if need be - the hardest part would be the diagnosis of what the issue is - this is where this forum will be invaluable So on the hunt for a used machine now I also read a lot about an OPV mod - how essential is this? Thanks Kwack
  15. Looks a great machine. Will have a think as it is a little outside budget...and would need posting Thanks Kwack
  16. Thanks for the info In terms of machines could I use a non pressurised puck in my delonghi and would that give me a decent espresso vs a gaggia classic Cheers Kwack
  17. Hi, Is this still available? Might be interested with the Burr Grinder thrown in as well
  18. Hi, Might be interested in one of these - which one is still available?
  19. Brilliant advice - could be luck of the draw really then!!. I suppose you wont know what needs doing until you pull some shots and take it from there? I like the idea of being able to maintain yourself as well as these do not look too complicated to change parts on Thanks Kwack
  20. Brilliant- thanks for the advice - I have no problem stripping and replacing parts I suppose the diagnosis of the issue would be lacking on my part Thanks Kwack
  21. Hi, Been getting back into coffee recently and have decided to purchase a 2nd hand Classic rather than new to save a few pennies. There are plenty on Ebay etc around a £100 mark with varying Mfg dates. When I purchase one is there anything specific I should do straight away to ensure it all works fine, like a mini service or something, check temp etc? Cheers Kwack PS: I looked at the guides and they were great but some form of mini guide on what to do if you buy 2nd hand would be great
  22. Looking forward to buying a classic soon. probably 2nd hand. This is a great resource for us newbies
  23. That's great advice - many thanks. In terms of hand grinders what would be recommended or indeed even electric ones
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