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  1. Thanks just done mine this evening Looks like chrisd2684 Is next on the list. Can you pm me your address please
  2. Hi Can I add myself to the list as well 1. Simon.tc 2. wilton 3. Beanbrain 4. Kwack Hi guys - can I add my name to the list please?
  3. Hi I pulled apart the boiler and gave it a good clean along with the solenoid valve and opv I also pulled apart the opv completely. I am wondering whether when I pulled the opv apart I didn't screw it back in again to the correct number of turns If there is a loan gauge I could borrow would be great rather than guessing Cheers Kwack
  4. Hi Will the Motta one fit a gaggia classic basket do you know?
  5. Agree but 2kg of beans gonna last a while when only one of you drinks coffee
  6. When I spoke to a local roaster (Viento) he said to never put beans in fridge or freezer. Cant remember why I am looking to purchase a fair few beans from Rave shortly to taker advantage of free postage, but I reckon that will provide me with about 3-4 months worth!! Do I need to come up with a better way of storing other than leaving in the bags they come in?
  7. I dont think I will be buying £100+ scales anytime soon!!
  8. Not sure whether allowed to post Ebay links but something like this OK? and fit under the PF http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Electronic-Digital-Scales-Mini-Pocket-Weight-Capacity-600g-Accurate-0-1g-Pop-Out-/172139212851?hash=item28144bf033:g:XZIAAOSwpIdW7TKE
  9. That's reassuring - I was worried that it didn't look like anything I had seen online where the coffee pours out a bit more flowing
  10. Cheap and cheerful really for me I want to be able to measure shot extraction Will look into the ones mentioned above. I suspect at the moment I am under extracting if my timings are anything to go by as I said it takes at least 10 secs to start coming out and then it's a dribble at best Just need to keep trying grind settings but this ain't half wasteful of beans Cheers Kwack
  11. So Recently purchased a 2nd hand gaggia classic and am reading up and trialling pulling double shots I have read that should aim for a 1:2 ratio so 15g in 30g out in approx 25-30 secs I have been using shot glasses that don't have markers on and guessing when 2oz comes up and then weighing this Would it be better having a set of scales underneath the shot glasses measuring the weight as it pours? If so what scales do people recommend? And is the 25 sec from when I hit the switch not when it starts to pour. This does take up to 10-15 secs sometimes before anythin
  12. Hi Phil, Sounds like a plan lets discuss details over PM Kwack
  13. Hi 140 posted as described with grinder as well and you got a deal Cheers Kwack
  14. Thanks for all the replies and tips. Having watched an online video on how to completely strip down a boiler I reckon this is something that I could do if need be - the hardest part would be the diagnosis of what the issue is - this is where this forum will be invaluable So on the hunt for a used machine now I also read a lot about an OPV mod - how essential is this? Thanks Kwack
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