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  1. Yes, it's a much better seal than my cheap tamper I got off Amazon in a hurry as I didn't have one. It's also much heavier and a much nicer handle to hold which makes the whole tamping experience much nicer. New vs old.
  2. It will likely be one of these 3 things. Not enough coffee Grind needs to be finer Not tamped down enough How long does it take for a shot of Espresso from start to finish?
  3. I use the same grind size for my Aeropress as I do for my Espresso at home. Since moving to a much finer grind on the Aeropress i seem to be getting a better flavour. I use paper filters inside the metal filter which seems to.keep the coffee cleaner. I grind fresh daily for the Aeropress.
  4. When you turn the brew switch off, it should turn off the power to the pump. If it doesn’t there is something very wrong with the wiring inside your Gaggia, or the switch is not breaking the circuit.
  5. OK I'm no expert, but here's what I've learnt so far. Mine is an early model with no stat so I have to switch mine between low power and high power myself. Switch on and heat up until hot, on mine that's just when the pressure release starts getting really noisy. Purge off some steam. Lift lever to flush a little water through basket, only about 30g. Let it get up to pressure again and switch back to low power while I prepare puck. I use between 13g and 16g of coffee in the basket, depending on the coffee. I switch back to high power and let the pressure build up. Lift the lever up to the point just before water comes through, then attach the portafilter. Lift lever fully to let water fill the chamber. At this point I usually switch the power off. Once coffee is just starting to show through the bottom of the basket, usually 10 seconds or so I start to pull down gently, just as I hit pressure I lift the lever to refill the chamber, as soon as full I pull the whole shot in about 25 seconds. I usually get between 35 and 40g of espresso, what that is in ml I don't know, I varies depending on amount of crema. Enjoy it, they are great fun to use.
  6. Hi. I would like one of these in 49.5mm with the checkerboard handle please. I will send you a PM.
  7. I’m looking for a new Tamper for my La Pavoni, and think 49.6mm would be the ideal size. I am having problems finding one, and then finding one with a nice handle, with maybe some red colour in the handle. Does anyone have any recommendations of where I might find a decent tamper, or anyone who might make me one. Thanks.
  8. I’ll add myself to the list please. It’s time I got mine sorted. 1: MrLatte12: goodcoffeemadcity2: GrowlingDog
  9. Hi, welcome to the forum. Hide your credit card, it's an expensive place to hang around.
  10. I think you need to give us a little more info. What types of coffee do you make? It makes a big difference. I only drink Espresso and Americano so for me steaming milk is completely irrelevant. How many coffees do you make at a time and how many per day. How involved do you want to be. Do you want to just press a button and a coffee is produced, or do you want to spend time producing an excellent cup of coffee. The options are huge, from something like a Sage as you suggest, through to a seperate grinder and manual lever machine, but it depends largely on what you want to get out of it and how much use it will get.
  11. I'm largely in agreement with working dog, and I only know one side of the situation. However, it doesnt sound like a pleasant situation to be in, and realistically it's unlikely to improve. My advice would be to find another job.
  12. Hi, welcome to the forum. I'm not familiar with your coffee machine or grinder, and I rarely steam milk so I'm not really the best person to offer advice. I'm sure some people with more knowledge than me will be able to assist.
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