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  1. Hi welcome to the forum. Always good to have a proper introduction rather than the usual, "Hello I want to get a coffee machine, what's the best one to get?"
  2. So, your coffee is probably not fine enough which won’t help. single baskets are notoriously hard to use, you’d be better off using a double basket, at least until you are proficient. when the boiler is up to pressure the pressure release valve will be hissing well. I didn’t have a pressure gauge for months, I have one now but not really convinced it helps much. my process is. turn on boiler, turn on both switches which on mine turns in both elements. once hissing violently release some steam out if the steam wand until all air and water has come out and I get a nice steady stream of steam. lift lever and allow a bit of hot water to run through grouphead and empty basket, this helps warm everything up. switch off second switch, just leaving top switch on running one element. Remove portafilter, add coffee and tamp. replace portafilter and lift lever and hold at top until coffee starts dripping, usually about 10 seconds, then pull lever down with some weight on it, this usually takes 20 - 30 seconds. done.
  3. It sounds to me like you are not waiting for the machine to get up to steaming pressure before you start steaming the first lot of milk, so what you are getting is lots of hot water rather than steam.
  4. Assuming you want to sell proper coffee then you will almost certainly need a grinder,, plus various other bits of kit, milk jugs, tamper, knock box etc.. I would suggest you learn how to make coffee properly before trying to sell it, that will give you a good idea of what equipment you need.
  5. Sorry if some of these questions see obvious. I assume you are letting the boiler get fully up to pressure so there is plenty of water to fill the chamber when you lift the lever. How much coffee are you putting in the basket, in grams. Are you grinding the coffee yourself, or buying pre ground coffee? When this happens how much coffee are you ending up with in your cup, in grams. Are you able to do a video, that would help us see what is going on.
  6. I rubbed mine down with wire brush, wire wool, wet and dry etc.. to get a clean surface. I then coated all bare metal in Loctite Rust converter. I then spray painted with plastikote paint. I did a few coats and this does a really good job of smoothing out lumps and bumps. In my case none of the worst rust was really visible anyway, it was either under the drip tray or underneath, so there are a couple of areas underneath that aren’t a perfect finish, but they can’t be seen. Edit, sorry just re read your question and it says on the chrome, sorry, I can’t help there as my Chrome was in fairly good condition. I did polish it with Goddard silver polish, just because that’s what I had as I use it on my silver cornet.
  7. My dealings with theespressoshop have been really positive. I’ve only used them for parts but they were really helpful when I couldn’t work out which bits I wanted for my machine. They sent me all the correct size bits really quickly. With help from this forum and a bit of work and polishing you will end up with something wonderful. I still just want to look at mine and not get it dirty now it’s finished. It’s worth the effort. Looking forward to seeing yours when it’s finished, can’t beat a shiny La Pavoni, even my wife likes mine now.
  8. Yes, I agree with that. There is nothing complicated about these for an electrician. It’s two switches and two elements. worth asking a local appliance repair person as it will probably be much cheaper.
  9. GrowlingDog


    Wow, and that has been refurbed. What did they do, just wipe the outside with a damp cloth.
  10. I would be inclined to get the wiring done by a pro. You could do the rest and then just send it off to get the wiring sorted. Getting the electrics wrong and mixing it with a metal machine and water seems like a disaster waiting to happen.
  11. My switch is I think the same as yours, 2 separate switches. Top one switches it on, the bottom one switches from 1 element to 2 elements. The only difference is mine has a plastic cover.
  12. Looks like a good project. They are very easy to take apart and put back together again. I managed mine with standard tools. I didn't really do much of a write up on mine as I'm not very good at documenting stuff, my advice is take lots of photos before you disconnect anything. Mine was a bit easier as my wires were colour coded.
  13. Wrapping it would work. It's really the wooden bits that I could do with sorting out, the black is fine as it goes with the kitchen. I wonder if some clever person could make stainless steel wooden parts or the Niche 🤔
  14. I think I’ll refrain from spraying the Niche, that might end very badly, and wouldn’t be easy to rectify if it went wrong.
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