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  1. Wow, old threads are great. Having stripped and descaled my Gaggia I was having a similar issue. Very nearly bought a new Rancilio. Gaggia is working again, well it will be once I've stripped down the solenoid again.
  2. Aeropress, I grind the correct amount of coffee at home in the morning and take it with me.
  3. This is my main summer ride. I also have a Giant Trinity Time Trial bike, a Planet X Kaffenbach road bike set up for commuting and a Specialised Allez that's currently bolted to the Turbo Trainer for Zwift racing.
  4. Glad I found this thread. I just had this same problem, I took the solenoid off, took it apart and gave it a clean, reassembled and it's working again.
  5. The track is great fun. We have a club session booked next month. They are good as we get to race each other.
  6. I ordered some Rave Coffee from Amazon as I had some Amazon vouchers to use and it was freshly roasted. I normally buy direct from Rave and couldn't tell any difference.
  7. What type of coffee do you like to drink. I use an Aeropress at work with good quality beans that I grind fresh each morning. That makes me a better coffee than I can get from the on site Costa. I drink all coffee black. If frothing milk is your thing then the Aeropress won't help you.
  8. I use an Iberital MC2. If you want the same grind all the time it's fine. But if you want to be able to switch easily it's not so good. I leave mine set to grind for Espresso, the only other coffee maker I have is the Aeropress and that seems happy with an Espresso grind.
  9. I'm tempted to buy one for home. I have one at work already. I find it useful for trying different beans without having to worry too much about the grind. EDIT: Bought one.
  10. I went through a similar thing when I first got my Gaggia and grinder. What I learnt was that making good coffee was really a lot harder than I thought. Then whilst in London I picked up some beans from Monmouth coffee and it was a revelation. I discovered it was all down to the beans, and these fresh ones made wonderful coffee. I now mainly use beans from Rave, I wouldn't bother with cheap beans again, they will only lead to disappointment.
  11. GrowlingDog

    Canon G7

    The only other camera vaguely comparable would probably be the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 II That is another good camera. If it's a highly accomplished compact camera with excellent image quality and lots of manual control he wants then either of these are good, the Canon is probably the better of the two, but the Sony is cheaper. They are a compact though and as such do not have good zoom lenses, they are only equivalent of about 24 - 100 mm. No good for wildlife or any sport at distance. I have the Canon G9X which is smaller and slightly less capable but still a fantastic pocket size camera, which I have with me all the time. I have a full DSLR kit at home as well though when the subject demands more than a compact can cope with, but the DSLR kit is not easily portable.
  12. GrowlingDog

    Canon G7

    Do you really mean the G7, that is over 10 years old and I wouldn't pay that for it. You could mean the G7X in which case it's a very good camera and that's a very good price for a second hand one. If it's the Mark II version even better.
  13. Aeropress, I pre grind the coffee in the morning. I get loads of compliments about how good my coffee smells and have converted a couple of people.
  14. I got an Aeropress for Christmas for making coffee at work. Fantastic bit if kit, really impressed with it. I've already converted two people at work. We'll have a little Aeropress club soon. I use mine inverted with a metal filter. I use exactly the same grind size as I use in my Gaggia Classic, it's easier than adjusting my grinder.
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