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  1. I haven't really seen genuine many single serving automatic brewers around, unfortunately.
  2. @MWJB >>15g coffee 33g bloom, stir leave until 20s, then 33g every 20sec until 233g. Confirmed, this worked fairly well , using the same grind. Still a bit of sourness but very drinkable, so I should tighten it up a tad, right? (There's only so good these beans will taste, they're some pretty old union ones.. waiting for the rather terrible local post service to deliver kaffebox) Interesting observation, the final slurry looked quite different, with the kind of film of mud/fines now at the top, whereas before it was all the big grounds there.
  3. Had lost track of what i was doing for v60 and seems like my grinder has shifted a bit lately/ guessed to go a bit coarser as I thought the smaller hole would be limiting flow but seems like it perhaps isn't really. I'll let you know how i get on!
  4. Hole is probably larger than Melitta but definitely smaller than my v60 (currently out of v60 papers hence using this). The papers fit okish the ribs inside seem designed for melitta papers , but the funky shape means like it looks they've tried to get it working with round filters as well. Was trying 16g coffee 40g bloom water, decent shake about, waited until it looked settled and added water up to 250, then a stir round the edge. It is possible I was pouring slower for the first brew even if it wasn't pulsed, the grind wouldn't have been a whole lot finer. I will give the above recipe this afternoon, thanks! Edit: More generally with pourovers, I've seen the single/quick pour methods popularised lately to keep up temperature but in my experience the slow pours have given me more consistent results (at least with v60). Leads me to believe that to get the single pour methods correct you need grind bang on as it's not only controlling rate of extraction but flow rate too.
  5. Might have been some bitterness as well but the overwhelming taste was sourness on the second brew.
  6. I've been trying to use a Bialletti dripper i picked up (https://www.bialetti.com/coffee/pour-over-coffee-maker-c-1_135.html ), it's not so different to a melitta, i'm using #2 papers in it. This morning, i did a brew , bloom, swirl and add water in a single pour. Not dumping or pouring aggressively but relatively quickly. It wasn't too bad, a tad sour and so I presume under-extracted. Took the grinder (wilfa svart) from the R of Filter to the A of aeropress and as far as I can tell did more or less the same and get a very sour, pretty undrinkable cup. So now I'm wondering, do I need to take it finer again or go back to the first grind setting and slow the pour rate, or maybe something totally else could have gone wrong but I'm not sure what. Unfortunately didn't time the brews, in both cases I got a fairly flat bed. Suggestions/theories welcome
  7. Thanks.. so, hour long clever brew.. it's ok, the nasty taste has gone, sweetness has come through well - acidity and flavour generally feel kind of muted, after taste is very good (sweet), though. left some to be cooled down to room temp and flavour gets back some punchiness.. but it's cold Coffee is not super fresh, which could be contributing- I will try the same again with something a bit newer.
  8. Is there any reason why steeping would be affected more by hard water than other methods, (Drip, moka). I think I'm experiencing this but I'm not 100% sure if that is really the issue. Water here is extremely hard, hard to find latest numbers but older reports quote tds around 600ppm.. things might also be complicated by use of desalination in the water supply.
  9. steeping. When I pour all in one go I find draw down times quite random, it seems like sometimes fines partially clog the paper and sometimes it just drains normally. Doesn't necessarily make it taste bad, though. Usually i add water first and that seems to give me most consistent results but thought i'd try something else this morning. (sometimes with lighter coffees if just can't seem to get sweet)
  10. I've found pouring super gently in to the clever prevents it clogging and maintaining a bed. I made two that came out like this morning although they both came out kind of strong - not bitter but kind of intense, with a 1:15 ratio. I reckon a fair amount of extraction is happening during the pour. Not sure if to up the ratio, go shorter or courser .
  11. I got something drinkable but as I don't have a real pouring kettle (I used a spouted tea brewing jug) controlling pour is a tadtricky
  12. Has anyone tried using the clever without the stopper or already released? Imagine it would need a pretty fine grind?
  13. yeh, i never do cupping the only reason i tried it with that coffee is because no matter what I did I was getting this totally unpalatable flavour although sometimes worse than others. It wasn't like an overextraction like if a pourover is ground too fine, more like normal coffee + nastiness. My guess is that the grinder was not really handling the beans, rather than them breaking up it was just turning a significant amount of it to mush - if it happens again i'll have to take some photos and be a bit more scientific again. My guess is that when i went sufficiently coarse, at least on the HB costa rican, it wasn't quite as demanding and produced a more normal ground coffee. * I wasn't using a pouring kettle so agitation might have been high
  14. I was going to start a new thread along these lines. I've had a few coffees that were consistently tasting bad/overextracted and I think it was due to the weird grinding of these kinds of beans. I was doing all immersion brews but I noticed with the Clever I would often get very slow drawdown and often have a lot of mushy wet sand looking silt at the top. Another feature was that sometimes they wouldn't form a crust. With the immersion brews I am sometimes able to counteract with coarser grind and /or cooler water. One of the costa rican's I got in a hasbean subscription was tasting overextracted even just trying to cup, I turned the feldgrinder to much coarser than I would ever use (over 3) and the CCD brew was absolutely fine.
  15. I've been experimenting and water temp definitely seems to be doing something. If I use water from the kettle it consistently tastes bad regardless of method. If I give it some time to cool it's not too bad, most are tasting a bit under-extracted and lacking sweetness but is at least pleasant to drink. I think also either the quality of the beans or roast is not as good as the last time I received from this supplier and it is definitely darker.. something funny going on with it anyway. Bit annoying as the previous batch was the best I had found here. Getting some good brews by upping the extraction on other coffees, though, and they don't seem to mind water just off the boil.
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