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  1. Color and reflection matching I've ordered 1000 new tablets, all running Android 8.1. They'll start shipping with our machines in about 8 weeks. I'm making 200 of them in white, to match the white DE1XL model. I was toying with a black front, white back, but decided all-white looked best. My tablet manufacturer sent me various whites, with different textures (plastic, textured plastic, textured rubber). In the end, the textured "oil plastic" is matte, has a nice feel, and color matches well (reflectivity is hard to match). Also, I don't have the worries about long term durability which rubber brings (it tends to turn sticky with age). I have to order 1000 of these white components (sigh) and store them for future orders, even though we're just ordering 200 white tablets for now. -john
  2. Wire Cup Holder Two years ago, João Tomaz and I worked on wire cup holder designs for our Decent Espresso machine. We're now trying to make it work "in the real world" The standoffs are a bit too tall in this prototype; we'll fix that shortly. And there's a bit of movement back-and-forth on the wire, as there's nothing in this design to prevent that. However, I like the minimalist "wings" aesthetic in Joao's drawings, and so I'm tempted to sacrifice a bit of functionality for beauty. On idea I have to increase the strength is to put a standoff at the middle-end of the machine, as that would definitely secure everything. We'll be trying that too, and I'll post photos of what that looks like when we've done it. -john
  3. The only "permanent" difference would be the longer warranty (10,000 shots vs 200,000 shots) which really only comes into play if you're making 10+ espressos per day. Someone on the user forum did use a "mirror paint" on the bottom brushed lip of their DE1+, and it looked quite good. You're welcome to swap out the filter screen, but my own tests finds no difference in espresso quality between the mesh filter screen, and the IMS screen, when they are both spotlessly clean. However, the IMS screen is significantly easier to keep clean. I would disagree with your assessment of vibe pumps not providing good flow. That's likely true with a single pump, at full throttle, but we have two pumps, mixing, and mathematically controlled to run at lower pulse intervals out of phase with each other. And teflon tubing throughout that is ever so slightly stretchy. And besides, Home Barista users have had extensive tests on drink quality of different pump types, and didn't find any quality differences (not just for Decent, that applies for other machines too).
  4. We tried to do this, but the "parting line" between the brushed and mirrored sections looked terrible. Note that Lyn Weber just came out with a shot mirror: https://lynweber.com/product/looking-glass/ The Android 5.1 tablet is about to go out of stock in six weeks, to be replaced with an identical-looking Android 8.1 tablet. That'll also be available on the web site as a separate purchase, if you want it.
  5. It's made from pre-mirrored stainless steel which we import from Korea. It's 2mm thick, and we get about a 40% quality-control failure rate on it, as they tend to get scratched up before we even receive them. It's one of the most frustrating parts for us to make. I posted extensively about it last year, as we were (at the time) paying USD$40 each (at quantity) to have them CNCed for us by a specialist. We tried 3 different Chinese suppliers of mirrored stainless, and found them all to be scratched. The Korean stuff is way more expensive, but much less likely to suffer scratches. The 40% that are quality-control failed (minor scratches when we peel off the protetive film), we then send to another company in HK, who brush-steel treats the front face, thus removing the mirror finish, and therefore getting it into a state that we can use it. That way we don't waste any. So that's why it's an expensive part, and also why the brushed steel appears on the lower-priced DE1+ model. Really nicely mirrored stainless, that's bent and cut, is hard to do. -john
  6. Yes, all parts for all our models can be purchased separately. However, it's a good 2 hours of work to replace the mirror panel by hand. There's a video in our docs on how to do it, but it's a lengthy job, and you need to be unintimidated by taking apart a machine.
  7. How do you move the niche grinder? In it's original box or is there a suitcase for that too? At the moment, I'm carrying it in its original suitcase. However, if I put the ceramic water tank and drip tray under the machine when I pack it, there's enough space for the Niche in the same suitcase. However, I'm unsure if the ceramic will break in that configuration, and I don't have a spare ceramics set with me here in the UK, so I haven't experimented yet. But I'll be giving that a try shortly, as a "one suitcase" espresso setup is a bit too seductive an idea not to try to make it work. -john
  8. Received a few requests for more precise, simpler directions to the hole size & placement for the bottomless portafilter stand https://decentespresso.com/portafilter_stand Also, in the video I'm using the La Pavoni WDT tool, and getting exceptionally even shots from this mix of tools. I * think* that tool is sold out at the moment https://www.home-barista.com/knockbox/wdt-tool-from-la-pavoni-t56919.html
  9. A Coffee Cart, in a Suitcase For our trade show stand, we modified one of our Decent suitcases to hold a pitcher rinser and espresso machine, with all the plumbing built in. Makes for a clean setup with a very fest setup and tear down.
  10. I really like my Niche grinder, but I wish I could dose directly into a portafilter, so as to save a step. I found that there’s a hidden bolt on the Niche, exactly in the right position to hold the bottomless portafilter stand. The coffee grounds mound ends up being in the right place, and there’s enough space for our funnel, so that the coffee doesn’t spray all over the place. Unfortunately, there’s not enough space here for our taller “spouted portafilter stand”, so this trick only works if you use a bottomless portafilter. I’m headed to a conference in Germany in a few days, where Bugs and I will be making espresso for the attendees during the 2x daily coffee breaks. I love the Niche’s low weight, small size, and grind quality, and now I’m happier with my slightly faster workflow. -john
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