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  1. Decent Scale: tracking your gushers with 0.1g accuracy  Now with the Decent Scale https://decentespresso.com/scale even your worst espresso disasters can be tracked in high-speed, 0.1g precision, and charted for posterity on the de1app screen.   --- An explanation of this video: A bunch of people have asked me to make a video showing the Decent Scale in action on the Decent Espresso Machine. So, I asked Paul to make me an espresso in our studio, with some beans we'd just received. The scale is paired, and is showing the flow-rate-into-the-cup a
  2. Decent Scale progress I received a box of 40 scales 8 days ago, and have thoroughly checked every one of them, and I have submitted the testing protocol back to the supplier. There other 960 scales are now being checked according to my specification. They should arrive here next week, and then we’ll start to ship them to customers. However, there are 600 orders, and only 3 people in the Boxing team, so it will likely take a week or two, to get all those orders out. The 40 scales I have now are reserved for App programmers. We are giving away free Decent Scales to people who h
  3. Paul’s MDD coffee puck technique Decent Espresso's Paul Chan developed what he calls the "multi-depth distribution" method for preparing an espresso coffee puck. He swirls around the edges, with the puck rake in deep, and after one circular pass, starts to lift the puck rake up, and finishes with the center. After a single tap of the portafilter, you can see that his coffee grounds are very evenly distributed, and make a very nice espresso shot. But, we need a better name for this technique! This video is now in the Decent Guide to Espresso, in the ne
  4. I've got a new supplier for the puck rakes and am ordering 1000pcs of each color. The samples they made did arrive with needles bent, due to bad packaging (they were in plastic bags), but otherwise quite nice. We're going to experiment for the first time, with a "blister pack" form-fitting approach for this, because it holds the handle in place and nothing touches the needles during shipping. I'm not usually a fan of plastic, but this is a case where the material is the right choice for the job. These should arrive in about 2 months. When I've got them in my hands, and can co
  5. Puck prep: youtube copy & next time zone for same Here is the Youtube saved version of today's Zoom on Puck Prep: And so I can now announce the next Zoom call for puck prep: https://tinyurl.com/zoomprep2 Join Zoom Meeting https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84526120030?pwd=WGg0Wk9GSmlyMFdqVXhiditMd2tMQT09
  6. Upcoming Zooms: Puck Prep Please read this new chapter by Dennis Hew in the Decent Guide to Espresso: https://public.3.basecamp.com/p/MvQ8StLcx3fJXk43TfaBNUWP Dennis and Paul Chan will be discussing how to prepare a coffee puck for espresso. The zoom call will start with the basics but also cover advanced topics. Please feel free to place your Zoom camera near your coffee gear, show us what you're doing, and ask questions. I will introduce the call, but it will be run by Author Dennis Hew, and professional espresso trainer Paul Chan.  ---  John Buckman is inviting
  7. Key grinder from Weber, used with a Decent Doug Weber shared with me this video he made a few days ago, showcasing his upcoming Key grinder https://weberworkshops.com/products/key-grinder and his Decent. What's interesting about the Key, besides its size, is that a very, very respected name in high quality grinders, is coming out with a conical burr set. I feel that Niche brought conical burrs back into respect, with their 63mm set. Weber's massive 83mm burr is another big step up, and it'll be interested to see how it compares both with the Niche and with big flat burr grinders.
  8. Puck Rakes Samples received from new suppliers I received samples from a new supplier of puck rakes -- this is the same company that makes our funnels, and their quality is good. They're also charging 3x more than the others, but I'm happy to pay it to get a higher quality product, reliably. Paint quality is good, but the main problem is that they packaged them in plastic bags and not the custom-sized boxes we have, and this caused most of the received samples to have bent wires on arrival 😥. The natural wood is nice, but needs a coat of something. So...kicking this back at them, t
  9. Cafe Racer Design Decent customer "EspressoSquirrel" continues to fire amazing design ideas at us. Here is what he wrote about this set, that he sent at us: "I was thinking about cross pollination of design elements from other products into espresso machines rather than thinking of other machines. I started looking at motorbikes and then particularly 'cafe racers' ironically. So here's a cafe racer inspired design, kind of rough around the edges, the lines and curves are not great, but maybe of interest." I love he turned the "ugly" back panel into a design feature with a
  10. You can't easily tell from the drawings, but this is a two part chassis, and the winged part comes off (likely via magnets), giving access to the back. And the assumption is that you'd then connect the refill kit, and put the case back.
  11. I've been working with Omri Almagor, who is an engineer who worked for Kees and Gaggia, on his concept for a Decent redesign, for about a year. Here is his final drawing, rendered in black or white. I called this "Smorg" as it reminded me of a dragon.
  12. A jig for cutting wires evenly Our puck rake manufacturer couldn't figure out how to trim the super-bendy wires we use for our puck rake, so that they're all the same length. The problem is that the wires move as you're cutting them. So, we took the rakes back to Decent HQ, with their acupuncture-sharp ends, and I gave this problem over to Alfred. His solution: a jig that keeps large shears in place, while you rotate the puck rake and cut over and over, until all the wires are trimmed to the same length. We're now (finally) shipping the black puck rakes, having figured this out. S
  13. Crazy/scary Decent launcher screen I'm going through a pile of 6-year old Android tablet samples, to see if they still work and we can use them for *something* here at the Decent Factory. Back then, I was also playing with various kinds of Android Home Screen backgrounds, as I was working with a dozen different artists and trying to decide the look I wanted. I was highly amused to find this Android launcher screen. It's pretty crazy. I thought I'd share. -john
  14. Yes, that's my belief too.
  15. @Denis Sis a serious coffee guy, and his advice has at least as much validity as anything I might opine about. On this profile, my feeling is that Denis is prioritizing hitting a good pressure (never under 6 bar), over maintaining a lower flow rate. If I were running his shot <grin> I'd have been willing to lower pressure further (down to 2 bar) in order to keep flow from going over (say) 3.5ml/s. https://visualizer.coffee/shots/d6f7390c-8485-4877-a1e6-9310b5dd3020 That being said: the "proof" is in the taste, and if this 9-to-6 bar profile makes tastier espresso th
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