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  1. The archive of the Reddit AMA is now here: https://www.reddit.com/r/espresso/comments/kxjeyy/im_john_buckman_founder_of_decent_espresso_ama/?sort=qa I think it makes a quite good FAQ for non-Decent-owners.
  2. The IKEA BROR cart is much smaller than it looks in that photo. It's only 109cm wide, which is really not wide enough for two people. So, short answer: I never considered that one cart would be used by two people. Another reason is that the workflow I intended was to brew the espresso on the left machine, while you steam milk on the right machine, and then leave the drink for customer pick up to the right of the right machine, in that gulley. Here's a video of this cart setup being used at a trade show, and you can see the intended workflow in action: Not
  3. On Home Barista there was recently a conversation about or XL (aka "Pro") steam wand, and how it doesn't bend far enough. https://www.home-barista.com/advice/decent-de1-last-questions-before-pressing-submit-payment-button-t70457.html#p768986 One person wrote: I haven't yet announced it publicly until right now, but we have a new XL (aka "pro") steam wand design coming, that resolves that issue. Here is a photo comparing the two models the gooseneck bend is a different shape, and the wand now angles into the drip tray. It also makes it easier to "ghos
  4. Reddit "Ask me Anything" (AMA) for Decent / john In 2 days' time I'll be doing a "Ask me Anything" on Reddit. Announcement: https://www.reddit.com/r/espresso/comments/kvpt4r/ama_w_john_buckman_founder_of_decent_espresso/ Which will be visible here: https://www.reddit.com/r/espresso/ it will be at this time/date: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html?iso=20210115T010000&p1=tz_hkt&p2=224&p3=179&p4=152 Thanks to Andrew Levenson (/r/espresso moderator) for proposing and organizing this. 
  5. A coffee cart for the office We've built a two-DE1 IKEA coffee stand for staff use. There are about 30 people here, making coffee in their-own-preferred way. The image above is the sign I posted above the cart, for my staff to read (and hopefully, follow), Previously, we used a large bamboo IKEA table, that let us get away with being messy. However, that bamboo table isn't anything I'd recommend to our clients, as it was a huge pain in the neck to cut out (due to strengthening cross ribs) and to clean. The two-DE1 stand is something I developed for tight-on-space coffee ca
  6. When I wrote "no more waiting" I didn't anticipate a 35% increase in month-to-month sales. DE1 sales rose quickly when we had stock, peaking in November and December, selling out of whatever machines we had built: We closed for 10 days during Christmas, to have a holiday, and we also changed over from the v1.40 line to the v1.42 line, and have some parts shortages during the change-over as all the new parts arrive. At any rate, the wait is only 4 weeks right now, and likely to get reduced to 2 weeks in about 10 days, we we've just finished 127 machines (current queue is 15
  7. R&D fluid dynamic simulation of next-gen mixing chamber Here is a look into our long-term R&D process. We've given Ben and Ray a full year (up to 2 years) to work on difficult problems before needing to ship anything new. Our current v1.4 models don't have any major negatives, so instead of tinkering, we want to work on more substantive things. Ben is working on a new hot water mixing system, planned for release in 2022. It will not introduce any new features to the DE1, but it does condense 3 separate parts in our current model, into one. It also removes 8 water tubes, an
  8. v1.42 is the same as v1.40/v1.41, it does not have more steam power. It's just hew batch of 2000 machines we are building. However, in February we will be releasing a new model, the DE1XXL, which has 40% more steam power, and it can be pre-ordered. https://decentespresso.com/c?filter=de1xxl
  9. Decent Zoom call scheduled: Picking the right recipe for your bean to join the Zoom Meeting https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81115386914?pwd=NytDTGVYWmVaMitockxhN3hlREJ3dz09 Meeting ID: 811 1538 6914, Passcode: 51 Time: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html?iso=20210108T010000&p1=tz_hkt&p2=224&p3=179&p4=152  As always, the zoom call will be video recorded and made available on youtube later.
  10. % sales trends for each model In planning how many DE1 suitcases to get for each size, I needed to make a forecast of what models people have been buying. Our DE1XL model takes different internal foam from the DE1+/DE1PRO models.  Some insights: The DE1XL model was very slow to start, and now has been taking sales away from our DE1PRO model The DE1+ model is very stable at 30% of our machine sales DE1XL sales briefly shot up, at the same time that we had them in stock. We didn't anticipate this, and ran out of stock, and ran out of stock after 5 months, at which p
  11. I was interviewed a few weeks ago for a video podcast by John Lamberton. He's an interesting guy who likes to cover wide-ranging topics. Instead of focussing on coffee, we talked more about philosophy of design, and the interaction between mental models and tools. These were very much on my mind when we design the Decent, so it was great to explore this topic in depth. -john
  12. DE1XL 360º countersunk and not You can see how both our DE1XL espresso machines look in black and white, from all sides, both countersunk and not.
  13. Picture-in-picture, Coffee Visualizer, and the coming extensions I made a short video about the picture-in-picture DE1 mod that Johanna did: Johanna (she's a customer, not an employee) is also leading the effort to have plug-in extension standard for the de1app, and that's just been released into beta. This picture-in-picture mod is just the sort of thing I'd like as an extension, as it's a small feature that should be made available to all the various skins people are developing for the DE1. There's a lot of activity going on in the Decent owner's community right n
  14. I'm not sure anyone on this forum will be able to opine, as this forum is more home-user oriented than pro. Two groups is a common DE1XL pro setup. If you watch cafes using 3 group traditional machines, it's rare for them to be making two espressos at one time and also steaming at the same time. More common would be two espressos at one time, OR one espresso, while also steaming. You can do either with two Decents. Can you tell me what you consider to be "medium volume" in terms of peak time coffee drinks/hour? One RO system will be fine, as long as you have a T to feed bo
  15. They're the same thing. Or rather, the "3d printer nozzle cleaning wires" are actually acupuncture needles. Buy whichever is cheapest/easiest for you to get.
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