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  1. Scott Rao (and myself, with my Decent) will at Prufrock in London at 7:30pm tonight. Tickets still available, at: https://www.prufrockcoffee.com/booking/coffee-tip-of-the-day/ --- And yesterday, a new video from James Hoffmann about Rao's latest experiment with filter papered espresso: -john
  2. Free WoC tickets As an exhibitor, we have 10 free tickets we can give out. If you'd like one, please message me. Hoping to see some of you in Berlin next week. This will be the first time my Industrial designer João Tomaz and I meet in person, after working together closely for 4 years from across the world (Hong Kong and Lisbon) Decent espresso owner Stefan will be joining us at the stand, so that we can have good coffee conversations in German. Scott Rao will also be with us, making hopefully amazing coffee with his Blooming Espresso recipe, and his new double-filter paper technique. -john
  3. Café in a suitcase Here is a sneak peak at what we're going to show at the SCAE show in Berlin next week. We've modified our suitcase to be a fully plumbed in DE1XL + pitcher rinser. Shipping the IKEA table between HK and Berlin was going to cost €4000 (!!!). And I reasoned that if we wanted an "easy to ship, popup high volume cafe" that there might be others who want this too. The DE1XL goes in one suitcase, and the pitcher rinser/countersunk bracket goes in the another. -john
  4. That's the main difference, and I'll be offering a paid upgrade kit for version.1.1 users, so they can upgrade their group head to the same one on version 1.3 machines. The cost of the upgrade for version 1.1 customers will be identical to the price increase, so as to not give people a good reason to wait. 🙂 The tablet will also be upgraded from android 5.1 to android 8, but will continue to be a single-purpose tablet, not meant for general use. The specifications on the tablet will be more or less the same, but with a bit more memory on board to handle android 8's increased needs. The position of the USB plug on the front panel will move by about 2 cm, and that's about it for exciting changes coming in version 1.3. -john
  5. Magic scale? A customer made this video for me, of our simple scale being affected by his hand's proximity. I had never seen this before, so I took one scale out of a (new) box, and another I use all the time. I wasn't able to cause any effect. I've already offered to refund this customer, but I'm really scratching my head as to what is going on? Any ideas? -john
  6. I'm only in Korea for the big coffee show, but Shin lives there, and can show you the Decent Stuff.
  7. Backlog be gone We've managed to speed up building espresso machines, and order backlog is now mostly fulfilled. We have a few DE1+ and DE1PRO in stock (120V and 230V), so that new orders get their machines shipped right away. Assuming we can continue building at this pace, I'm hoping we can continue to have "no waiting time" for new customers. After paying a few thousand for an espresso machine, it's nice to receive it in a few days. The DE1XL model is still not available. We're shipping people a DE1PRO right away, with the "XL conversion kit" to follow a few weeks later. I'll post here once all our models are in stock, which hopefully will be in a few weeks. https://decentespresso.com/model -john
  8. Shin, who works as my representative in South Korea, wrote up his experiences from exhibiting at a recent trade show. More importantly, he made this video explaining everything he told people about my machine. It's in Korean (with English subs) but I think it's pretty comprehensive. Here's Shin's post to our internal discussion: -john ---- There were a lot of visitors came to Decent booth and seen the Demo. And I read some reviews about the show, and people were saying about our booth like "The machine was quite novel and they explained in detail and pretty well" So here's the Demo. And it's quite too long video so I'll upload it in two videos -------------------------------------- This video is also helpful for new users to understand how to deal with profile and graph. Enjoy! The video is in Korean and I put subtitle below 00:21 Decent booth setting at Coffee expo 01:05 : Introduction 02:09 Appearance 03:13 making Profile 04:11 Pressure Profile 07:07 What bluetooth scale : SKALE2 does 09:24 How to get slower flow rate 10:52 What Catering kit does 11:09 Flow Profile
  9. Natural wood handles, beta 1 4 samples of the pale-wood group and portafilter handles just arrived form our wood-turning supplier. These are for the DE1XL model, or as an optional accessory for everyone else. The finish is virtually invisible, which I like, and they got the shape right. However, the company appears to have used a too-aggressive buffing wheel, and 90º scratches appear on the handles. You can see these scratches at 1:01 in the video. I'm really fussy, and I also do the tech support here (with help from others) and in 3 months I'd rather not be apologizing for these scratches. So, I'm asking them to try again. Except for this issue, the handles look great to me. -john
  10. Unfortunately, it's not doable at a reasonable cost. The PC Boards on v1.0 don't have the communications ports needed, we added them in v1.1, so it's a BIG upgrade. It's cheaper and less wasteful to sell the v1.0 and buy a new machine, than to gut a v1.0.
  11. Unfortunately, about 20 machines last week got sent without a power cable. I'm the one who screwed up. Here's the backstory: our overall order volume has gone up 50% in the past three months, and my staff is having trouble keeping up. I decided to help do boxing for a few weeks. So: I changed the way in which these suitcases were made up. With the new method, they were all done ahead of time, 10 at a time (instead of one at a time), and then, whoops, in changing the process, I forgot to put the power cable in. My bad, and my apologies again. I'm UPSing out cables to people where I screwed up. Note that you can use a normal computer cable with your espresso machine for now, so at least you can make coffee while you wait for the better cable to arrive. Here is a short film about how we used to box each machine, one at a time. It took 30 minutes for each. My new way reduced this to 6 minutes per machine, though obviously there are some "bugs in the process" that need to be worked out. The power cable (which is unique for each order, based on destination country) was supposed to be included right before shipping. We have a checklist, but because I'd changed the process, I didn't use it. Lesson learned. -john
  12. We're a few weeks out from receiving the parts to be able to ship the DE1XL models, and I'm getting more questions about "what's different about it?". Same goes for the DE+ model. So, I made a video
  13. My lead barista Hannifa spent 4 days last week making hundreds of drinks a the monster-large HOFEX trade show in Hong Kong. The coffee cart had some issues. Here's what we learned: 1) the 3M double-sided tape that we used to mount the Android tablets to our own-design tablet stands, didn't hold up to heavy use. We need to find a stronger adhesive (bottom right photo) 2) the magnets used to hold the printed signage allowed the signage to sag with time. We had to stack magnets at the bottom of the sign, making a magnetic ledge, to hold the signage in place. That was a bit of a hack. 3) the many magnets holding the fake-drawers in place on the IKEA table, also allowed sagging. The drawer fell at one point on Hannifa's foot (ouch!). 4) Don't assume that a pallet jack will be available. Two people showed up with small 4-wheeled trolleys and pushed the table FAST through the show floor. At one point, the table fell off the wheels, but surprisingly (for IKEA quality) the table held and didn't break. Big wheels mounted to the table would be been better. Otherwise, things held up well. -john
  14. That's the La Pavoni "WDT tool" she's using. You can buy it for USD$15 online. It's fantastic: perfect. I don't want to try to compete with it, because at that low a price, there's no point. They've nailed it.
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