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  1. One of your o rings on top of the steam boiler will be leaking. Had it happen on my dual boiler.
  2. I'm away from my machine at the moment but I think with the machine switched off press one cup and power on. This should take you into the menu. Press menu button until your see steam. Think it's about 3 presses of the menu button. Increase to 140 them press menu to save.
  3. You can increase the steam boiler temperature on the db not the brew boiler.
  4. I find this forum a great wealth of information. Having all the sub forums for machine specific are great because often each machine has its own quirks that are only found out if you are the owner of one. Sure we can cross reference and the basics are prettytty much the same when it comes down to producing espresso. I don't regularly post here as the info is often already here. If you don't already use Tapatalk then I suggest you try it. It's a great tool for seeing only new topics and of course you can subscribe to the relevant topics that are most relevant to you.
  5. Repaired my dual boiler with 007 red silicon orings from eBay. 5 minute job.
  6. Snap. Full Ultegra on mine tho.
  7. Snap. Haven't tried their beans before so hopefully it will be another roaster to add to my list.
  8. Lovely, was only thinking about those today.
  9. Get yourself a milk thermometer to check what temperature you are steaming to and learn how hot what temperature feels like. You say that you are stopping steaming when the jug is too hot to touch, this has so many variables and for you I think you are steaming to hot. For me 65 - 70c is not very hot to the touch.
  10. Wow just got back home from family meal. Well done mmmatron and for everyone else taking part. Best keep practicing for the next one.
  11. I didn't know we could check the results. It's very close.
  12. I did try with some colour some time ago
  13. I've tried many beans and a couple have sometimes stuck. But I have found using a dose lower than 19g the puck seems to stick much more. For me a dose of 20g works really well without any sticking.
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