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  1. Just to check, should there be 3 wires attached to the solenoid or 2?
  2. So changing to a higher temperature thermostat wouldn’t have caused this?
  3. The saga continues.. so I received the 155 degrees steam thermostat for the top of the boiler for my machine today (my previous thermostat was 145). i installed it today but when trying to plug the machine in it keeps tripping the fuse box to the whole house! im pretty sure I rewired everything correctly.. I may be wrong though. The yellow and black wire with the metal ending is to plug in to the underside of the lid correct? ive enclosed some photos again, please help me out to get back to my beloved coffees!
  4. huzzah! I managed to unwind the snapped screw using 2 small screwdrivers, I am going to order the 155 degrees thermostat now and piece it back together, i'll let you know the final outcome thanks for your help. Also whilst I'm cleaning the machine out and descaling it, should i be replacing anything else? I am not keen on a PID I am a poor student and serviced the machine myself as could no way afford to pay for it to be done.. Are there any other cheap ways I can improve the machine during the service e.g. washers etc? The group head gasket has been replaced recently but the rubber
  5. great - any idea how i'd be able to drill it out? do i need a special metal drill? and how will i create the thread for the new thermostat? Should i take it to timpsons or something similar? I feel slightly out of my depth drilling a new hole.. I hope I haven't broken the whole machine.. just to clarify the new thermostat i need is the 155C steam one right? Thankyou
  6. Hi all, please help me out with a predicament I seem to have got myself in. My gaggia classic was giving me poor flow out of the group head, I dismantled the whole machine and de scaled with citric acid and a wire brush - incredibly satisfying! However upon assembling the machine again I was attempting to screw in one of the electrical adapters or whatever it is on the top of the boiler and the thread snapped off as I was tightening it! The apadter was screwed in and stuck with some kind of white adhesive, is there any way I can glue it on or any way I can fix his situation? I
  7. Hi I'm selling my gaggia bottomless portafilter with 21g triple basket. Used once, perfect condition. selling for £20 shipped. Alternatively I could swap it for a motta 12oZ milk jug. i am looking to buy this jug if anyone is selling? Thanks, Rich
  8. Forgiven me but what's a vst/Ims basket?
  9. Ok thanks for the replies - ill message them. I have a gaggia mdf grinder, not held in high regard on these forums I know but it works fine for me
  10. Hi all, I'm considering purchasing this bottomless PF with 21g basket for my gaggia classic - http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/GAGGIA-Bottomless-Naked-Portafilter-Espresso-Handle-Triple-Shot-21g-Basket-/282008175654?nav=SEARCH I currently use a 58mm motta tamper. Does anyone know if this would definitely fit this portafilter? I don't want to buy another tamper. If not, what bottomless PF would my current tamper fit? Also would people recommend getting a 14g basket or a 21g basket and why? I've only ever previously used the standard pressurised double basket in my classic. Thanks!
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