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  1. I have a Pavoni de luxe or Eurobar machine which has an automatic filter holder which dispenses the coffee automatically, only it doesn't. The handle is supposed to move to the centre when the right pressure is made and release the coffee but I have always had to do it manually. Anyone else have one of these machines and had a problem?
  2. I have recently aqcuired a secondhand La Pavoni deluxe epsresso coffe maker (Eurobar) which has a pressurised portafilter. The manual is not great and says the handle on the filter after inserting in the group will automatically move to the left. Mine for some reason doesn't and I have to manually move it for the coffee to be expressed. Can anyone tell how these things work and why mine doesn't seem to. It also has the optional milk frother (not the wand) but I can't get that to work either. The best I can do is get the milk as far as the top of the tube but doesn't dispense. Opening the steam regulater more just sends the milk back into the container with water from the steamer. Nothing is blocked and assume it works by capilliary action as the steam runs through the frother. Is there a special knack to this? Brian
  3. Looks like a new pump is required. Took the end off to see if water flowed through, nothing. Makes a lot of noise but that's all.
  4. Is it advisable to backflush a domestic espresso machine? I've not seen anything in domestic user manuals to do this when cleaning and wondered if it was necessary or harmful to the machine.
  5. Hi, my first post and it's a problem. Just bought off ebay a Pavoni espresso deluxe machine. Problem is water is not being pumped from the tank although the pump seems to be working ok. ( it makes a noise) Have followed manufactures instructions for priming but unable to get a flow of water. The boiler seems ok as it did heat up the water left in the tank which I expelled via the wand, but nothing from the group. Anyone have any suggestions before I ask for my money back.
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