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  1. tommyp215

    Gaggia Classic

    Excellent moving to pm
  2. tommyp215

    Gaggia Classic

    Hi only real mark on it is a bit of overzealous cleaning on the gaggia logo which you can see on the top photo in the original post.
  3. tommyp215

    Gaggia Classic

    I'm afraid there is no label i'm not sure why. But yes someone on the forum had suggested a date around 2000 based on the older style portafilter.
  4. Thanks for this explanation I to had read that Erics was 2C lower. What do you see as an ideal idle temp on HX? Currently My VBM idles to 97c and seems to require a large flush to get to 94. Is it worth turning it down a touch or is there benefit to it idling this high?
  5. tommyp215

    Gaggia Classic

    Gaggia Classic for sale. It had a full strip down (using gaggia service kit) and the boiler was descaled around a year ago, bottled water/ brita filter water since. It has the cafelat gasket (I have a spare also from the service kit). comes with the original double portafilter and a relatively new gaggia bottomless portafilter along with a VST 18 gram basket, I'll also add in a few sachets of pulycaff descaler. Upgraded rancillo steam wand (I have the original too). £110 Collection from Tring/ Pistone area although could deliver locally. I also commute into North London daily and could meet someone by Stanmore / canons park train station after work during the week.
  6. Thanks enjoyed our first coffee's from this. Beautiful machine! Thanks for easy transaction.
  7. Ok I don't want to miss out on this machine and so many extras - Ill take at asking can collect this weekend.
  8. Leighton Buzzard - I'm 15 mins from you and like the machine. I have a grinder though... understand if you don't want to split at this stage so will watch with interest.
  9. Yeah I don't mind the coffee ones so much - but I'm not looking for an Odessa wife
  10. These ads between posts are painful can they not be smaller and at the bottom of page?
  11. Compass coffee also do 3x 500g for £24 on their espresso range - bargain
  12. When for a Meross very easy to step up. For £13 a no brainer. Thanks for the recommendation
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