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  1. Thanks enjoyed our first coffee's from this. Beautiful machine! Thanks for easy transaction.
  2. Ok I don't want to miss out on this machine and so many extras - Ill take at asking can collect this weekend.
  3. Leighton Buzzard - I'm 15 mins from you and like the machine. I have a grinder though... understand if you don't want to split at this stage so will watch with interest.
  4. Yeah I don't mind the coffee ones so much - but I'm not looking for an Odessa wife
  5. These ads between posts are painful can they not be smaller and at the bottom of page?
  6. Compass coffee also do 3x 500g for £24 on their espresso range - bargain
  7. When for a Meross very easy to step up. For £13 a no brainer. Thanks for the recommendation
  8. Thanks for the replies I'll check these out
  9. Hi all, I'm looking to get a smart plug to warm up my machine in the morning. Currently if I snooze my alarm once in the morning I'm likely to get sour coffee, its tough dilemma I'm keen to solve. There seem to be a whole raft out there. I only want one most come in 3 packs it seems, I don't have Alexa but would be quite keen to control through my phone. Is there a way to turn my machine on from work so its hot when I get home? Any recommendations welcome.
  10. Ordered on Wednesday and they have arrived today toasted on 20.2.19 -excellent service, going to rest them now for week before for I try then.
  11. I actually rate Cherry Cherry fro milk drinks - its not as overly fruity as the name suggests, another vote for bourbon espresso. I also enjoyed mexico siltepec
  12. https://www.loveramics.co.uk/egg-flat-white-cup/ got some of these for Christmas they have a nice wieght to them and colours are great.
  13. Rave have been excellent they are sending me a new bag- great customer service.
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