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  1. I have one, makes great coffee, looks good. Seems they are more popular in Europe / USA but if you find one second hand go for it. I think your budget seems realistic. Mine has a temp gauge fitted to the e61 which helps as with any HX.
  2. Loving a kg of Italian job from rave at the moment dark but not bitter. Tempting me to the dark side.
  3. Glad the technique you settled on was the simplest and quite similar to mine. I pull two double shots twice a day normally. I tend to try to 'catch the rise'. My simple logic is if the machine is too cold when first switched on and too hot if left on for an hour there must be time in between that is 'just right'. (I Know this is a oversimplification). My machine kicks on at 6.30 and normally pull my first shot around 20 mins later. I normally pull around 91 to 92 with a very short coiling flush 5s . Also if I've missed this window and the group is too hot I sometimes put on a cold double portfilter for 5-10 mins and this cools the group. (do you know how much of an effect this has?) I kind of feel with a HX it will always be a bit hit or miss and I'm happy to be in the ballpark. Do you have any advise on the second shot after first shot? Thanks for the work.
  4. This was my first order from Django, got say was very impressed. So much so I ordered a another coffee from them 'Burundi Malidadi' which I'm opening tomorrow. For some reason previously I thought their coffees were expensive but with free postage they are pretty competitive.
  5. Plus one for misspent youth, also like Rocko mountain and kenya AA blue mountain from compass coffee which I've had recently.
  6. Just started this Cartwheel blend. No frills website, no frills packaging, but a thrilling coffee. Can see this being a go to coffee for me. Thanks for the tip.
  7. Tekkers- Love the hanging heart
  8. thanks just bagged some - free shipping to. Love a fruity coffee in milk
  9. Not quite a swan but some sort of water fowl maybe a Grebe.
  10. I have a Torr 58.55 - it fits snugly in a vst 18 g see pic. I'd describe in in good condition with a few light superficial scratches on the metal. I'd be looking for £45 plus postage. Let me know if interested.
  11. If like me santa forgot to get you any coffee beans leading to post Christmas coffee shortage, I was pleasantly surprised by this coffee I found in Tesco. It's from Cru Cafe - Organic Honduran. Nothing to special and no roast date, but not too dark and a pleasant drink. My boxing day panic rave order has now arrived but I will be finishing this bag first.
  12. tommyp215

    Gaggia Classic

    Excellent moving to pm
  13. tommyp215

    Gaggia Classic

    Hi only real mark on it is a bit of overzealous cleaning on the gaggia logo which you can see on the top photo in the original post.
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