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  1. standas

    Niche Zero Black

    Hi @L&R , as I sold my old grinder, I would like to accept your offer if it´s still available. Happy to move to PM to sort out the payment and delivery. Thanks.
  2. standas

    Niche Zero Black

    @L&R would you take 480EUR posted?
  3. standas

    Niche Zero Black

    Hi, I'll try to convince my wife . What are you after?
  4. standas

    Niche Zero Black

    Hi all, probably a long shot, but anyone willing to sell Niche Zero Black (shipping to Slovakia / Germany)? Thanks.
  5. It´s a long way to the top if you wanna espresso My new shiny Bianca paired with Pharos 2.0 and modded Mazzer SJ, Acaia and other stuff. I am very satisfied with results so far.
  6. standas

    IMS/VST basket 15g

    @Sparkyx yes please, will PM you
  7. Hi, I am looking for IMS or VST basket 15g. Anyone?
  8. standas

    58.6mm Heavy Tamper

    Please mark as sold to @Inspector I will send it today. Thanks.
  9. standas

    58.6mm Heavy Tamper

    ok, I accept your offer. Lets go PM to sort payment / postage.
  10. standas

    58.6mm Heavy Tamper

    @Inspector are you still interested? Odoslané z môjho iPad cez Tapatalk
  11. standas

    58.6mm Heavy Tamper

    Sorry, bit low. Postage cost me about £7, so I think £30 is a fair price for new tamper.
  12. standas

    58.6mm Heavy Tamper

    Heavy tamper (hand made from Czech republic) 58.6mm flat £30 delivered. Weight approx. 380g.
  13. Lens hood is I believe 58mm. Mods - clean sweep, 3D printed collar in the throat, cock tail dome cap for inside of the dose and shnozz. Actually, I made a little machine upgrade
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