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  1. What was the discount code I got it sent but I've lost it could someone please send me it again thank you
  2. Kraig89

    Oomph x2

    Will take blue one if still available Thursday
  3. What size would I need for mazzer mini
  4. As I say I dunno what sort of price to offer and sorry to insult
  5. Dunno what to offer for grinder so sorry of it's an insult but £160 posted ?
  6. How much posted to Sunderland what's the grinders like on them
  7. I'm picking a Rossi RR45 on Sunday
  8. I would be interested in one or where else could I get one
  9. It doesn't look copper at min its black with patina needs good polish
  10. Think I'm keeping it its 1997 full copper boiler and rest is brass
  11. I'm picking one up Sunday rossi grinder I've got lido 3 at min
  12. I'm one of those who wants something now so buts something else until I can but then regret it lol
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