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  1. I've done some investigating and think it's either the control box or a solenoid that was making the noise, it came from that part of the machine anyway. I'll get the multimeter on it and see what's still working.
  2. sumo


    Cheers for that. It's a shame the pouches don't seem to be effective. I'll have to go down the bottled water approach and leave passive aggressive post-it notes for my colleagues.
  3. Ha, I meant a multimeter.
  4. sumo


    Jeez ok. I'll try and use bottled water then, I think that will be easiest.
  5. Interesting, thank you. I'll get a micrometer on it.
  6. Well it made a pop noise like a small explosion. Artistic license. When pulling a normal shot it made the high pitched rattle. While back flushing it was still making the noise, then after about a minute it stopped for just a couple of seconds before the pop. It did smell like burning electrics, but there wasn't any smoke and the smell didn't last long. It has been maintained but probably not as much as it should have been. I descaled it once every 6 months ish and tried to mostly use Brita filtered water but I know other people were just filling it from the tap. The pressure gauges were normal, I don't think anyone's spilt any water down the top of it or anything and it doesn't look like they have. The high pitched rattle noise only appeared a couple of espresso pulls before I got to it.
  7. I've got a Rocket Evoluzione in my office, it sees maybe 20 espressos a day and is nearly bang on 2 years old. Yesterday, it started making a high pitch rattling noise when pulling a shot. I thought maybe something was blocking it inside so backflushed it, after about 1 minute the noise stopped and a couple of seconds after that something went pop. It tripped the fuses and smelt a little like burning. I took the case off and couldn't see any burnt connections or anything inside and haven't tried turning it on again in case it trips the fuse and turns off half the office's computers again. I've heard that maybe the PID inside doesn't stand well to the heat of being turned on for 12 hours a day, so maybe that could have burnt through? I understand it's hard to diagnose via the internet but does anyone have an idea what may have happened to it?
  8. sumo


    I'm not likely going to be able to get a proper plumbed in filter. Is there any alternative? Are the water softeners that sit in the reservoir any good? Will Brita filtering from a jug be enough maybe?
  9. sumo


    What kind of filter do you reckon is best for using with a reservoir rather than mains?
  10. sumo


    I've just ordered a Duetto for my office, it won't see that heavy use but maybe up to 20 espressos a day. We're in London so the water is awful but I'm not going to be able to convince my boss to order a supply of bottled water just for it, and there's even less chance of getting my colleagues to not be lazy and just fill the reservoir from the tap. What's best to use to stopping or reducing limescale build up? I've seen sachets you put in the bottom of the water tank but do they work?
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