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  1. Jez, I might want one to visit Mrs Atha's this Monday afternoon. Hoping for something specialty ones.
  2. Oh I beg your pardon, I've missed your point that this is about online mobile apps map, sorry
  3. HLS


    Hello and welcome Jane I'm an Indonesian, based in Leeds
  4. As a Leeds, I'd like to suggest Mrs Atha's, specialty coffee bean served by trained barista in the heart of Leeds City Centre
  5. I've interested on this, but no info on the electricity power consumption. Curious, any info guys? Hoping it lower of 1000 W
  6. Sam, I'm an Indonesian, as Aaron mentioned, there are a lot of coffee farms in Indonesia. My best suggestion is you make a visit in to a particular farm during the harvest or post-harvest (process) season. If your trip's time define, then you can find out which farm harvesting. You may contact me later to find out which farm. My knowledge not so extensive, yet I can ask my friends. You can go visa free if you only need 30 days in Indonesia. Hope this helps. Cheers
  7. HLS

    Maude Coffee Roasters

    Guys, another good news from Leeds. I've been searching for "UK Coffee Week" in the top right box and found nothing, so I decided to use this thread. The Maude participated in UK Coffee Week by organizing public tasting on Monday 11st of April at 6 pm at the roastery 82 Railway Street, Leeds. I was referring to PS: I've followed many coffee roastery soc med accounts
  8. Though the Brewista kettle with temperature gauge is going to be my next gadget, hopefully... *checking my wallet*
  9. North Star is one of my favourites for Leeds, beside Maude Coffee Roasters, bought their Kenyan last year, delicious indeed
  10. How come this Brewista for the price of GBP 40 has a good copy one and bad copy one? Moreover 4 sets of batteries in a week, that's a bad wow.
  11. Jez, basically I'm not a cafe person, more likely a home brewer. So usually I only buy roasted whole bean. I've tried Laynes once, was a Guatemalan La Huerta of Square Mile by V60. Please don't ask my opinion on it . Has been lurking on Mrs Athas social media, soon will visit it. Any suggestion what to sip on Mrs Athas? Cheers!
  12. Robbo, that question needs hundred of threads to discuss, I don't know where to start. I will try to share little by little in the future. First, I'll try to involve in existed thread until I feel confident to start another new one.
  13. Rob, well my opinion is not authoritative enough. I'm afraid if somehow I'm offending? Just tried 6 different single origin beans from 5 UK roasteries, and attended 2 cupping session in UK, and keep continuing to enrich my flavor library.
  14. Hi everyone, this is Heru LS, a communication specialist living in Leeds, and obviously a coffee lover. I'm from Indonesia, and will soon back to my homeland in this year, miss the Indonesia coffee since the first day arrived in Leeds. My first coffee sip was in 1990's in my house in North Aceh, Sumatera Island. It was only a sip because my father suddenly reprimanded because I was deemed too small. I was just in primary school. I've started consuming coffee again while studying at the University, in Yogyakarta, Java Island, in 2000. It was only an instant coffee, sometimes worst, a sachet coffee. Then I've started to appreciate specialty coffee in Yogyakarta in 2010, mostly from joined a cupping event. I love reading, then I read many coffee blogs. I have visited a coffee plantation in Takengon, Gayo, Central Aceh, Sumatera Island, in 2012. But unfortunately, I made no conversation with the farmer, only taking a lot of photos on it. That was because my visited is only for enjoying the nature, and I'm not started yet growing my curiosity about specialty coffee. I bought my first hand grinder in 2013, a Tiamo. Since 2015, I only bought single origin whole bean from several roastery for consuming at home. Currently, my tools are a Porlex hand grinder, an Aeropress, and Hario V60 dripper with a server for 2 cups, a digital thermometer, and a bad and inaccurate digital kitchen scale, hope soon to raise money to have a good one. I had attended the Generation Coffee event held by La Marzocco in London, in 2012. A very rewarding experience, opens my eyes directly about how the specialty coffee scenes in the UK, rather than only read it online. Hoped enough as an introduction. I'm here to learn, making new friends, and hope can get information of best prices for some tools or beans.
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